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  1. Are you playing games in fullscreen or windowed mode?
  2. I've always experienced a slight fps drop doing window borderless, but this stutter issue is new to me. I can't tell if the stutters are a Windows 10 issue, or bad nvidia drivers.
  3. One more issue I've noticed, Discord gives a massive frame drop when playing in windowed mode. I go from 165 fps to 60-70 as soon as discord opens, and it recovers as soon as it closes. Going to User settings > appearance > hardware acceleration off fixes this issue.
  4. It's winamp I closed out winamp 5.8 and the FPS improved, turned on G-sync, looks good. Opened winamp and relaunched the game, stuttering came back.
  5. I have two other monitors, one is a 4k acer with g-sync 60hz and a 1080 IPS 60hz non g-sync. I'm not running video on them while trouble shooting though. G-sync disabled stops the stuttering and flickering, but the fps is still capped at 60 in windowed mode. Now that I'm typing this I do have the new rain meter beta running. I'm gonna try disabling that.
  6. Disabled V-sync, no change sadly. As for power management I'm already in "High performance." Borderless windowed mode is very useful for MMO play because I'm constantly looking up items, recipes and quests. Using it in overwatch isn't a huge priority but it's nice to have the option to pull up something between matches or respond in text chat on discord.
  7. System: CPU: INTEL i7 4770K GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti XC ULTRA RAM: G.SKILL TridentX DDR3 16GB @ 1866 MOBO: ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO MONITOR: Acer Predator XB1 XB271HU bmiprz 27" 16:9 IPS 2k 144hz o/c 165hz SSD: Samsung EVO 840 1TB Displayport Certified Cable Windows 10 Pro 64-bit I'm going nuts with this issue. I recently got a new G-sync monitor. Full screen everything is fine 120+ fps, but windowed mode or windowed borderless mode my games drop to 60fps and have horrible stuttering. I've primarily tested this with Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV. G-sync appears to be the culprit, but it is enabled in the nvidia control panel for both full screen and windowed mode. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and even using DDU. This issue is persistent with the older drivers available for the 2080ti, but the roll back history is a short list. I've also tried setting "Perform scaling on" to GPU instead of display, and Disable fullscreen optimizations on the game exes. Does anyone know of any workarounds or is the current generation of drivers just broken when trying to use G-sync outside of full screen?
  8. Nothing surprising there, but why? Have you ever tried one for more than a day?
  9. I just bought an Elecom HUGE. I grew up on trackball mice, my first was the original logitech trackman, but my favorite was the (now cult classic) Microsoft Trackball Explorer. I loved it. Is it weird to love a mouse? I could do crazy stuff in Quake 3! I'll always be convinced that finger tip precision aiming in a FPS will beat out crude wrist jerking, everyone has bought into a great lie. But what happened? In the late 90s laser mice became something fancy and advanced. Suddenly, anything with balls seemed old and antiquated. Even though my trackball was using optical sensors! Something modern high end mice are just now starting to advertise as superior to laser mice! About 6 years ago I gave up on my Microsoft trackball explorer and picked up a Logitech G600 mmo mouse since my gaming preferences changed and I wanted to play FFXIV efficiently. I needed more buttons, much more. I'd still play FPS off and on but it never really felt right with the G600. It's a more than capable mouse but certain movements seemed a bit to extreme or just outright harder to manage with the mouse without having to constantly adjust for DPI. Well, I'm finally taking a bit of a break from FFXIV and I've been playing a lot more overwatch with my friends. I finally had enough and went to brush off my microsoft trackball explorer. It was dead. I started looking into possible replacements, but a new Trackball explorer is going for $600 on amazon. I think I bought mine originally for $40. I was at a loss. Seemed everyone has pretty much stopped making trackballs, at least not index middle finger controlled. I was fortunate enough to run across a reddit post talking about Elecom making some amazing modern trackballs. I've been eyeing them for a few months and I've finally decided to pull the trigger and get the HUGE since it seems the most similar to my old trackball explorer. Does anyone have experience with this mouse? Any issues or praise for it? For everyone else what stopped you from getting into trackballs? Too weird/hard? Did you even know it was an option?