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  1. I use cheap WD Passports for backups. I have gotten 1 and 2 tb drives of the price of a game($60 for 2tb now in US). The next one I buy will be 4tbs. They are $129 now but I have seen them go for around $70 on Black friday. I don't use special software to copy files. I just use the mouse. I have never had one fail yet but they are only spinning when I need something from them and that is rare.
  2. AC:O is strange. The difference between me playing at 4k or 1440p is only about 10 frames. I like this guide for getting the most out of the game.
  3. Thanks for posting the video. I had GTX 980 tis in SLI and they did beat my GTX 1080 ti in my SLI games. Two GTX 1080 tis did the same against my RTX 2080 ti. It looks like I may scrap my SLI plans for the 2080 tis when the 3080 ti comes out.
  4. I had that sort of thing happen with my 980 ti setup and it ended up being the SLI bridge. Fortunately I had another and it worked. When I did 1080 tis in SLI I had a fancy bridge with a logo on it. Only one card was recognised. I flipped the bridge so the logo was upside down and it worked perfectly. You have the right motherboard for the job, it may be something simple like it was with me.
  5. I think I was complaining about Steam when it came out and how it affected part of my life style. My only complaint about Epic is they don't have gifting. All the games I wanted to give as gifts over the holidays are on it.
  6. Everybody I know that play PC games have an Epic account. They got it to play Fortnite. That is why I got mine. I can understand where people are coming from though. I hated Steam when it came out. I was use to going to the mall on the Friday and buying a new game. Then Steam came along and the games were no longer in the boxes. That made a lot of people mad. I was mad about Steam because I did not have a choice but to use them. That is what I don't like about Epic or the consoles for that matter. I want choice.
  7. I have used SLI for years but I have never bought a card for SLI I originally did it with GTX 980 tis for GPU rendering. There were no cheap high core count CPUs back then so I used two or more 4 core computers. SLI did not work out for me improving workflow and work space but it was a lot of fun playing games with. My GTX 1080 ti SLI setup is faster in SLI games than a single 2080 ti and since I still play SLI games I will probably do it with the 2080 tis until I save enough for a second 3080 ti.
  8. The reason I can afford them is because mosts hobbies I have ever had paid for themselves. They had to or I could not do them. I started this hobby around 1982 and by 1989 my computers paid for themselves. It took a long time but in 2005 they paid for everything. I retired in 2018. I could have retired in 2016 but I wanted to keep my computer hardware budget so I worked two extra years to do it. I planned for years to be able to afford to buy 2080 tis. So if I am selfish that is fine. At least I did the work to get what I want. The downside to working hard for what you want is that you end up thinking other people should do the same. Silly me.
  9. They work all the time. They even beat out my 1080 tis for having less issues in games. If Fallout 76 was moddable I would play it. My heavily modded Fallout 4 is lots of fun to play with up to 60 feral ghouls attacking me. I could play it all day.
  10. I think video cards are worse than cars. Not an investment. To me they have more value keeping them than selling them and at some point I put them in charity builds. What I would do if I had only one gaming computer is build a second around the 2080 ti after getting the 3080 ti. I even built a third computer out of old parts so I have a computer for the TV, a gaming computer and a computer for the bedroom. In the past I had a server as well. When The 3080 tis come out I will SLI my 2080 tis and that is going to be too much fun.
  11. I am using it as a monitor so 55" is really big. I am only 32" away from it. For TV viewing I push back the chair about 12" or close enough to reach for a drink. If I was going for a standard setup I would do 65" or larger but nobody in my family watches TV together so there is really no point in going larger for me. Also my budget was $3500 and I payed $1200 for the 55" OLED. If I had went 65" I probably would have used all or most of the budget money. With the 55" I will try to squeeze in 2 more OLED TVs with the money remaining. I am just waiting for a price drop/sale.
  12. All time sensitive work is like that. I designed trade show booths in 3D for a living and there were deadlines when designs had to be submitted and deadlines when they had to be built. I thrived because I had 3D game development experience and knew how to design objects and scenes that cut rending times so I never missed a deadline. As a freelance I only did game jobs that instead of getting payed I got a piece of the action. I did not mind crunching since there was a payday at the end of it. I only stopped the gaming gigs because the tradeshow stuff was at a union rate so it payed into a pension. The down side is the reason I retired. If you are going to push it for years something will give out and you either continue working on painkillers or stop working altogether. If you do that sort of job and you are not compensated enough to be able to stop if health gets in the way you are foolish.
  13. I had no space either. Getting rid of the sofa and TV stand made space. I am recarpeting the bedrooms so it gives me the opportunity to rearranging the furniture so the OLEDs can be used as monitors and TV viewing. Sort of a multimedia makeover for the hole place.
  14. Yes. I have a B9 and it is much better than any monitor I have owned. I have 2 rigs with 2080 tis. One used a 32" 16:9 4k monitor and one with a 38" 21:9 3840 X 1600 monitor. The ultra wide was my main gaming rig and the 4k rig only played my old modded games and some console ports that did not like 21:9. Now I mainly play on the OLED and here are the reasons why. Perfect G-sync compatibility. I have a monitor with a G-sync module and the OLED TV works just as well. None of my Freesync monitors are as good at removing screen tear. Better at 1440p than my 1440p monitors. My 1440p monitor is not cheap since it is G-sync and 144hz but the image quality is better on the OLED. I am a 4k snob and thought 1440p was too low res. Now I can play ray traced games with all frames over 60 without the downgrade from 4k being an issue. I prefered to watch TV on my 4k monitor over the standard living room setup(TV on a stand in front of a sofa). The rest of my family prefer to use their computers as well. The OLED on a table like a monitor was an experiment since most people say 55" is too big. It was a big success for me. Now my plan is to get two more for the bedrooms and I may go with the new 48" version coming out this year but if I can get a 55" cheaper I will. It looks like my only monitor that will survive will be the wide screen but I hope 48" plus versions come out since my 38" is tiny compared to the OLED.
  15. Ram is cheap right now so get a proper set. I use 16gb Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz. It is about $70 now. I paid $200 for the same set in 2018. If you think it is your GPU or CPU just use MSI Afterburner. You can get it to show CPU, GPU, vram, ram, usage and frame rate along with frame time.
  16. It is best not to tough it at all. When I upgrade I know that there is a chance that it could go wrong especially with an Intel socket. It has happened twice to me. Once with an LGA 775 and once with a LGA 1151. Also the CPU could be find and the motherboard could be trashed. That happened once to me. I literally hate what Intel uses as a socket and love the good old fashion socket AMD uses.
  17. It could be your HDDs. Windows checks them all the time and if one is underperforming it will take longer. To test unplug your HDDs. As a rule I never have a slower drive than my main drive on my gaming computers. I even will not put a SATA SSD in the computer that uses an 970 EVO. If I need slow storage it is remote. It could also be Windows updates or GPU drivers. Make sure you have performance set to max. Sometimes Windows updates change them.
  18. It depends on the test. On the sample sheet it says SusWrite. To me that means sequential write speed and that is what ultra high performance HDDs do best. It is sort of meaningless for what most people do with computers. A WD 5/6tb Black has faster sequential write speeds than a Raptor and would be higher on a Userbenchmarks chart but its burst read speeds are slower. I found that out the hard way since I replaced a Raptor with one and my modded games had so much stutter that they were unplayable. I had to order a 1tb SSD the next day. To be clear I would never use Userbenchmarks because it appears to use one variable that works for things like GPUs but not for drives and CPUs. If I want to know how strong a CPUs cores are for gaming I use Cinebench single core test. For rendering I use the Multi core test. For GPUs I look at 4k tests because then it is all GPU so it is Times Spy Extreme for my 2080 tis. For drives I use storage specialty sites that run many different types of tests.
  19. Yes. The 10,000rpm WD Raptors had bust read speeds that in some cases could outperform SATA SSDs(faster cache). They also had faster write speeds. I used them from 2007 to 2018 at work and on my gaming computers. When I moved to SATA SSDs my heavily modded Skyrim had load-in pauses that did not exist with the Raptor and it took a M.2(970 EVO) to get rid of them again.
  20. TVs and lawsuits are not new to me. My $3500 55" Sony Bravia I bought in 2006 was advertised at 1080p but it was only 1080i. I got an extra years warranty out of that one. Then it was supposed to be PC ready and it was not so they had to come out to switch out hardware. After the Samsung with the fake 120hz I gave up on TVs for gaming until I saw a LTT video on LG's G-sync compatible OLED TVs .
  21. Could be but it could have a cheap processor in it. My LG B9 has an older, slower, less expensive processor than the C9 that is $200 more. They both share the same screen and I could not see a difference in the image quality. If I was using it as a traditional TV I would have bought the C9 since is has quicker smart menus, but since it is hooked up to a computer I only use the remote to turn it off and on and press the Netflix button. Manufactures may be keeping their less expensive TVs slow so their expensive TVs feel better.
  22. Years ago I bought a Samsung TV with fake 120hz for one of the bedrooms. It was a disaster as a monitor and as a TV. It is still in a bedroom but I think it has not been used for years. I watched TV for years in my bedroom on a 4k monitor while my big TV on a stand in front of a sofa sat idle. Now I have thrown out the TV, stand and sofa and replaced them with 2 black 6ft X 30" tables with gaming chairs. One of the tables has a 55" G-sync compatible OLED TV on it. Now I am using my living room again. I still have my 4k monitor setup in the bedroom but I will be replacing it with a small OLED sometime this year along with the unused Samsung. It took G-sync compatibility to get TVs back in favor again for me. Now the days are numbered for my monitors.
  23. Looks perfect. I use an LG B9. LTT did a video on the B9 and it is G-sync compatible as well. That I why I bought it. What amazes me is the image quality at 1440p. It is better than my 32" LG 1440p 144hz monitor. I use that resolution with Metro Exodus with RT on. I am not worried about burn it at all. If I leave it for a few minutes it switches itself off and if i stop typing the screen dims slightly and brighten up when I resume. My setup is not pretty but it is functional.
  24. I use a G-sync compatible TV with one 2080 ti and a Freesync monitor with the other. They just work.
  25. Here is my Fire Strike score with an EVGA 1080 ti SC2. The physics score will be higher than yours since it is a 5ghz 6 core CPU but the graphics score should be about the same. You can download Fire Strike along with Time Spy for free on Steam. Click on the "Download Demo" button on the Steam page.