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  1. by the way i'm very tired so my creativity is bad right now.
  2. What should i be seeing here?
  3. pic #2 is when i initialized it
  4. So i have an ssd (old ssd from my old pc.) which asked me for a password on new pc's startup. I know as a fact that i used it on the old pc without any passwords (bios password or whatever when you start the pc) So i tried using an external harddrive case, connected to the new pc (take note that i dont have my old pc anymore.) and it wont let me use it. Check screenshots. So basically i wanted to ask you guys about how to wipe the drive (i dont need any recovery help. i dont have anything useful on there except for steam and some games.) I just need the drive wiped and wanted to ask you what should i do. The drive is unallocated so most softwares cant find it. And the options for the drive are greyed out. Hope you can help. Ask if you need more info
  5. Hoppz

    Asus TUF Gaming FX504G SSD upgrade

    The old laptop was an acer aspire v3-571g. Had to get a new one since the gpu on the old one died so had to run it on igpu.
  6. Hoppz

    Asus TUF Gaming FX504G SSD upgrade

    Installed it on my previous laptop. I have 2 laptops. This one's new and doesn't support the other ssd's boot i guess?
  7. Hoppz

    Asus TUF Gaming FX504G SSD upgrade

    @kb5zue The problem is that i can't even launch the windows creation tool as it won't let me boot from an external device or the ssd. The ssd had windows pre-installed too. I remember i helped my friend with his ROG laptop, and that one had csm support. And as far as i can find, then that's what i need
  8. Hey. So basically i bought this computer recently, and wanted to change from the hard drive to an ssd, but i can't seem to find csm support in bios. Does anyone know how i could solve this? When i changed the drives the pc didn't seem to like the ssd. It would show up in bios but it wouldn't let me boot from the drive. The ssd's working just fine as i used it before i bought this laptop. SEND HELP!
  9. Hoppz

    Camera won't open Honor 8

    Hmm, mi mix 2s seems worth it. I'll look into that, thanks
  10. Hoppz

    Camera won't open Honor 8

    Just tried it, but unfortunately nothing thinking about going over to ios instead
  11. Hoppz

    Camera won't open Honor 8

    I've tried both soft reset and hard reset no luck on either one i've googled and tried other stuff too but still no luck
  12. Hey everyone. So lately my phone has been acting weird and my camera just won't open for some reason. I've tried: Rebooting Factory reset Clear cache Clear defaults In the video you can see what's going on. If anyone knows what's happening, hmu. I've had the phone for about a year. Huawei Honor 8. SVID_20180623_224540.mp4