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  1. It could be the last Windows update. It is causing havoc with my computers.
  2. I buy a bit at a time. Last month it was a PSU. This month it was a case. Next month will be ram. By the time the new GPUs come out I will be ready to build.
  3. I have a similar system and just did tests on AC:O this week. What resolution do you play at? I have the game on a 16:9 and a 21:9 setups and I think my character is in Athens so if you can tell me were in Athens I can see if it is the game or your system.
  4. I use a 55" OLED TV that I bought for $1200. It is G-sync compatible(needs this gen Nvidia card), Does 1440p 120hz and will do 4k 120hz in the future. It is an OLED so movies look fantastic. I like it so much I bought another one this week for one of the bedrooms and will buy another around Black Friday for another bedroom. At first I thought using a 55" TV for a monitor would not work but now I don't want to use anything smaller. My other monitor is a LG 38" 3840 X 1600 75hz Ultrawide with HDR that did cost $1200. Some would consider 75hz a bit low but it takes a RTX 2080 ti to keep most AAA games above 75fps at that resolution. There is a 144hz version at around $1800 but for the games I play I can't take advantage of it but I may get one if the RTX 3080 ti is powerful enough.
  5. Yes. For the CPU you have now it may not matter what 2080 ti you get but if you plan on upgrading and overclocking the card it matters a lot. The Black has a power limit of 112% and the XC has a power limit of 130%. The XC Ultra takes up 3 slots and the Black 2. So the XC runs faster and cooler. If you ever decide to water cool the card the XC is a good choice and the Black is a bad choice.
  6. I have similar system and recently did test with Shadow of the tomb Raider with no overclocks ay 3440 X 1440. The game does not care for overclocks since my all core 5.1gh only produced 1 extra frame. The 2080 ti is a FTW 3 Ultra with no overclock so it was doing about 1965mhz. The bench is at the highest setting. For the 2080 ti, make sure it is running below 84c. If you are close to 84C raise the power limit to the max and have the second fan kick in sooner and rase the curve if necessary. Use GPU Z and under Nvidia Bois to see the power rating of the card(see image below). Then under sensors select max on "power consumption (W). After you play a hard to run game or bench see if your card is reaching its power limit. For my FTW3 Ulta stock(100% power limit) that is 300 watts. If the card can't reach the power limit there is something on your system stopping it.
  7. The 9700k with the 2080 would be better now and the i9 9900k would be better if you intend to upgrade the GPU to next gen in a year or two.
  8. My RTX 2080 tis use between 350 and 387 watts max. My 5ghz i7s use 152 watts overclocked. I am fine with a 860 watt PSU. 850 watts is what most 2080 ti owners use and some users on the EVGA forum use about 600 watts with delidded Intel CPUs and FTW3 Ultra 2080 tis with no issues.
  9. Yes and no. It is a fantastic game if you like being a cowboy bad guy. I don't. I bought it anyway. I have a system like yours and it is the type of game that can show it off. Here are my benches at 1440p and 4k with a EVGA XC 2080 ti and a 5ghz CPU using the Hardware Unboxed settings. It looks fantastic.
  10. I have a 32" 1440p 144hz LG monitor and when I first bought it I set it beside my 32" 4k monitor and it looked terrible. My Son uses it now with other 1440p monitors and it looks fine. My mistake was having them side by side. I have the same 4k Samsung along with an ASUS that uses the same 28" planel. I have had them beside 27" 1440p monitors and they look fine. There is something about 32" that changes things.
  11. It depends. In the tests that I have done with a stock i7 8700k vs a 5ghz CPU a card like a GTX 1080 ti has 0 to 5 frames difference. With a RTX 2080 ti is a good upgrade because you can get a 10 frame plus difference. So if you built the system with good quality parts you would get close to the same results. Most i7 8700s were put into prebuilts with inadequate cooling and motherboard VRMs that limit their performance. If you have a system like this then it is a good upgrade.
  12. I like it except the HDD. They slow fast systems down. A SATA SSD would be a better choice. I was a 3D designer and I have not used a 7200rpm HDD since 2007 in a system. I have used them on storage servers. If I had to use HDDs at all I would use a Passport. Some people think that more cores are better for 3D but it really depends on what type of 3D you are doing. As a designer I spent most of the time modeling and these models were on stages that were designed to be efficient. My average rendering time was 20 seconds with a i7 2600k. Anything taking longer was done either overnight or on a separate computer since 5 to 7 images needed to be rendered for design project. All the animations were done overnight so as long as they were done by 8 in the morning it was not an issue. Any animations taking longer than overnight were done on a seperate computer since I needed to do the modeling.
  13. This it with a i7 8086k stock and a EVGA 2080 ti XC stock. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to the highest preset at 4k. Metro Exodus is on the ultra preset at 4k. A good free bench for 4k testing is Superposion.
  14. I have 2080 tis and play at 4k but test at lower resolutions. I do know about CPU drops at 4k since I have been playing at the resolution since 2015. My drops are above 60fps with a 5ghz CPU so I do not see or feel them in regular game play. When I used a i7 6700k the drops were usually in the 40s and with a i7 2600k they were in the 30s. I usually bench at lower resolutions and right now my CPUs are running at stock but I will run some 4k benches if you have them. Heaven at system resolution. Superposition. Any 3DMark extreme benches. AC:O Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Metro Exodus. RDR2. Just say the word.
  15. I had a similar issue with my EVGA PSU. I backed out the case screws about a half a turn and the noise was gone.
  16. RDR2 makes AC:O easy to run. I use the Hardware Unboxed setup. Here is what I get using it with a 2080 ti.
  17. jones177


    Most of the 1080p IPS monitors are really old tec and use 8 bit(6 bit + FRC) panels so not true 16.7 million colors. The panels were designed for the office and not for games or graphics. Some do go up to 144hz but image quality is poor. To check out monitors use this site to see what panels they are using. https://www.displayspecifications.com/
  18. jones177


    My Lg 32" 1440p 144hz monitor uses an ASUS 27" 1440p 75hz TN monitor in portrait And my 32" LG 4k monitor uses a ASUS 28" 60hz 4k TN in portrait. These types monitors are cheap now and they are better than 1080p for productivity.
  19. I have 2 RTX 2080 tis. One is a EVGA XC and the other is a FTW3 Ultra. With the higher clocks that the FTW 3 Ultra does bottlenecks become an issue but not with the XC. So to test the cards performance against each other I have to use Extreme versions of FireStrike or TimeSpy. I think the performance cliff is around 2040mhz and that is about where bottlenecks at 1440p occur. I play at 4k and 3840 X 1600 so I am not affected but as this type of performance becomes mainstream it may become an issue. I also know that my 5gz CPUs were pointless with GTX 1080 tis but almost a necessity with the RTX 2080 ti for top performance. The 10th gen is basically the same architecture as the 9th but with more cores and those cores don't matter for gaming. In the tests that I have done overclocks over 5gz do not produce significant gain in games. There may be gains but they are higher than 5.2ghz. Maybe 5.3mhz can make a difference. I will probably go with a 10th gen but I think that there will be more than a 50% chance that i will be disappointed. The upgrade will be mainly for my modded games that use 1 or 2 cores. I had to remove my all core 5ghz overclocks from all my CPUs including the i9 9900k. Since the last major Windows update the games that use the Havok physics engine have gotten crashes or freezes. I am hoping that this is temporary but I have had to remove overclocks before for similar reasons but not since 2016.
  20. I just bought a Cooler Master MCM-H500M. It is always near the top of the charts at Gamers Nexus.
  21. Yes. The big down clock comes at 84c. Make sure you have your power limit set the 130%. Here is my card with its 24/7 overclock. It is designed to stay under 84c. This is the XC going full out with 100% on the fans. As you can see with a better cooling solution it could be a monster.
  22. I have had a 2080 ti XC since October 2018. It is the hottest card I have ever owned. The 2 fan, 2 slot design is totally inadequate for the GPU and that is probably why the Ultra version exists. All the cards I have owned before would freeze or artifact before the cooling solution gave out and that includes the GTX 980, 980 ti, 1080 and 1080 ti(all 2 fan, 2 slot cards). The XC is the opposite. For air cooling I consider my FTW3 Ultra the minimum with this chip. it runs from 2040 to 2070mhz with the stock fan curve with a 24/7 overclock. The XC runs 10c hotter set up the same way. What gets the hottest on the card is the vram and it does not heat and cool while playing like the GPU. It just gets hotter and hotter until it heat soaks the card. Not only the case but the air around the case is very important running this card. The case I use is an old HAF X. To get the case to work with the XC I had to add another 200mm exhaust fan so it ended up having two 200mm intake fans and two 200mm exhaust fans. That was still not enough for the XC so I moved the computer from the bedroom to the living room where there is enough airflow around the case to not allow a build up of hot air. It now runs 5c cooler so it clocks up higher and that allows me to run it with a slight overclock if needed.
  23. Good move. It is the way to go as far as I am concerned.