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  1. Hello, first of all, I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum. Well, to the issue. I am looking for a smart thermometer that would work in a fridge. In said fridge there are medical vaccines and other medical material that needs to be kept at a certain temperature, GP's office, so not a huge amount, like, 10? 20?, you know. Should the temperature change for various reasons for T amount of time (malfunction of the fridge, power outage), the very expensive material could be compromised/ruined. Right now the temperature is measured by a simple (dumb) "radio wireless" thermometer (or a wired one, doesn't really matter) sitting on top of the fridge. Today we received an offer for a smart thermometer that will log the temperature (online, as you need to log the temperature every x hours) and notify us should there be a problem - via an sms, even during power outage. The problem is they want 300 dollars (in conversion) and a hefty subscription fee. They claim it to be medical grade, however it's not and they don't provide any warranty anyway. Now, I'm looking for an alternative. I know there must be some sort of a "smart" fridge thermometer with logs and wifi and notifications and "normal" subscription or even none at all. However so far I've only found 1 thermometer from La Crosse. None other. Would anyone have any recommendations? Wired temp probe is an options, it should survive longer than something placed directly into a fridge.
  2. the roast will stay on floatplane archived or should i stay up /wake early and watch (europe)?
  3. Spoiler alert It's a mouse.
  4. So they don't want to buy you any PC or just not i5? Your money or theirs?
  5. Law enforcements and lawyers still use CD's, so thats one way why u need an optical drive.
  6. I Picked This Name Because All The Good Names Were Already Taken LLC (or IPTNBATGNWAT for short)
  7. This part isn't there (video not showing - he drops it)
  8. r/thinkpad. Go there. Ask for help there. Dude, did you try the perks code? or PerksOffer. Use code PAWGU$T. Working as of August 25, 2018. (If any, you might find the updated code on this page). For Coca Cola Employees. Use code COKE*EPP. Working as of August 24, 2017. (If any, you might find the updated code on this page). For Barnes & Noble. Create an account. Login with your existing account is also possible. Canada:
  9. FYI Apple will announce new phones in september. Meaning less expensive X and/or possibly new better phone, if you decide to go the apple way. (I have S9)
  10. I miss switch girl :'( Great ending. I liked that a lot. Thanks for bringing the "look at my system. Oh and what do you have. No way" back Etzel