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  1. TL;DR to this entire mess is that there is this 5ghz wifi that I want to connect to but I can't and everytime I try my wifi adapter disables and enables itself back up,as said above this behavior happens when I use the adapter on my dad's laptop.
  2. Nope confirmed it now when I came back from school,it's not because of the heat.I am trying to connect to the new one since it has 5ghz wifi,the other one is a few years old and have been using it whenever I had an issue such as this one,usually I use the old one only for phone wifi.I can confirm that its not locked to a single ssid for both bands since I have changed it so I can distinguish the 2.4ghz band from the 5ghz one. Currently I cannot in any way shape or form to connect to the 5ghz wifi connection of the new router.Right now im really starting to think that the issue is on my side,not the router. Edit: I tested my adapter on a laptop and it displays the same behavior
  3. Man intel fanboy holy shit,calm down.Intel is going to lose to AMD,because Zen2 will be 7nm and they are still stuck at 10nm,when they'll get to 7nm,AMD will already have the next thing available.Also prices are so stupid its not even worth buying an intel cpu unless it is at a very good price + you do not need more performance per core when you can double the core count overall at the same price :).Also AMD seems to have corrected themselves and Ryzen is a good option for everyone who is on a tight budget,not everyone has the money to get intel cpu's,Intel is fucking DEAD.
  4. i'll do that,i'll change it to 20mhz,that said all channels I can switch to are 20mhz even though I have it set up to be able to use 20/40 and 80 mhz Also I don't know if its worth saying that I have picked a channel manualy since on auto it goes every single time on DFS channels and there is no setting to prevent that Nope,nothing happened,but I might be able to get some video footage for you to see exactly what happens.Actually I can't... But what happens is the same as turning off the wifi in windows 10 and turning it back on.
  5. No,afaik no router I ever owned had dual band,i managed to get 5ghz wifi after upc came and changed our modem that can act as a router too.As I said for 2.4 I don't use the upc modem connection but I use the old 2.4 ghz router I had from way way before we got our modem changed.I am sorry if am not very clear,i am very tired since I have been sleeping less these nights to try to fix this garbage thing.But the thing is that I have had this connection issue from day one when I got around to changing the ssid so I can connect to it,since by default they have the same name and I have been able to use various solutions to use the 5ghz connection but now nothing works anymore.
  6. that is my experience from when It still worked. I just compared the speeds I get when I am able to use 5ghz and the speeds I get on 2.4ghz,this is why I wanna be on 5ghz no matter what,and when it works signal is way better on 5ghz than 2.4ghz
  7. Thing is that my pc is in another room and I would have to dril a hole into the wall to get the cable here and get a longer cable too.I know that on 5Ghz im way better because discord does not go to 500 ping constantly,i get as I said 20-30mb/s down speed while on 2.4 I can barely crack 2mb/s and youtube video experience is choppy af.I know exactly why I want to be on 5ghz no matter what. That well I don't really get any error beside that when I type my password in it stays 10 seconds on Checking network requirements then that disappears and a few seconds after that my adapter literally turns off and then back on and gives me the message: Can't connect to this network or Unable to connect to this network. The first thing also I have a pretty old pc(I can still get around fine with a little oc) and my cable speed is 500mbits and my pc can go only to 100mb
  8. Ah I tried that my friend.I tried going on 5Ghz only on adapter and as it said,only 5ghz connections were detected,but I still didn't manage to connect and the 2.4 connection that I am using is on another TP-Link old router I am not using the 2.4 Ghz connection of the UPC Connect Box modem.And if I disable 2.4 I won't be able to use the internet literally.
  9. Holy moly rx 580 with second gen ryzen 7,i would recommend upgrading to an rtx 2060 like other people said,since 2060 is better than the 10 series if you wont use ray tracing.
  10. Ryzen 5 1600x if you can chip in just a little bit more
  11. So rip..But then why did I have this issue when we got our modem changed,at that time the dongle was not even 2 or 3 months old.Also that is the only cheap one I found that can work on my 500mb connection and as a broke ass high schooler there is not much I can do. I am not willing to give up,i should be able to fix it somehow.
  12. No I can't,but there is no reason that it should be dying,since I can connect to 2.4 pretty easily and it works just as good as it worked the first day I started using this wifi dongle.This consists only on the 5GHZ connection and I have pretty much ran out of solutions. If you guys are familiar with the UPC Connect Box.
  13. So basically what's happening is that a year ago our isp came and changed our modem to one that has wifi function and has 5GHZ wifi networking.From the very first day when I tried to set it up so I can connect to it from my pc with my TP LINK AC600 T2U wifi dongle I had one single problem that persists through every windows uninstall,through every factory reset(of the modem I mean)no matter what I do I have this issue.Now I have been able to use various solutions to make it work so I can connect such as allowing my pc in the modem's settings to be able to connect to it and it worked most of the time.Two days ago when I came back from the shower at night I realized that I am connect to my 2.4 GHZ wifi instead of the 5GHZ wifi that I always use,it must have disconnected and connect to 2.4 because before I went to the shower I was connect to 5GHZ.Now the issue is that whenever I try to connect to the 5ghz wifi my adapter disables and enables itself back and tells me: Can't connect to this network. I have been trying to solve this issue on my own since the very beginning but I have not managed to find any permanent solution.And I would much rather use 5GHz since on that one I can go up to 20 or 30 mb/s download and its pretty much way better from every single point of view. Please help.
  14. What about a 1050 or 1050 ti( I am aware I need to replace the power supply for these gpu's) Or I could get a 1030 in which case I don't need to change the power supply but is it worth?
  15. If I would've gotten a better gpu wouldn't my cpu become a huge bottleneck and the fps would be the same?