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  1. I bought the card, my only hope in this case is to contact Newegg and if they don't do anything I'll complain to PayPal.
  2. Oh yea I just wanted to make a suggestion, you should remove the asrock mobos from tier b, because they are listed as being capable of r7oc but you pointed out that it is not suitable for overclocking an r7 1700x, it might confuse some people.
  3. Ok, thanks I'll get back to you once I test it.
  4. Should I put thermal pads on them and undervolt the card.
  5. I saw that the Gigabyte Vega 56 was on sale for 269.99$ on Newegg and it came with 3 free games too. So I got and and it came after a few days, but since I had some important work and had to go, I couldn't test it. I thought that since it is a gigabyte card I wouldn't have to worry about QC issues, but today I just went through Reddit and I found a thread where they ranted about the gigabyte Vega GPUs. Then out of curiosity I checked other reviews and threads. Most of the people have gotten defective GPUs which stopped working sometimes just after 30mins. Apparently it has vrms on the back instead of the front and the vrms receive no cooling, so they Ben themselves it. I haven't opened the packaging yet and it is past the return period, what should I do?
  6. Which one should I get out of these two, GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA and ASUS PRIME X470-PRO. The Asus one is 15$ more than the gigabyte one. I have an R7 1700x.
  7. Oh, what do you exactly mean by it is good enough?
  8. ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4, is this good? @LukeSavenije
  9. Is the ASROCK B450 PRO4 a good motherboard for overclocking a R7 1700x? It is there in TIER B in the motherboard tier list and is recommended for r7oc, but there are many reviews claiming that it is bad for ocing an 8core ryzen processor.
  10. There are two motherboards that I'm looking at one is the Gigabyte b450 aorus elite and the other is the Asus Tuf x470-plus gaming. Both of them are around the 70$ mark, the Asus mobo is an open box one(however it comes with the io shield and other stuff and normal manufacturer warranty) Which one should I get, btw I have a 1700x and RTX 2070.
  11. What is rad? Sorry English is not my mother tongue
  12. It does say it is a complete package with the IO shield and other stuff. Thanks for the help anyways.
  13. Plus it is either this or the Gigabyte aorus b450 elite