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  1. I never owned or used something from Lenovo so I can't say much about them, except I like their Thinkpad (IBM ftw) line.
  2. Fried chips, sounds tasty. (Da dumm tsss)
  3. I remember trying running it on an Intel Pentium E2200. It blue screened after I collided with a wall (so intense)
  4. Does SimCity as a genre count too? Other simulation games that I often play with is Flight Simulator X, yet I haven't installed any new planes, and I recently started playing around with Rigs of Rods, open source vehicle simulator.
  5. Same thing here At least my family sees the opportunities that I have with my passion. Story time! My aunt and I had a disagreement couple days ago about something very "obnoxious" about her Samsung Tablet. Guess what it was, a widget that she didn't know how to remove. I showed her how to remove it and basically told her to try it by herself but she didn't agree with me and made that simple "try it by yourself" into one huge drama at my other aunt's house.
  6. I would change the 2 Western Digital HDD's with Seagate ones.
  7. @terrytek The little TopGear fanatic inside me is very pleased with this fanclub.
  8. If I had the money to throw around, sure I would do it.
  9. Ahh the 80's musiclist on Spotify is quite good and Gameranger is quite good providing multiplayer support for old games :-D

  10. This picture was posted at "Hart van Nederland", Dutch news reporting site. My condolences to all fallen victims in this tragic air crash.
  11. i did that too when I saw the Asus logo showing up on the TV :lol:
  12. I like AMD but my favorite company is Sony, because it has been in our family since the 1980's. @connorpiper you aren't alone
  13. Well I never had any issues with micro USB connectors and in fact I never broke any type of connectors, but I do prefer the Lightning connector since I can plug the Lightning cable upside down and still charges our iPad.
  14. Unbelievable, this is going to be painful for those who are in rough financial situation and above that getting fired from Microsoft :unsure:
  15. It's a nice looking car that you have!
  16. That's what I had experienced playing skirmish with 4 hard AI's and what SWR Productions, makers of several successful Generals mods, are complaining about
  17. Command and Conquer Generals, the SAGE engine has one of the worst path findings when it comes to RTS games. It's so inefficient that causes high end systems to "clog" like 7 fps after an hour of playtime.
  18. Three of my best friends are archers and they do practice twice every week and I decided to follow couple of training sessions with them. I had quite some fun and it was easy to learn.
  19. I would suggest you keeping it save and go with the Asus motherboard, I do want to point out that Asrock is getting better each year when it comes to quality, that's what I've heard or seen on the web but I don't have any first hand experience with them, personally I don't want to risk anything when it comes to motherboards. Another motherboard that has a blue/ black colour theme is this MSI Z97 PC Mate
  20. A suggestion might be this HP Pavilion 17-f040nd laptop. It's price fluctuate between the €480 to €500 mark or $650~680 USD.
  21. The FX 8350 from AMD is already started showing its age, it had it's quite good run with the Intel 3rd gen Ivy Bridge line but now with Haswell and future generation CPU generations it won't be that cost effective to purchase an older CPU over a newer and mostly better ones. Let alone the motherboard selections and extra features that you have with to Z87/ Z97 compared to AM3+ offerings.
  22. Yes, especially with CPU intensive tasks like video editing that i7 4930k will have much more potential with 2 more cores, more cache and quad channel memory. But you will compromise on the gaming side.
  23. Yes I've seen that video quite a time ago. I remember myself laughing straight on for nearly 10 minutes after watching that entire video