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  1. zzknight

    Motherboard PCIe problems w/ ssd

    But it says on the slot pysically written that it's a PCIe 3.0?
  2. So I reecently purchased a "Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series - 500GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD". And I knew I had a pcie 3.0 x4 slot for this, right next to my ram. And so after installation I ran Samsung Magician and it's saying it's running on PCIe Gen 2x4, and my speeds are not what they should be. I also ran hwinfo, to make sure my motherboard supports 3.0 and it does. The bandwith is also not being taken up by a wireless card, tried taking that out too. I also tried using my bios to change this, but my bios doesn't have a lot of options to be changed, since my pc is a prebuilt dell, with a basic dell motherboard. I've been trying to solve this for 5 hours, looking up different solutions and most don't even apply to me, since my bios is so shit. Thanks for your time.
  3. zzknight

    Need Help Choosing

    So I'm upgrading a pre-built pc I've had for about a year, I was looking at getting an NVME SSD, I also plan on putting on another 8gbs of ram, but I don't need help with that. CPU: Ryzen 1700x GPU: Radeon rx580 RAM: 8gbs of DDR4 at 2400MHz (Future 16gbs) Current Storage: 1 tb Hard drive Motherboard: Some non-branded shit dell one, but it does have a PCIe, so I think I should be good (Bot are 500gb versions) I was deciding of whether to get a Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series($130) or a Samsung 970 PRO($160) The Evo is 3500read/3300Mb/s write TBW at 600 The Pro is 3500read/2700Mb/s write TBW at 1200 I was wondering if the 600Mb/s write speed difference would be noticeable with my current pc specs. I also wanted some opinions on TBW and if 1200 TBW is excessive? I kinda want the ssd to last (5-7) years and I'll be using it as my main drive for games/os. But I'll probably still keep files and pictures on the hard drive. Thanks For The Help.
  4. zzknight

    What is this?

    So I bought a prebuilt from dell and I was wondering what the purpose of this thing is on top of the gpu. I have either thought it was for safely transporting the gpu, or for gpu sag. However, when I take it off there doesn't seem to be any sag? I would just keep it on there but it seems to be slightly covering a gpu fan. Thanks for any help
  5. zzknight

    ATH-AD700X sound weird

    Hallelujah updating the drivers worked. I tried updating them before, but I only checked using the windows auto-check. However, it wasn't that easy to update them lol. I spent a couple hours troubleshooting after I kept getting a 0001 error code, but I tried this application called DriverEasy and it actually updated the realtek drivers to an even more recent update. Anyways I really appreciated the assistance, thank you.
  6. zzknight

    Headphones for gaming/music

    Probably not the sennheisers if you like bass; they're open back which pretty much takes all the bass away.
  7. zzknight

    ATH-AD700X sound weird

    So I have a Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5675, it's a pre-built from dell so they have some unrecognizable motherboards, but it does have an "identifier" on the manual. Motherboard Identifier: GUID-0FB72875-2CE1-490D-8E55-4083E488BE9E I also think I may have found the sound card in the manual. It might be a Realtek ALC3861 Here's the link for the online manuals: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/inspiron-5675-gaming-desktop/manuals Thanks for all the help.
  8. zzknight

    ATH-AD700X sound weird

    Well I have two things listed underneath the sound tab in device manager. AMD High Definition Audio Device Realtek Audio (I don't know the specific model)
  9. zzknight

    ATH-AD700X sound weird

    I need some help I've had a pair of ATH-AD700X for several months now and they always never lived up to the hype for me. They just weren't that good, and sounded like a pair of earbuds. However, about a month ago I recently updated to the most recent windows 10 and when I put them on they sounded awesome. I started messing around with the audio settings trying to see what had changed, but when I got back on the next day they went back to their normal garbage. My main theory lies in when I got the update it might have reset the audio settings back to default and then I fucked them up again. Thats why I've tried to put them back to default, but I'm probably missing something. I'm kinda at the point where I just want to factory reset my pc and see what happens. Thanks for any help that you can give. (I also had a pair corsair void pros before, the ad700x, but were too heavy for me so I returned them. I'm pretty sure I messed around with the audio settings back then too).