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  1. I skipped the 770 because it did not have enough vram. So I went 570, 670, 680 4gb(bought when 770 came out) then 970. People are still using the 970 today because of the vram.
  2. EVGA 2080 ti Black doesn't throttle or freeze at 80c if it is healthy. At 100% on the power target it throttles at 84c and at 112% on the power target it throttles at 88c. Here is a video on it.
  3. I could not recommend anything 30hz. The BENQ EL2870UE 28" uses the same panel as my Samsung U28E590D and ASUS PB287q. So basically I have two older versions without Freesync. I had the ASUS between two 27" ASUS 1440p 75hz monitors and the 1440p image quality was the same. It is a safe bet for gaming with a GTX 980 ti.
  4. I am 32" away from my 55" 4k TV typing now and it looks fine. If It did not I would use my 32" 4k monitor I have in another room. I think TV technology is better at upscaling than monitors but like monitors they are not the same so look for gaming on TV reviews. My 55" OLED with HDMI 2.1 and G-sync compatible is worth it but I have not played on any other 4k TVs so I have only monitors to comparit to. My 32" VA 4k monitor was only $350 so it was well worth it but does not compare with the OLED TV for games and movies but the TV did cost a lot more.
  5. I used 980 ti with a 4k monitor for about a year. Most games I ran at 1440p. Older games I ran at 4k. The thing to do is ask in forums about what experience people running 4k monitors at 1440p or 1080p have. Mine was great when I used a 28" TN 4k monitor at 1440p. When I upgraded to a 32" VA monitor it only did 4k well. I now use a OLED 4k TV as a monitor and it does a perfect 1440p.
  6. What are your settings? I have Witcher 3, The Outer Worlds and Crysis installed and did a run through on all three to see if I have any issues. I don't. I play mostly at ultra except shadows and they are at medium. On Outer World you probably need to turn up viewing distance. I have it set to ultra. On Witcher 3 I have texture and terrain on ultra. It is an old game to it is easy to run most setting at ultra On Crysis I have all settings at very high except for motion blur. Even though I have it on a 4k system I play it at 1440p since I am running it without a HD texture pack.
  7. I sometimes get strange readings with MSI afterburner with RTX cards. Now I use Pression X1 overclocking and Afterburner for monitoring. Also Vram on these cards heat up over time and can affect a score. To see this reboot your computer and then run heaven in a widow. With afterburner or Precision X1 note at what temperatures the GPU clocks down. On my 2080 ti it is about 54c, 64c, 74c and 84c. If I run the test again after the card heats up the numbers shift down. Only with the vram at a constant temperature can you get constant results. At some point your overclock on the vram will downclock your card so higher means the same or lower. With my FTW3 Ultra this occurs at around 86c. I can use + 1100(8100mhz) and stay below that temperature while benching at 1080p but not at 1440p. So for gaming I use + 800(7800mhz) since I do it longer and heat will build up over time. Here is what it looks like. At 1440p there is virtually no gain since Vram temps become a factor. At 1080p vram temps stay cool so there is gain from the extra overclock. With cards the don't have extreme cooling solutions this is amplified.
  8. Every monitor or TV I have bought has lasted past its usefulness to me. I have given away all my 1080p and lower resolution monitors. I have given away all my 1080p and lower TVs. Even my 2006 vintage 1080i 55" Sony that I used for 13 years was given away. It would not die to make way for a new 4k TV. My only issue now is that my OLED will last so long that I may never experience a MicroLED unless I give that away too.
  9. When I started my computer graphics business I went high end on hardware but could never make enough money to justify it. What I ended up doing to become profitable was to go middle of the road with builds around $1500 to $2000. If I needed more computing power I built more computers. For what I did the 3700X would be fine but I would buy 2 and have one with 32gbs ram with a RTX card and the other with a 64 with a Quadro card. Rendering 3D or video is like watching paint dry so the second computer is for other projects or playing games. Get ram while it is cheap. In 2018 I paid $202 for two 8gb sticks of 3200. In 2019 I paid $150 for two 16gbs sticks of 3200. It is cheap now.
  10. Good idea. My solution was let my Son use it since he only played WOW and EVE. The card only got freed up when I gave him a 1080 ti for an upgrade in the latter part of 2018. I will try to get it bullet proof before I pass it on.
  11. I have the EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti and I would not consider the Aorus xtreme. 1st: Inadequate cooling system. I had to learn the hard way that 2 slot wide cards are not up to cooling a 2080 ti. The Aorus runs at about 85c for some users under load and that is over 10c higher than the FTW3 Ultra. Some would say this is not a problem but modern Nvidia GPUs downclock in steps as the temperatures rise. That is why you can't say a plus whatever overclock equals a certain gain in mhz with these cards. They are a totally different experience the the 10 series cards. 2nd: My experience with Gigabyte/Aorus xtreme cards. In 2016 I bought an extreme GTX 1080 along with a EVGA SC. The extreme was factory overclocked so aggressively that it had to be put in debug mod to play some games. By contrast the EVGA SC ran at 1936mhz on the factory overclock and would crash with anything over 2000mhz(+ 80). The EVGA SC is still in use but the Extreme card sits in a box waiting to go into a charity build since anyone buying it would return it because it will crash with any overclock. It did come with a nice SLI bridge that is still in use. If I was buying a third 2080 ti it would be the EVGA FTW3 Ultra Hybrid because it can sustain higher clocks with its cooling solution. It is factory overclocked the same as the 3 fan version so all gains are through cooling.
  12. I use what works and discard the rest. The floor is not comfortable but I am not in pain after sleeping on it. Same with the chairs. Comfort to me is as pain free as I can be. The DXraces feels like a cheap deck chairs but I can do 8 to 10 hour stints in them with no problem at all. Before them I would go through several office chair before I found one that I could stand. My 3rd DXracer is arriving today. I am not looking forward to it since it will take me at least 2 weeks to recover from putting it together.
  13. The Rift S is getting very annoying with its constant updates and always losing info like borders. If there was any improvements in performance with all the updates I have not noticed them.
  14. I would get a EVGA 2070 Super. Some are in that price range.
  15. I have a bad back and the only chairs I buy are DXracer. I don't consider them comfortable. They are supportive. They remind me of the seats I had in the two Subaru BRZs that I owned. Never really comfortable but never a pain. What gets me out of bed is back pain and it only took till 3am for that to happen today. Now that I have sat in my DXracer reading the forums and watching some Youtube videos the pain is well in the background since it never really goes away.
  16. Considering how long it took for the LG 38GL950G to come out I would say it is a good move. You can't wait forever. I gave up on the LG 38GL950G and bought a 55" B9 OLED with my monitor money. The LG 38WK95C-W with its 75hz refresh rate will do on my other gaming computer until more capable GPUs arrive. The only games I play with HDR enabled are the last 2 Assassins Creed games. To me they look the same with the LG 38WK95C-W as it does on my OLED so I am not unhappy. I would not use Windows HDR for anything else for now since it is unwatchable compared to the OLED TV. I have 2 Freesync monitors, 1 monitor with a G-sync module and the OLED TV that is G-sync certified. With the Freesync monitors I use vsync because it does a better job. If I used less than a 2080 ti I would be forced to use it. My monitor with the module is perfect for keeping things smooth. The G-sync certified OLED was a shock to me how good it is so I would go without the module if a monitor was certified by Nvidia. If I had to choose between the two I would go with the LG 38GL950G. Going with the module is playing it safe and that is worth the extra money to me.
  17. I don't think it is about what team you are on. It can happen on either platform. I have it a bit easy working out PC problems since I use more than one PC to switch around parts. When I have an issue, most of the time it ends up being the motherboard and because it is what everything is attached to it is the last thing to be swapped out. 1 in 3 motherboards that I buy have flaws that do not stop it from running but stops it from running well. These problems are either encountered over time or crop up when new hardware is installed. Even now I have two computers that use the same motherboard/CPU and one runs perfectly and the other has strange issues. These issues would drive me nuts if it was my only computer but since I have 3 it is just annoying.
  18. You might want to try a 4k monitor driver to fix the Windows 7 scaling issue. I had issues with 4k monitors with Win 7 back in 2015. Then I read on a forum that I needed to install a driver so Windows could recognizes it. It worked perfectly and I used them until I upgraded to Win 10 in 2018. I used a Samsung driver and it work with my Samsung and ASUS monitors. Since TVs are just big monitors now it may work.
  19. Download Nvidia G-SYNC Pendulum Demo and test Freesync and vsync. If your GPU can't do the frames try half vsync. https://www.nvidia.com/coolstuff/demos#!/g-sync All my LG monitors that have Freesync do not have it enabled as default in the monitors menu. On mine it is under Picture, Game Ajust.
  20. My load speeds have not changed going from a 10,000 rpm HDD to a SATA SSD and now a 2tb 970 EVO. What the extra speed is used for it to keep load-ins smooth as I move around the map. I have a heavily modded game and have noticed that the game loads data into vram very slowly. When the vram tops up the game finishes loading. Then a save is young and I have not built much and there are not many NPCs it takes no time at all to load but as the save gets older it takes longer and longer. To me that are enough time to make coffee or get a snack so not a big deal.
  21. The Samsung LC27JG56QQUXEN has Freesync according to the Samsung website. https://www.samsung.com/nl/monitors/wqhd-curved-gaming-monitor-cjg56/LC27JG56QQUXEN/
  22. The bios update changes the fan curve. I didn't do it to mine since my temps are ok. At stock under load my card runs at 1961mhz at 73c so that is a good goal to start with. As for updating: The only good updates are the GTX 1080 ti, RTX 2080/S. Anything less will be a disappointment once your card is healthy.
  23. There are plenty of Youtube videos of taking apart EVGA 1080s. Here is my favorite.
  24. Your card is throttling. It throttles at 83c. If it is a SC version that uses ACX 3.0 it will get hot really fast if the card has not been updated. https://www.evga.com/thermalmod/ Here are what the temps should be stock under load.