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  1. Where do you guys live that you get 1 day shipping?! Where I am, we have prime 2 day, but my orders are frequently delayed by an extra day ( I assume that's just because of where I live) ... One day shipping would be so sweet tho! I think that amazon generally does great with customer support otherwise, and all of my problems that I've had with the site have come from dealing with 3rd party sellers, not actually with amazon
  2. Amish IT Guy

    GTX 1050TI or GTX 1060

    the 1060 is a much better card, and I would suggest it, I think the only reason I would go with a 1050ti would be cost or maybe space? But for 1080p gaming the 1050 would actually struggle in some games, while the 1060 can hold it's own much better, and will last for a few years IMO EDIT didn't look too close at the CPU, but I'd still go with the 1060, and focus on upgrading CPU, ( or everything) next, depending on budget
  3. Amish IT Guy

    Do you have a 'comfort zone' game?

    Whenever I get bored-- am not playing some other game, I'll throw on a podcast and play age of empires 2, It's my all time favorite, although I usually just play against bots, because that way I can leave whenever and not feel bad (multiplayer games can end up going a crazy long time)
  4. Amish IT Guy

    [US] $3 on newegg 50FT Cat5e Ethernet Cable

    I was just thinking about getting a new cable, as my current cable is damaged in a couple places. this looks like a pretty sweet deal, thanks for posting.
  5. Amish IT Guy

    what singleplayer games should i play?

    I also suggest the Dark Souls games. they also play well on a controller. If you like difficult games with awesome atmosphere, they are amazing. ( I'd play # 1 and #3, the second game is decent, but really not on the same level as the others )
  6. Amish IT Guy

    Which do you prefer (More FPS at low or vice versa)?

    I think that while 800x600 is a little extreme, I do usually downscale games to play at a higher frame rate. It just feels so choppy to play at a struggling 40-50 vs stepping the resolution down one step and getting a much more fluid 60. That's exactly what I did with fallout4 when I was still running a gtx760 . I stepped my res down to 1680-1050 instead of 1900-1200 ( old monitor) so that I could get a stable 60fps. I don't really try to get higher frames than 60 though. (not really a problem anymore now that I have a 1060)
  7. Hey guys, first time poster, looking to possibly upgrade my system. I currently have an I5-4570 CPU, and I was wondering if there is an newer CPU I can buy that fits my motherboard (ASUS H81M-E ) using the H81 chipset, or if I should just upgrade motherboard as well, to get a newer chipset, and newer CPU? Also do you think that I really need to upgrade? I'm thinking about it because I've had this board/cpu for about 4-5 years. Recently I upgraded the GPU (760 -> 1060) and that gave me big improvements in FPS( from ~40 to 60-80 depending on the game and settings), so I was wondering if I could get more performance by upgrading, and what the best way to do that would be, as well is if it would really be worth it compared to the GPU I already have. Thanks for any help/ advice.
  8. Amish IT Guy

    Best way to upgrade to I5-4570?

    Cool, Ill look into that ( not planning to upgrade for at least a month) I figured that my chipset was probably too old. Thanks for the recommendation