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  1. jones177

    OLED or QLED

    I went with a 2019 LG OLED because of the G-sync compatibility and HDMI 2.1. It is now my #1 monitor.
  2. It depends on the monitor. My old 28" TN 4k monitors did a great 1440p but my VA 4k monitor is only good for 4k. None did a good 1080p. I bought my first 4k monitor in 2015 and played games like Witcher 3 at 1440p and old games like Fallout NV at 4k. It is only when the GTX 1080 ti came out that I started playing all games at 4k. I now use a LG 4k OLED TV as a monitor and it can do 1440p better than my 1440p 144hz monitor(LG 32GK850G).
  3. It will keep it cool enough(low 30s idle) with a 5ghz all core overclock with one fan.
  4. I went from a 32" 4k monitor to a 55" OLED TV. It was not planned to be a replacement. I only replaced my old 1080p 55" TV on a stand, in front of a sofa with a 4k TV on a 30" deep table for TV watching and casual gaming. No one was using the old setup and watched TV on their monitors in the bedrooms. I am a 4k snob that does not like 1440p at all but the LG OLED is incredible and even 1440p that I rejected(too fuzzy) on a 32" 1440p 144hz LG monitor looks fantastic. Now after 6 months of using the OLED my 38" LG ultrawide feels too small and I hate the idea of replacing it since it costs as much as an OLED but I have only been using that system for VR. I still use my 32" 4k monitor with one of my older systems but it will be eventually replaced with an OLED TV.
  5. I use a B9 as a monitor($1200). If the CX 48" is cheaper I will get one. But if the B9 is cheaper I will get another. I am now used to a 55" monitor to a point that my 38" LG ultra wide feels too small. I really don't like to use it anymore and use that system mainly for VR now. I also may get a 55" C9 if they hit $1300.
  6. I do 222 already with my i7 8086k at 5ghz in the single core test. I need close to a score of 240 to get the sort of gains I need in my old modded games and newer building games. The price is within my budget so it all depends on independent benches(not opinions) whether I get one or not.
  7. I use dark because my HDR monitors/TV are too bright for light mode. With my older monitors it did not matter, but now light mode feels like it is burning into my brain with my new setups.
  8. My computers crash just about every day. It is because my modded/building games have so much content in them that they overwhelm my hardware. That is the usual for continuing to add mods or content in building games. I know the crashes will stop when I quit adding content and my hardware catches up to them. This is what happened with my 2011 version of Skyrim. I modded it from 2011 to 2016(over 300 mods(254 esp mods)). With a i7 6700k and a GTX 1080 it crashed every 20 minutes. I put the game with all that is needed to bring it back on a Passport and left there for 2 years. When I got a RTX 2080 ti in 2018 I reinstalled it to see if it could run at 4k 60. I was shocked to find that the crashes were gone and it did run at 60 in 4k. I am still adding mods/content to a number of games and some are crashing at a frequency of about every 2 hours. I know that if I dial it back I could get rid of the crashes but they are so much fun to play that I can't bring myself to do it.
  9. I liked the last two because they were more Witcher 3 style play than a console game that makes you jump through hoops. I have installed and tested Black Flag and Unity recently and it doesn't take long for me close them because of the game play but their graphics are very good even compared to recent titles.
  10. Both of my SC2s are still under warranty(first one bought 7-28-2017). If they started to only run in debug mode I would RMA them. That is why I buy EVGA. Debug mode only removes the factory overclock so either the GPU has degraded or it is getting too hot with the factory overclock. Either way I would RMA.
  11. Try to boot into safe mode. Load MSI afterburner and set it to default and switch off "start with widows". I keep my GPU at stock and add an overclock just before playing a game. I do this because stuff happens. CPU overclocking is done before Windows loads so a lot safer.
  12. It is an 6 bit plus frc panel so it only emulates 16.7 million colors with dithering. Good for office work but not much else.
  13. Since a lot of games use 1 or 2 cores for their rendering engine I use Cinebench R15 single core score to give me a good idea how a CPU will perform. As games use more cores it will become less important but it is good for now. The R 73700X has a score of 204 and a i7 8700k has a score of 208 so I expect them to have similar frames in games. The R 7 2700X has a score of 177 and that is close to the i7 6700k with a score of 180. I would take the 2700X over the i7 6700k because more cores equal a smoother experience but not better frame rate. I think the best thing to do is watch lots of comparison Youtube videos. Like this one Not at 4k but some similar performance between the 3700X and the i7 8700k.
  14. At 4k it is still important to have high IPC so CPU lows don't drop you below 60fps. On my i7 2600k these lows were in the 30s and were jaring. On a i7 6700k they were in the 40s and still could be felt. With a i7 8700k they were in the high 50s and they could be seen on a counter but not felt. The R 7 3700X has similar game performance to the i7 8700k so I would get that.
  15. That is strange. My I7 6700k computer is not what I use for gaming(too slow) but its results look normal to me. My 2080 ti results are just strange and I find it hard to believe what MSI afterburner is reporting.
  16. Somes games are like that and I measure my hardware with them. If you mean Shadow of the Tomb Raider I don't think it is hard to run unless RTX is turned on. I played and tested that game at 3440 X 1440 and later 3840 X 1600 so I only have my custom preset data at 4k and it was over 60 as well. I did lots of testing with AC:O since it seemed to bottleneck my CPU at 1440p and my all air setup was so loud at 4k that I played the game on a ultra monitor. Here is what that looked like. AC:O also uses 100 watts more from the wall that any other game I tested and it is now my PSU tester. The hardest game I have run by far is RDR 2. I turns my computers into potatoes. Even with Hardware Unboxed preset I only average 59fps at 4k. I have EVGA cards and use MSI Afterburner for on screen monitoring. I overclock with Precision X1. It works with any card but some games don't like it. If I run it with Fallout 4 I get a crash.
  17. Good luck in your search. I think that is a big part of the fun.
  18. I don't know. I know the EVGAs because I own 2 of them(XC, FTW3 Ultra). I also lurk on the EVGA forums and there was a lot of talk when the blacks came out. I buy EVGA cards because 1 in 8 cards that I buy are RMAed at some point.
  19. The power limit on the XC is 130%. On the Black it is 112% The 130% allows it to run a 1965mhz on the air cooler with a 24/7 overclock. They will do 2085mhz with the fans at 100% or on water. Some can go higher but most start the artifact going past that.
  20. It is best not to buy a 2080 ti that has less than a 1635mhz bust clock. Cards with less have restricted power limits and are not good overclockers. The EVGA XC Ultra is the lowest I would go.
  21. I used a i7 2600k with a 1080 it and I did upgrade to a i7 8700k. The main difference at 4k was that the i7 8700k was a lot smoother but the i7 2600k was playable.
  22. Good luck. I did do some more tests with an older system on Black Flag and Unity. Here is what the same scene in Black Flag at 4k on a i7 6700k(4 core 8 thread) with GTX 1080s in SLI and a single card. CPU and the GPU usage looks normal unlike the 2080 ti scene. I also tried Assassin's Creed Unity and it runs like a modern Ubisoft game. The Ultra High preset at 60fps is beyond a 2080 ti and a 5ghz CPU but the Very High preset is doable.
  23. If you are using a EVGA SC2 there is not much headroom for clocks that allow the GPU to go over 100% on the power limit. On another system it would run at stock. I left mine at stock. It could as be your PSU underperforming. My Corsair 860 ran my GTX 1080 ti perfectly but is having issues with my 2080 ti. It shouldn't so I am replacing it with a 50% chance it is something else causing the issue. Those are the breaks. I have also had faulty PCIe cables come with a Corsair PSU so it might be a good idea to replace the one you have with others that came with you PSU. Another thing to do is use Nvidia debug mode.
  24. I mapped just about everything because procedural textures take too long to render. Being freelance I occupied the low and of 3D resign so I needed renderings in minutes, not hours and sometimes did up to 10 projects a day. Not being able to do a job or do a job on time ment a potential loss of a customer and there are so few customers for 3D. For lots of jobs I had to use customer supplied Autocad files to render areas accurately and insert my designs into. That is when I started using Quadro cards. I only stopped using them when I started using 4k monitors. I never used the expensive ones and some were bought second hand. The last one I used was a P400 so a lot cheaper than the RTX 2080 tis i use now.
  25. Hi It is a good setup for CPU rendering. The two things I would do differently are I would not use a HDD but a 2tb SATA SSD instead and since you don't play games I would get a Quadro card instead of the gaming card. Quadro cards do up to 64X antialiasing in viewports and gaming cards do 16x. If you are doing intricate work they make life easier. I did not use one expensive computer but two less expensive computers for my 3D work. I did this because when a computer is rendering it is not good for anything else so the other computer did the 2D work and both rendered overnight. I used 32gbs ram for Photoshop but only 16 for 3D max. I mainly designed trade show booths, image editing for large format printing and video game content so I rarely had ram issues.