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  1. Pres2Hack

    Flash 1050 ti to 1650, Is it possible?

    So than best mach for the i5 8400, 580 or something else? 1660ti is not worth the price in EU
  2. I've bought 1050 ti in march 2018 and the experience was pretty good, than with a few nvidia driver updates and a few new games I'm running every game in 1080p in 60fps but with the lowest settings except the resolution, so it got me thinking should it be possible to flash the card to 1650. I know it might sound stupid and is there any way to increase the performance without upgrading the graphics card (i've already overclocked it to the limits). Gigabyte 1050ti G1 i5 8400 8gb ram 2666 750w bronze power supply Hoping that I can get some help from you mates, Thanks!
  3. Pres2Hack

    system interrupts and game minization

    When I'm playing games like: RoE, CS:GO, League etc... every, like 15 min the game minimize (bec ) and in task manager shows 100% cpu usage (system interrupts). Ideas what's the problem? Win 10
  4. Pres2Hack

    Is it worth Doogee s80?

    What phone should I get for the next 4 years. Is Doogee S80's cpu that good that I can play GTA San without problems. I'll use it as my daily driver next 3-4 years. Suggest me phone under 300 USD if that's not a good choice. Thanks!
  5. Pres2Hack

    JBL flip 4 button codes

    Hi, I have JBL flip 4 and I'm interested to learn more about the button combinations! Are FW (firmware) updates needful. Here are all the codes I know: play/pause + volume up - reset bluetooth + volume minus -low frequency mode JBL Connect + Volume down - says the firmware number JBL Connect + Volume up - weird mode, possibly FW update mode (to go back, connect to powersource and hold the combination again) And 1 more thing:I find some problems like stopping the blink (which indicates it is being charged) stops at 4 point and never run to 5th unless I replug it. And the sounds are getting distorted when the light hit red which indicates the battery has run short. I get it if the battery is efficiently using the juice by not using its full sound quality but when I turn up the volume at that moment,the battery runs out and the speaker shuts down.
  6. Pres2Hack

    Homemade Watercooling on gpu

    I have Gigabyte 1050 ti and fridge and I want to do the experiment to run fortnite on minimum graphics and some benchmarks to test what i can get boiz! Just for fun and yea, to use that pc for a few more years =)
  7. Pres2Hack

    Homemade Watercooling on gpu

    @Dreaper to use my old pc for gaming and not to throw it away
  8. Pres2Hack

    Homemade Watercooling on gpu

    So, I am planning to diy a watercooling for my old nvidia gigabyte gt 610 which stock is without fans, and test how much can I overclock it. And the cooling part will be a fridge cooler. I am going to buy cpu waterblock for cooling and ziptight it on the gpu, use anti-freeze and use liquid metal on the waterblock. I'm going to buy the block from AliExpress and going to do everything for under 20$, any problems about the plan? Give me some links for the block from AliExpress pliz!
  9. Pres2Hack

    What are the best Phones for under $300?

    Spend a lit more money for Huawei p20 lite
  10. Pres2Hack

    x64 and x86 phones?

    What about League of Legends on tablet with windows?
  11. Pres2Hack

    x64 and x86 phones?

    Can you offer me some x64/x86 phones if they even exist? So can I install windows like main OS and play some games on them (if they exist ofc).
  12. Pres2Hack

    Windows on Android phone(95, xp, 7, 8, 10)

    Some info about virtualization programs? How to use them?
  13. Pres2Hack

    Windows on Android phone(95, xp, 7, 8, 10)

    But I still want to run windows on Android !
  14. These days I'm interested about simulating pc operation system on phone using "Bochs " and "Limbo " (you can find these apps on google play store). But every time I start the simulation program it crashes and minimizes. I've tried to start the simulation by using img file and iso file, but it has the same result. My phone which I am using for this experiment is Huawei p10 lite and it is powerful enough to use these apps. After all I have a few questions: is gaming possible on this form of windows and what is the problem (in Bochs I think is Bios problem). And if u want a link for the windows files text me and I'll help, Thanks