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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to update my system to 1809 a while ago but it gave me an error while installing. I did the research and found that no boot entries is the cause of this. In msconfig I can't see any entries: Also in EasyBCD: I am able to boot to my system without a problem so I just want to know if i can add my existing installation there. I also predict the reason of this. I bought an SSD about 6 months ago to my laptop and installed it on a HDD caddy. When I installed windows to SSD and tried to boot from it, windows gave me an error saying it couldn't locate winload.efi file. Then I found a program called WinToHDD, partitioned my disk then made the installation. It succeeded because with WinToHDD I could select which EFI partition I can use. Here is my Disk management screenshot. Disk 1 is the SSD: Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So, there is no way of successful installation without unplugging the first drive?
  3. Hello everyone. Yesterday, I bought an SSD and a drive caddy. I plugged SSD to caddy and slided it into my laptop and it works with speeds advertised. So SATA port of DVD didn't caused any bottlenecks. Then I downloaded Windows from their website. Installed Windows on SSD. It doesn't have a seperate Windows Boot Manager. It uses the one in my hard drive. When I try to boot old Windows on my hard drive it works fine. But when I try to boot from SSD it gives some kind of blue screen with this error: 0xc00000e and the description is "\Windows\system32\winload.efi is missing or corrupt". When I look files of SSD I can see that file exists there. Also I read a lot of guides from Internet and they all say you should unplug old drive before installing but my laptop's harddive cant plugged off without tearing it all apart. So I can't do that. Any suggestions are welcome. This is disk management screenshot:
  4. You can also try Solus. Solus is also lightweight, looks good and you can actually use it without even opening the terminal. Spotify etc. they are all in their software center.