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  1. He told me that the gpu has been used less than a month and he didn't oc it, Im going to do some stress test to it and see how it goes...
  2. Hey guys! A random dude is selling me a 1060 6gb for dirt cheap, the thing is that the gpu has been used for mining for one month, so I dont know if i should buy it, Im currently using a 1050ti and I have an ultrawide monitor so I want more performance, what do you think... Should I buy it?
  3. Thanks for all the replys, i bought a 500w 80plus psu
  4. I haven't bought anything yet... so i'm going to see other options, thanks for your reply!
  5. Thanks! there's a pack with a EVGA 450 BT and the evga GTX 1050 Ti for 283 dolars (i live in chile everything is expensive) so i'm going yto buy the pack instead. Thanks for your reply c:
  6. Hi everyone, I'm going to buy a gtx 1050ti windforce oc, wich uses a 6 pin conector, and the problem is that i have a generic 500w psu, currently i'm running a msi r7750 power edition, i5 3470s, ram 12gb 1600mhz, 2 1tb 7200rpm hdd and my motherboard is a msi h61m p20 g3, my psu doesn't have a 6pin connnector (I'm using a molex to 6 pin connector adapter) i'm going to buy a new psu in like 2 weeks. So... should i use the 1050ti with this configuration? or should i wait to the psu? (i know this is a recipe in for disaster) thank you for your time (sorry for my english btw is not perfect)