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  1. When I RMA a EVGA card I send mine and wait a few week for them to send me a new one. There is always the option to get a new one fast by sending them money but I never take it. I have seen FTW3 Ultras as low as $1200 so I would not give them a $1500. Sometimes my FTW3 Ultra will not display after I switch on the computer. If I switch off the PSU then on again it boots up and displays normally. This is caused by a mode on the cards that protect it from low power. It is triggered by an ErP setting on the motherboard. Since it is a rare occurrence with my setup I don't bother changing the ErP setting but you might want to look into it.
  2. Like a monitor you can always use vsync for pc games. VRR is a lot more convenient but it is a bit of a luxury. Console games are designed for TVs so less of an issue. The Q60 is the only 43" TV I would buy now and the 2020 versions don't seem to have improved.
  3. It is a 60hz TV with no VRR technology. The 43" and 49" models in the Q60 lineup don't support VRR(Freesync or G-sync). The rest are 120hz with Freesync. The Q70s are the same with the 49" being 60hz with no VRR and the larger ones in the lineup having the features. If you need 43" size it is the best of the rest. At the end of last year I was looking for a TV for viewing content and playing games. I wanted to go 43 to 50 inch but all the features I want start at 55". It has worked out for me but it is bigger than I wanted. I was going to buy the 49" Q70 but got a 55" LG OLED that was only $200 more on sale.
  4. Two fan, two slot EVGA 2080 tis run hot overclocked. My EVGA FTW3 Ultra that has three fans and uses three slots runs 10c cooler. I also use the default fan curve on my 24/7 overclock to keep the noise down. It down clocks at 84c but it takes more overclock to get it that hot. In games the 2080 ti XC is in the mid 70s so it is not too bad card but it is not cool.
  5. Check for a firmware update from the manufacturer. I use EVGA cards and several times now they have had firmware updates to fix bugs. These updates were through Precision X1. I know other manufactures have similar software.
  6. What you need to do is see if your card can operate properly with your R 5 2600. To do this run MSI Afterburner or Precision X1(with PX1 under HWM select power limit). After a gaming or bench session look at the Power% graph/power limit. At stock your XC should bounce off 100%. See images. You should also set your power limit to 130% to get the most out of it. Here is the 24/7 setup I use for my XC. It will run hotter than your Ultra but you should get close to the same score if your R 5 2600 is capable of it. Note the difference in the power consumption between stock and overclocked on GPU Z.
  7. I upgraded my GTX 1080 with GTX 1080 tis and they equal RTX 2080s so I would not consider a 2070 a good upgrade.
  8. That is an old revamped Innolux panel that is 2015 vintage. It does have a very fast response time and was tested in a Samsung version by LTT. The panel itself is very reliable. I own 2 of them(one Samsung, one ASUS). The down side to is that it is a TN panel. The upside is that it has better color than a lot of cheap IPS monitors. There are a lot cheaper versions of this panel. Acer has one for less than $300
  9. For work I like 4k monitors since text is easier on the eyes. I don't like 27" 4k monitors since the text on some none scaling apps have text that is too small. With 32" this issue goes away.
  10. I will only be exited if they have HDMI 2.1. All my games can run at over 60fps at 4k with a 2080 ti with the exception of RDR 2 and it averages 59fps. With HDMI 2.1 my OLED TV I use as a monitor will do 120hz at 4k and then I will need an upgrade. As for the cost, because of the current situation I don't know where I will be financially in a few months time so spending lots of money on things like GPUs may be a thing of the past for me. Time will tell.
  11. It is not an upgrade. It could be a replacement if a 1080 ti died. That is the downside to owning 1080 tis. Only the 2080 ti is an upgrade. I would not recommend one over a 2080S but if a budget only alows for a 1080 ti you would not be missing much.
  12. I used a 4k 60hz monitor for 1440p gaming for years. I also prefer 3.1"/32" monitors for 4k over 27". I use an 32" LG VA 4k monitor with a 28" ASUS TN 4k monitor in portrait now. Older games like Mass Effect with a high res texture mod look fantastic at 4k and would run well with your set up. I think I spent about half a year replaying older games in 4k after buying one.
  13. For Autocad I always used Quadros. I used them for their 64X anti aliasing. Gaming cars only have 16x and I did not like looking at that all day.
  14. It is a 2017 vintage non Freesync 60hz monitor. The Acer VG270U BMIIPX is the latest version at 75hz and is only $250. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/UM.HV0AA.005 The Acer Nitro VG271U Pbmiipx is 144hz for a few dollars more. It even has HDR. $350 Amazon. B&H does not seem to have these.
  15. You might want to try the EVGA forum for that one. https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-Precision-X1-f22.aspx EVGA has Precision X1 do firmware updates to its cards so if you own a currant EVGA card it could be a good idea to use it. My FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti has had two. The first one brought the vram temps down.
  16. They originally came out on the Playstations and took years to come out on PC. Thanks for the info. I bought PC version and took a look at it but did not play it since I still had a PS3 plugged into the TV at the time. I will check it out with the fixes.
  17. I tested it and I have no crashes. Control is very sensitive to GPU overclocks but not CPU overclocks. It seems not to like anything over 2070mhz for any length of time. I did the test with the computer that has the EVGA XC 2080 ti with RTX on.
  18. I think FFX is the best. I also consider it the best artwork ever done for a video game. Going back a bit the original FFVII is on Steam and I would recommend playing it before the remake. After FFX I like FFXII Zodiac Age. After playing FFX, FFXIII is nice with Lightning(connected to FFX/X2). These are the games that made a PC gamer like me go out a buy consoles.
  19. If you have an old version of Windows with a key it will work. Three of my computers are using Windows 7 keys. The fourth I had to buy so I use that install disk for all.
  20. I get a really bad connection if the aerials are under the table were the computer is. With the aerials on top of the desk I get the same speed as a cable. I use a ASUS PDE-AC88 PCI-E adapter. It is a bit pricey but is gives me the speed I paid for.
  21. Why is your center fan so high? Mine is lower than the heat pipe ends. The other fan is sitting on the ram so it is high. You have also installed it backwards. The notched out side should be toward the ram.
  22. I like 1440p for gaming. For some unknown reason to me it was a big jump in quality. I could literally not look at a 1080p screen again after my first experience. Going from 1440p to 4k is not as big of a jumps since textures in most vanilla games are too small and lack detail for it to matter. My modded games that use 4k and 8k textures only benefitfit from that resolution. Let me know what you get.
  23. That would be a safe move since that is the most popular way to go. Keep in mind My 5.1 ghz CPU with a RTX 2080 ti can't do 1440p 144hz in most AAA games at 1440p. You will get that under powered feeling. To me that is not a bad thing. I bought a 28" 4k monitor back in 2015 and I only had a GTX 970 at the time. All my hardware choices since then is to get better frames at 4k.
  24. jones177

    New TV (OLED)

    I use a B9. It was in the first LTT video about VRR and LG OLED. I use it now as my main monitor. As a monitor there are no issues. Using Windows to switch off the screen when idle along the the many built in inti retention features is enough. Even as I type this in the screen will dim slightly if I pause for a while. As a TV I don't know. I only watch online content through the remote menu, mainly Netflix and Prime just like when I was using a monitor. Also like a monitor it is for my use only so I have total control how it is used. For me it is a big success and I plan to replace all the TVs and non ultra wide monitors in the house with them as soon as they are on sale again.
  25. I am running 2 SLI systems now. One with GTX 1080s and one with GTX 1080 tis. 90% of the time these computers are only using one card and anyone building an SLI system should understand that. The GTX 1080 ti SLI computer is not playing any games that support SLI now but the single 1080 ti does fine at 1440p. The two GTX 1080s are hooked up to a 4k monitor and only play SLI games but it is not often. My two gaming computers use RTX 2080 tis and at some point they will be in the same computer but both will be replaced by 3080 tis. I have SLI games that I have 1000s of hours in and plan to do 1000s more so it is worth it to me to do SLI but I have never bought a GPU for SLI.