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  1. Currently running an i5-7600k at 4.5GHz, with a GTX 1070, and 16gb ram at 3200MHz. I've been considering upgrading to a Ryzen 3600 mainly for gaming, but then I also do the occasional stream, hop onto adobe premiere/photoshop/illustrator, or compress/decompress files (If I had to give a percentage for pc usage it would probably be something around 65% gaming and 35% workstation tasks). I am typically gaming at 1080p 144Hz, I play a plethora of different games (FPS, Moba, AAA, Indie). What can I expect to see in terms of improvement towards gaming and also towards workstation performance? Would there be a night and day performance difference or would it be more like a 5% upgrade (or maybe even downgrade). Typically when I'm gaming I want to have a youtube video or stream running in the background, but at 4c/4t I feel that my fps is greatly hindered by those background tasks. EG: I've been playing Destiny 2 recently and want to follow a video guide on how to obtain a certain item, so I launch up youtube on my 2nd monitor, set the playback speed to 2 and it crashes my game (Yes, I typically watch youtube videos on a playback speed of 2). Running around in Destiny I can hit above 144 fps but once I enter combat it dips down to 100 fps, and I don't mind this too much for PvE, but I've been playing a lot of PvP and my fps keeps jumping above and below my refresh rate when it really matters (I can really feel myself constantly hitting those 1% lows). My cpu also seems to heavily be bottlenecking my pc nowadays, I've noticed in games like GTA V, MHW, Destiny 2, and PUBG my cpu will typically be at 100% usage and my GPU at 60% I don't even know where to start with workstation tasks, typically for premiere my projects are 1080p, and it is a manageable experience. I tried a 4k project and it felt like setting my pc on fire. TLDR: Would upgrading to a Ryzen 3600 from an i5-7600k be worthwhile for both gaming and workstation performance? and what improvements / compromises should I expect?