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    Computers, Gaming, and snowboarding
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    I'm a student, currently studing computer science, with an emphasis in Infosec
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    ASUS H81M-E
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    12 Gb GDDR 3
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    PNY GTX 1060 6gb
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    60 GB SSD~ 1 TB HDD
  1. [US] $3 on newegg 50FT Cat5e Ethernet Cable

    I was just thinking about getting a new cable, as my current cable is damaged in a couple places. this looks like a pretty sweet deal, thanks for posting.
  2. what singleplayer games should i play?

    I also suggest the Dark Souls games. they also play well on a controller. If you like difficult games with awesome atmosphere, they are amazing. ( I'd play # 1 and #3, the second game is decent, but really not on the same level as the others )
  3. Which do you prefer (More FPS at low or vice versa)?

    I think that while 800x600 is a little extreme, I do usually downscale games to play at a higher frame rate. It just feels so choppy to play at a struggling 40-50 vs stepping the resolution down one step and getting a much more fluid 60. That's exactly what I did with fallout4 when I was still running a gtx760 . I stepped my res down to 1680-1050 instead of 1900-1200 ( old monitor) so that I could get a stable 60fps. I don't really try to get higher frames than 60 though. (not really a problem anymore now that I have a 1060)
  4. Best way to upgrade to I5-4570?

    Cool, Ill look into that ( not planning to upgrade for at least a month) I figured that my chipset was probably too old. Thanks for the recommendation
  5. Hey guys, first time poster, looking to possibly upgrade my system. I currently have an I5-4570 CPU, and I was wondering if there is an newer CPU I can buy that fits my motherboard (ASUS H81M-E ) using the H81 chipset, or if I should just upgrade motherboard as well, to get a newer chipset, and newer CPU? Also do you think that I really need to upgrade? I'm thinking about it because I've had this board/cpu for about 4-5 years. Recently I upgraded the GPU (760 -> 1060) and that gave me big improvements in FPS( from ~40 to 60-80 depending on the game and settings), so I was wondering if I could get more performance by upgrading, and what the best way to do that would be, as well is if it would really be worth it compared to the GPU I already have. Thanks for any help/ advice.