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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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    PC gaming
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    Computers have been my hobby since the 80s. Wrote games in the 8 bit area. Want to be game developer in the 16 bit area. 3D artist since 1986.
  • Occupation
    Retired 3D Graphic Artist


  • CPU
    i7 8086K
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero
  • RAM
    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4 3200
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3
  • Case
    Cooler Master HAF X
  • Storage
    970 EVO 2TB
  • PSU
    CORSAIR AX Series AX860 860W
  • Display(s)
    LG 32UD59-B 32" 4K UHD LED Monitor
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Gaming K70 LUX
  • Mouse
    Razer Taipan

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  1. It is very good. I do in the 29s on air with a 6 core. It is also at 5.1ghz but has the standard avx offset. It uses 1.34v for 5.1ghz. I can go higher in synthetic benches on the GPU side but my overclock is designed not to freeze some games I have in my library. I have overclock the i7 8086k and the i9 9900k and they are the most stable chips I have ever used. My i7 2600k and i7 6700k had crashes in games a lot but with these 5ghz chips the only crashes I get are on the GPU.
  2. A BenQ XL2411 is 1080p so a lot easier to run than a 1440p monitor. Set the new monitor to 1080p to test.
  3. I am a 66 year old dad and my favorite modern game is Battletech. For shooting a game like Fallout 4 that has VATS to slow the action down. For something less hectic The Outer Worlds was nice. My next game will be MechWarrior 5 that is coming out tomorrow and then Phoenix Point since it is made my the original Xcom people. All sort of old school.
  4. No. I use a 2tb 970 EVO and it does not get hot even running SSD benches.
  5. It was created by a 3D program that uses 3 sided polygons(triangles). It is from an Opengl source since it shows points that are usually not rendered. If I was doing it I would use old 3d program like Imagine to build the object. I would randomize the polygons and then add an explosion FX to probably a sphere over the glass and the lower part of the glass then check the frames to see which one looks best. Then I would do a 4k Opengl screenshot and bring it into PhotoShop to clean it up. It is sort of what I did for 30 years.
  6. What graphics card depends on what resolution you use and what refresh rate you are aiming for. The best match is a 2080 Super but I am a 2080 ti user so remember the source. Getting 32gbs ram now is a good idea since prices are low but your games will not use it.
  7. Most of my video card upgrades have been for vram and that is because I add content to games. If you play a flight sim and add more planes and scenery you will at some point start crashing for lack vram. Modding Bethesda games is worce. They just need one extra NPC to enter a cell to give you a vram crash. It all depends on what you do with your computer that dictates how much vram you need. In my modded sims and games I am using up to 10.5gbs vram and my next GPU purchase will need to have more than the 11gbs I have now. I used Core2 Duo E8400s in 2008 and replaced them with Q9550s in 2009. One Q9650 in 2010 and all were replaced with an i5 2500k and i7 2600k in 2011. The Core2 Duo E8400s and Q9650 were not even comparable to the i5 2500k let alone a modern Ryzen chip.
  8. I have two 2080 tis. When the 3080 ti comes out they may be put in a single computer. Why? I have games that I have played thousands of hours in that support SLI an may play thousands more. In those games my two GTX 1080 tis were a lot faster than my single 2080 ti. For one of those games my 2080 ti struggles at 4k and I think about adding another every time I play. In the meantime I am playing it at 3840 X 1600 Ultra wide. When I get RDR2 it will be put on my Ultrawide rig and I won't even think about putting it on my 4k rig until there is a card a lot better than a 2080 ti.
  9. My small EVGA 2080 ti XC(2 fan) runs 10c hotter, slower and louder than my EVGA FTW3 Ultra(3 fan). The only benefit to the XC is that it is a better first card in a air cooled SLI setup.
  10. For your case yes. For my case no. I am a typical 2080 ti user. To me they last as long as the next release of a better card. If a more powerful card came out tomorrow I would buy it.
  11. Hi I would not go for the Black unless it is the XC edition. A standard XC would be even better. 2080 ti like 5ghz CPUs if you are going for high refresh rate. For over 1440p it does not matter. A 970 EVO has no advantage over a SATA SSD in games and loading Windows. You are better off with a larger cheaper SATA SSD. I have both and the EVO is not used for any off the shelf products. My 5ghz CPU plus my 2080 ti uses almost 600 watts in some games. I think 850 watts is minimum with 1000 watts ideal. I don't think even my 860 Corsairs likes running the 2080 ti but my 1000 watt Corsair is issue free.
  12. That is the sad part. There is no upgrade for you or me. I want 6ghz. That's not too much to ask is it?
  13. I rate CPUs for gaming by their Cinebench R15 single core performance. Right now my i7 8086k score is 222. That is about the same as a i9 9900ks. In tests with an regular i9 9900k I know I don't need the extra cores yet. The CPU that beats it is the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with a score of 226. It is out of my price range for a gaming CPU so if one of my i7 8086k dies I would get a i9 9900ks. I would like to upgrade to a CPU with a score of 250 or better at around $500 and I don't care who does it.