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    MSI Z390 Tomahawk
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    2x8 GB Corsair Vengence RGB 3200MHz
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    Nvidia 1080ti
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    Windows 10
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  1. 2060 Super or 2070 Super are both great.
  2. @MartinIAm & Anyone else that maybe one day will have this problem: I solved the problem (temporarily) - I plugged the GPU into the second from the top PCIe slot (x4) and there it ~worked~. This is also where I had my last GPU plugged in due to my PCIe extension being too short to reach the top slot in my old build. I want to try to reseat it into the top slot (x16) to see if that works. But, this did give me some comfort that I didn't get ripped off in my purchase - my benchmarks were close but still lower than the ones that I could find online for similar setups. I did take off my 8 + 6 pin extensions and plug them directly into my GPU, and I unplugged them from the PSU and reseated them however that didn't seem to make a difference so I put the extensions back on and then moved to the second PCIe slot. The move is the only thing that I did different that seemed to fix my problem. I still have lots of testing to do tonight, so I will try and update if and when I find a 100% solution for future reference of anyone that stumbles upon this topic.
  3. @MartinIAm Thanks for your suggestions. 1. I will make sure that the 6+8pin connectors are connected. I just switched it from the 6 and 8 pin connectors from being on the same cord off the PSU to using one for 6 and one for 8. 2. No leakages so far. 3. I tried all 3 display ports as well as the HDMI port. 4. I haven't taken off the block and back plate, but from external inspection it looked fine to me. So far number 1 looks like the most likely option.
  4. Hello, I just bought a used 1080ti and installed it in my custom water-cooled looped. Now, I am running into lots of new issues, and the only thing that I changed was the GPU. I am getting completely black screens, screens that are the dominant color of whatever is on the screen at the time, and sometimes the monitor turns off. I ran the Heaven Extreme benchmark, and used GPU-Z to log my results - and it surprised me to see that it will only go to the base clock of 101.3 MHz and only drawing 71 W of power under full load. I have reinstalled the drivers multiple times using DDU, I have a 750 W power supply (which I believe should be enough for a 8700k and a 1080ti) and am running out of things to test. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. I had a tube pop off a fitting one time, and it was because I didn't put the O-ring that was in the package onto the tube between the base piece and the collar piece - could this be why?
  6. @yeetblast while I don't know that being true, I don't think that anyone would ever sell a $3k+ laptop for $350 no matter how many you were buying in bulk.
  7. Bro, what the hell does "use other's experience" even mean? I tried helping you in several different ways, and still have no idea what you want. @Brass_01
  8. I'm not sure if this is satire or not.. but.. You can get isopropyl alcohol at any pharmacy (in Canada). I cost me $10 for a jug that will last my life-time of cleaning CPUs, even if I did it as my job. Q-Tips will also be available at the pharmacy.
  9. What do you suggest to improve it then? Also, if you have any decent pump, I am pretty sure that there will be adequate flow even if you doubled the amounts of 90s that I had. I could very well be wrong though.
  10. @For Science! Good thinking, I was thinking of using soft tubing in the basement so I think that this should be possible!
  11. @Senzelian Yes, that is what I intend to do.
  12. Hello! I am about to undertake my third custom water cooling loop an upgrade to the cooling on my personal rig and moving back into a case (currently wall mounted), and I was looking for suggestions. So far, the only things that I have reusing/purchased are the Phanteks Evolv X, 420mm rad, an EK XRES 140, and my CPU/GPU blocks. I've started to plan a loop, but just want to see if there is anything I could do better. If there's any questions on what something means I can clarify as well. Thanks!
  13. Without a reservoir, how are you going to fill it? Why don't you make a build with EK-ZMT black tubing, it will look mostly like a AIO that way. Don't worry about moving it around, I found a random build on google and if you do something like this (even if you skipped cooling the GPU) I would have no issues moving this around. Link