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    jones177 reacted to maverick_brent in Are High End Gaming PCs relevant?   
    Are they relevant, well thats a subjective matter, is 4k relevant or needed for your use? are you happy at 1080p? or 1440p? Its up to the end user really, Some would rather play 1080p @144hz, others are happier with 4k@60fps, or even less. As you slide up the scale for high end gaming machines the value/performance ratio can shrink very quickly. Its similar to saying is a ferrari or bugatti a relevant car to drive compared to a low cost Volkswagen jetta? Well depends on what you want to use it for.. driving @ 60km/hr the highend cars serve no other purpose than the end users desire to have them...if your driving in a highspeed race then the jetta isnt going to be much good. Its the use of the equipment that is relevant. 
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    jones177 got a reaction from Ben17 in Are High End Gaming PCs relevant?   
    I need my high end PCs to do what I like.  If I could do with less I would.
    Before the year 2000 my PCs were average but then I bought MS Flight Simulator 2000 and my average rig could only to about 10fps on the ground and 15fps in the air.  With MS Flight Simulator you can add content and I did for years so when I stopped playing I was only doing 30fps in the air and 20 on the ground with a high end PC.
    Then it was MS Train Train Simulator and I loved my 100 plus car coal trains with multiple engines. Lots of physics going on one core so I bought the fastest CPUs I could afford.
    I then went fantasy with Oblivion in 2007 and modded it until Skyrim came out in 2011. It needed more than a 7200 rpm HDD to load in the extra content as I moved around the world so I started using 10,000 rpm dives that cost more than double standard drives. They removed stutter. I am now moving from SATA SSDs to NVMe M.2(2tb 970 EVO) for the same reason.
    With a heavily modded Skyrim  powerful cores were not enough, it needed a powerful GPU with lots of vram as well. I went from a GTX 670(2gb) to a 680 4gb just for the extra vram and skipped the 700 series because they only had 3gbs. I now need more than the 11 gbs I have with the 2080 ti since I am using 10.5 on one of my modded games.
    Then in 2015 I discovered 4k and wanted to play everything at 4k. My Skyrim(with ENB) could do 60fps at 1080p with a GTX 980 but less than 20 at 4k so the goal was to get it to 60. It took a RTX 2080 ti to do it.    
    Now Ray tracing has come. Right now I can do 1440p 60fps in my RT games with it on but the goal is again 4k 60 and soon that will change to 4k 120fps.  Then it will be 2160p 21:9 120.
    Right now I am playing Space Engines at 4k averaging 120fps. As I build more and more the frames will go down but I will still build more. 
    It will never end.    
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    jones177 reacted to durrburger in Noticeable pixels at 1440p 27-inch   
    I'm inclined to agree at this point, the "problem" is getting used to 4k.
    Personally I don't care much about refresh rates higher than 60, as I don't play any competitive games ever, but I can't even look at 1080p screens at this point anymore after using 4k for a year. You just don't realize how much detail and clarity you're not getting at lower resolutions unless you've seen it first, both for games and text in general.
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    jones177 got a reaction from thepimson in New 48" OLED TV - LG OLED48CX   
    The rule of thumb is dumb. TVs are just big monitors now.
    My 55" OLED is 32" away from my eyes.
    I will probably get two 48" OLEDs, one for each bedroom, if they are cheaper than the 55" C9 .  They will be replacing a 32" 1440p 144hz monitor and a 32" 4k monitor. 
    The monitors are not comparable to the OLED for watching TV and movies but the OLED TV can play my kind of games just as well.

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    jones177 got a reaction from TheNaitsyrk in RTX 2080 Ti Underperforming?   
    At 1080p you are getting bottlenecks. 1080p is sort of the realm of CPUs with more powerful cores.
    Your CPU is better suited for 1440p and 4k.
    This is with a EVGA 2080 ti XC at stock settings with a i7 8086k at 5ghz.  Note the difference in the "GPU Bound" numbers.

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    jones177 reacted to IAcKI in OFCOM to Regulate Social Media in the UK   
    But why do an agency get to decide what is 'harmful'? I'd be getting very worried as a comic etc and I imagine YouTube will get even trickier.
    Noted about the title though.
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    jones177 reacted to sowon in PC confessions   
    My confession: I find anything over 4.9GHz on my 8600K to be a flex more than anything else because there's huge diminishing returns when at those clocks, but I still run 4.9GHz and above anyway because it sounds good.
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    jones177 got a reaction from SteveGrabowski0 in Current GPUs enough for next gen?   
    This week.

    At 1440p the frame rate is really good.

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    jones177 reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Current GPUs enough for next gen?   
    Gotta really disagree. 2060 isn't enough for 60 fps at 1080p ultra in techpowerup's testing of Control (DX12 with RTX and DLSS turned off), and just squeaks by that 60 fps barrier in AC Odyssey. And you don't want to be at 60 fps, since if you're averaging that it means you're still going to be dropping below it a lot. There is no precedent for straight midrange cards holding up long into a new console generation. And honestly, 5700 XT is really the AMD midrange card but with a big price bump. Maybe if the consoles start targetting 1800p60 or 1440p60 you'd have a chance of keeping relevant with 1080p60 with a gpu as low end as 2060 or 5600 XT, and I hope that's the case since the consoles will have 8C/16T Ryzen 2. But if AAA games target 2160p30 or 1800p30 on them I think you're going to see these cards start failing to keep up really fast.


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    jones177 got a reaction from Envit0 in G sync on freesync monitor not working   
    Mine stopped working in some games but works on the desk top. 
    It was working fine most of last year but did not work well then the feature was introduced.
    My other gaming computer that uses a G-sync comparable TV is working fine.
    Both computers use the same i7 8086ks and 2080 tis with the same motherboard. The main difference are the monitors.
    If you don't have it download the Nvidia Pendulum app. https://www.nvidia.com/coolstuff/demos#!/g-sync
    Run it full screened and widowed mode. Make sure you check "enable settings for the selected display model" in the Nvidia control panel. Mine did not work at all without it.
    For me G-sync in the  the Pendulum app works in widowed mode but not in full screen. The games that don't work where in widowed mode but work when I change to full screen. 
    Not really making sense but I at least I have a workaround. 
    I just read on the G force forums that downloading a monitor driver, in my case from LG, fixes it and it did for me. 
    I hope you can get the same result.
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    jones177 got a reaction from vK 3 1 RON in Used 970 vs 770?   
    I skipped the 770 because it did not have enough vram. So I went 570, 670, 680 4gb(bought when 770 came out) then 970.
    People are still using the 970 today because of the vram. 
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    jones177 reacted to Lorant in Fallout 76 getting NPCs!!   
    If they allowed private servers and mods like Ark.... I would play the living shit out of it.
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    jones177 reacted to GoldenLag in Underclock a graphics card   
    What 525w PSU?
    Doubt it exceedes 300w. Which components?
    Set a lower powertarget in MSI afterburner
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    jones177 got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Getting way higher stable vram overclocks though worse score in benchmarks   
    I sometimes get strange readings with MSI afterburner with RTX cards. Now I use Pression X1 overclocking and Afterburner for monitoring. 
    Also Vram on these cards heat up over time and can affect a score.  To see this reboot your computer and then run heaven in a widow. With afterburner or Precision X1 note at what temperatures the GPU clocks down. On my 2080 ti it is about 54c, 64c, 74c and 84c. If I run the test again after the card heats up the numbers shift down. Only with the vram at a constant temperature can you get constant results. 
    At some point your overclock on the vram will downclock your card so higher means the same or lower. With my FTW3 Ultra this occurs at around 86c.  I can use + 1100(8100mhz) and stay below that temperature while benching at 1080p but not at 1440p. So for gaming I use + 800(7800mhz) since I do it longer and heat will build up over time.  
    Here is what it looks like.
    At 1440p there is virtually no gain since Vram temps become a factor.

    At 1080p vram temps stay cool so there is gain from the extra overclock.

    With cards the don't have extreme cooling solutions this is amplified. 
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    jones177 reacted to Metallus97 in Hot GPU   
    Did you play the same game, did room temperature or airflow in the case change? How are the GPUs clocks behaving
    But this seems normal and completely fine. Depending on how the card decides to boost and to run the fans this is completely normal. Also depending on the exact scenario you measured the temps in they can also fluctuate.
    Dusting it of however wont hurt. I also don't have a compressor, but have sort of a hand pump thingy form the dollar store to blow some air. Also co can use a vacuum, but be CAREFULL! Hold the fans so they don't spinn to much.
    Changing TIM also never hurts, but this temperature difference cant be explained by TIM going bad form one day to another.
    TL:DR: Its fine, dust it of a bit and done
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    jones177 reacted to Chen G in Dumb question on mini vs micro led   
    I doubt that'll be the first things that come to market. It'll be high-end only and focused on picture quality. Also like OLED, they'll start with big TVs rather than computer displays.
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    jones177 reacted to Wolfycapt in "Old" Tech that You must Keep   
    DVD player. HDD just in case some old file reside. and case.
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    jones177 reacted to steelo in Oculus Rift S requirements   
    I've noticed that too with my 1st gen rift...I find the steam updates (often running in the middle of a game) to be a lot more annoying though.
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    jones177 reacted to PopsicleHustler in What's the appeal of non-competitive games?   
    What kind of a question is this? Its like asking - Why would you read a book? Or why would you watch a movie? Or why would you go on a vocation to Italy to take a few pictures if you can use Google Maps.
    Or better - Why would I sweat trying to learn how to play a competitive game if I can just watch E-sports stream of top players duking it out?
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    jones177 reacted to Vitamanic in What's the appeal of non-competitive games?   
    Entertainment doesn't need to be competitive.
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    jones177 reacted to kontradictions in What's the appeal of non-competitive games?   
    I play games to destress and unwind after a long day at work. I don't need something to keep me on edge and wind me up.
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    jones177 reacted to Lord_Karango17 in Gtx 1080ti Crashing in Games at Stock Clocks   
    Hahah, not sure the 2080 is any faster than a 1080ti, but I guess RTX is nice to have...
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    jones177 reacted to Jurrunio in Would a 2080 Super with an i9 9900K Be overkill?   
    full name: NH-D15, the big Noctua cooler. Dark Rock Pro4 is just as good with better colour scheme imo
    then that qualifies as overkill. Not like he has a 2080Ti
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    jones177 reacted to Princess Luna in is g sync a must have?   
    They are not crap, they serve a purpose which is more notable on 75hz+
    I do agree for a 60hz screen it is not a requirement since any decent setup should be able sustain this target well enough, however when you got a 144hz screen V-Sync is not an alterantive in the sense you're very unlikely to be all the way high there on demanding games.
    That's when Freesync and G-sync come into play, you use it at the same time as V-Sync so when they are matching the monitor refresh rate to the actual fps say 94fps/hz you will still have V-Sync synchronizing it perfectly and all is good.
    Having a 144hz monitor without either Freesync and G-sync and running at the 144hz94fps will cause stuttering/tearing even with V-sync on since you're unable to hit the refresh rate.
  25. Funny
    jones177 reacted to Soag in Besides the initial bad graphics, is Mass Effect: Andromeda actually a good game?   
    Doesn't seem like a bug. It's definitely free content called Seizures DLC.