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  1. Good luck in your search. I think that is a big part of the fun.
  2. I don't know. I know the EVGAs because I own 2 of them(XC, FTW3 Ultra). I also lurk on the EVGA forums and there was a lot of talk when the blacks came out. I buy EVGA cards because 1 in 8 cards that I buy are RMAed at some point.
  3. The power limit on the XC is 130%. On the Black it is 112% The 130% allows it to run a 1965mhz on the air cooler with a 24/7 overclock. They will do 2085mhz with the fans at 100% or on water. Some can go higher but most start the artifact going past that.
  4. It is best not to buy a 2080 ti that has less than a 1635mhz bust clock. Cards with less have restricted power limits and are not good overclockers. The EVGA XC Ultra is the lowest I would go.
  5. I used a i7 2600k with a 1080 it and I did upgrade to a i7 8700k. The main difference at 4k was that the i7 8700k was a lot smoother but the i7 2600k was playable.
  6. Good luck. I did do some more tests with an older system on Black Flag and Unity. Here is what the same scene in Black Flag at 4k on a i7 6700k(4 core 8 thread) with GTX 1080s in SLI and a single card. CPU and the GPU usage looks normal unlike the 2080 ti scene. I also tried Assassin's Creed Unity and it runs like a modern Ubisoft game. The Ultra High preset at 60fps is beyond a 2080 ti and a 5ghz CPU but the Very High preset is doable.
  7. If you are using a EVGA SC2 there is not much headroom for clocks that allow the GPU to go over 100% on the power limit. On another system it would run at stock. I left mine at stock. It could as be your PSU underperforming. My Corsair 860 ran my GTX 1080 ti perfectly but is having issues with my 2080 ti. It shouldn't so I am replacing it with a 50% chance it is something else causing the issue. Those are the breaks. I have also had faulty PCIe cables come with a Corsair PSU so it might be a good idea to replace the one you have with others that came with you PSU. Another thing to do is use Nvidia debug mode.
  8. I mapped just about everything because procedural textures take too long to render. Being freelance I occupied the low and of 3D resign so I needed renderings in minutes, not hours and sometimes did up to 10 projects a day. Not being able to do a job or do a job on time ment a potential loss of a customer and there are so few customers for 3D. For lots of jobs I had to use customer supplied Autocad files to render areas accurately and insert my designs into. That is when I started using Quadro cards. I only stopped using them when I started using 4k monitors. I never used the expensive ones and some were bought second hand. The last one I used was a P400 so a lot cheaper than the RTX 2080 tis i use now.
  9. Hi It is a good setup for CPU rendering. The two things I would do differently are I would not use a HDD but a 2tb SATA SSD instead and since you don't play games I would get a Quadro card instead of the gaming card. Quadro cards do up to 64X antialiasing in viewports and gaming cards do 16x. If you are doing intricate work they make life easier. I did not use one expensive computer but two less expensive computers for my 3D work. I did this because when a computer is rendering it is not good for anything else so the other computer did the 2D work and both rendered overnight. I used 32gbs ram for Photoshop but only 16 for 3D max. I mainly designed trade show booths, image editing for large format printing and video game content so I rarely had ram issues.
  10. I have had finicky ram slots on ASUS boards. My VIII is fine but one of my Hero X boards has the issue. After building it only one stick worked and I had to pull the board. On a test bench I basically install and uninstall the ram until it worked and then put it back in the case. The ram that is on my Hero VIII board was originally bought for a ASUS Pro board back in 2016. XMP never worked properly(had to run it at 3000 instead of 3200) and the CPU was so hot that it could not be overclocked. On the Hero VIII the ram and the CPU worked perfectly. 50% of the motherboards I buy have some kind of issue. I have had motherboards get damaged through bad cables. The ASUS Pro board that the i7 6700k was originally in was retired because of it. The cable also took out one of my GTX 980 tis and scared the other. Fortunately there was 45 days left on the 980 tis warranty so it was RMAed. If one stick gets it to boot try both stick in that slot to see if they work. If they do I would say that the ram and the CPU are ok and the motherboard got damaged. I would get another motherboard.
  11. What I did was take my computer apart and put the components between my clothes in my suitcases and after settling in I bought a case and power supply at my destination. At the time shipping was too expensive so if it did not fit into a suitcase it did not go.
  12. I use a ASUS PCE-AC88. My goal was to run at the speed that I am paying for. The challenge was poor reception where the computer is located. I did some tests with a popular laptop adapter first and it did not work at all under the table where the computer was. On the top of the table I could get a signal though weak so I decided to spend the extra money and get the AC88. It does 235mbps down and I pay for 200 so I am happy.
  13. Yes. When one of my GTX 980 tis died it damaged the motherboard and I eventually had to replace it. But it was a catastrophic failure of the GPU so it did not work at all. I did RMA it.
  14. I did run Black Flag at 4k and the 2080 ti bearly ticks over doing it. I tried the get the game to run over 60fps but switching off vsync in the game, in the Nvidia control panel and G-sync on my OLED TV did not do it. Here is a pic. It is strange because the GPU works harder with vsync off but the frame rate stays the same. I also have Unity but I don't remember playing it. Since I am a shut-in now I will install it if you want a comparison.
  15. Since my video cards have only 11gbs vram and SLI only uses the vram from the first card I can't test for more. I don't own GTA V but if it is dirt cheap I would not mind getting it for testing. I do have RDR 2 and it only averages 100mbs more at 4k than 1440p.
  16. I play AAA titles at 4k every day. My 4k setup is a i7 8086k with all cores at 5ghz and a EVGA 2080 ti XC that runs at 1965mhz most of the time. It is not my most powerful setup but it had no trouble keeping all frames over 60 in AC:O. I have several other older Assassin Creed titles and they all are easier to run than AC:O. I did play Black Flag at 4k but don't remember having issues with it. With SLI, only the vram on the first card is used. This was not an issue for me when my 4k setup used GTX 1080 ti in SLI since only my modded games used over 10gbs and they used 4 and 8k textures. I had a GTX 980 ti SLI setup but that was in 2015 and I also bought my first 4k monitor in that year. In 2014 I played at 1080p and had no issues with any games with a GTX 980 along with a i7 2600k. I will download Black Flag now and see how it runs now and let you know. It is the type of thing I do for fun.
  17. Make sure Precision X1 is up to date. In precision X1 click the "Default" button and save. Test the card and if it continues, check the EVGA forum for solutions. Every time I have posted on the EVGA forum with an issue there has been EVGA technical rep that answered so I highly recommend using it.
  18. I used a dongle for a 3D program called Lightwave 3D by NewTek. I used Lightwave from 1990 to 2000. It was a parallel port passthrough that did not like switches and it interfered with printers so Lightwave always had its own computer.
  19. I got higher power consumption in AC:O than I did running stress tests so now AC:O is my stress test. Unlike most bench tests it is hitting the CPU and GPU at the same time so the heat build up its tremendous. I can't play the game at 4k not because of low frame rate(over 60) but because my EVGA XC 2080 ti along with my Noctua NH-D15 are so loud together that is sounds like a plane taking off. By contrast RDR 2 is very quiet. It is also the only game that I am bottlenecked at 1440p even with my 5ghz CPU so my 2080 ti can only run full out at 4k. Fortunately I have two gaming computers so I played the game at 3440 X 1440 with a EVGA FTW3 Ultra that has three fans instead of two. I still keep AC:O on both computers just for testing. I did play Far Cry 5 after AC:O but I did it on my ultra wide setup so things did not get out of control. The temps in and around my cases can change a lot depending where they are. When they are under tables in bedrooms they are the hottest and reusing the hot air around the case can heat soak it. On top of the table the temps dramatically lower and in the living room that has air currants(drafts) my GPUs run 5c cooler. Easy to test. Get a floor fan and point it at your computer while playing. If the temps are lower your CPU rad is using hot GPU air. If your temps are the same get a better cooling solution.
  20. I own three 4k monitor and none do 1080p well. All look washed out. My old TN 4k monitor does a perfect 1440p for some unknown reason(compared sides by side with native 1440p monitors) My VA 4k monitors only good at 4k. My IPS monitor is not 4k but it is 3840 X 1600. It doses an excellent 3440 X 1440 but falls apart below that. My LG OLED TV does a perfect 1080p, 1440p and 4k so that is the only technology I like for scaling. It is shockingly good. I will be only buying OLED displays in the future.
  21. Casual overclocking matters to me but it did not for a very long time. Before the RTX launch both of my gaming computers used GTX 1080 tis(1080 ti = 2080). One computer had a i7 8700k that stayed mainly stock and one had a i7 8086k with 5ghz on all cores. The difference in frame rate in the games that I tested was 0 to 5 with only one game getting an extra 5fps. I paid an extra $100 for the i7 8086k and it was pointless. When both computers got RTX 2080 tis I ran the tests again and the i7 8700k could not compete even with the a faster GPU(2070mhz) compared to the i7 8086k with a slower GPU(1965mhz). So now my EVGA FTW3 Ultra that cost $300 more than my EVGA XC was pointless when paired with my i7 8700k. Since my i7 8700k could not run at 5ghz stable it had to go. I replaced it with another i7 8086k, overclocked it to 5.1ghz and now my RTX 2080 ti FTW3 Ulta always wins. I rarely overclock video cards since I usually bought cards like the EVGA 1080 SC or the EVGA 1080 ti SC2 that have very little overclocking headroom left after the factory overclock. That changed with the RTX 2080 tis. My 980 tis, 1080 and 1080 tis would artifact or freeze long before the cooling solution gave out but the 2080 ti are the opposite. They will clock down due to temps long before they reach their limit. They really like to run below 60c and I would only buy a water cooled card knowing what I know now. As for delidding, my i7 8086ks idle in the low 30s and run benches in the 70s so no point in delding at 5.1ghz. At 5.2ghz they idle in the 40s and I would consider deliding if there was a performance gain but there is not. There is no performance gain between my 5ghz overclock and my 5.1 overclocks either. I only keep it on to see if just in case I run into one. This was confirmed by Gamers Nexus in their test on the i7 8086k. The next big jump after 5ghz is 5.35ghz and that is beyond casual overclocking.
  22. I have a i7 6700k now running 2 GTX 1080s. With one I am not seeing a bottleneck. What are you playing?
  23. When I RMA a EVGA card I send mine and wait a few week for them to send me a new one. There is always the option to get a new one fast by sending them money but I never take it. I have seen FTW3 Ultras as low as $1200 so I would not give them a $1500. Sometimes my FTW3 Ultra will not display after I switch on the computer. If I switch off the PSU then on again it boots up and displays normally. This is caused by a mode on the cards that protect it from low power. It is triggered by an ErP setting on the motherboard. Since it is a rare occurrence with my setup I don't bother changing the ErP setting but you might want to look into it.
  24. Like a monitor you can always use vsync for pc games. VRR is a lot more convenient but it is a bit of a luxury. Console games are designed for TVs so less of an issue. The Q60 is the only 43" TV I would buy now and the 2020 versions don't seem to have improved.
  25. It is a 60hz TV with no VRR technology. The 43" and 49" models in the Q60 lineup don't support VRR(Freesync or G-sync). The rest are 120hz with Freesync. The Q70s are the same with the 49" being 60hz with no VRR and the larger ones in the lineup having the features. If you need 43" size it is the best of the rest. At the end of last year I was looking for a TV for viewing content and playing games. I wanted to go 43 to 50 inch but all the features I want start at 55". It has worked out for me but it is bigger than I wanted. I was going to buy the 49" Q70 but got a 55" LG OLED that was only $200 more on sale.