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    8GB of whatever cheap DDR3 there was
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    970 3.4 gigs
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    stock intel cooler. Who do you think I am? Linus?
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    The grave mistake called MK750
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    The amazing choice of G502 PS

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  1. Smart stuff. Google home, yeelight, Chromecast, switchbot and the like.
  2. Yes!! Edit: Damn, that's rough. I'd tone it down a bit. After all, this is an all age forum...
  3. I saw the questionnaire and I thought "yup, I used to be stressed by a lot of this stuff". But three years on the road and driving while eating, looking at someone else in the rearview mirror while roadkilling is just another day for me
  4. What do you need so much fast storage for? Perhaps it's better stored on a hard drive, or on some sort of accelerated solution...
  5. Actually, taking everything out and leaving the case behind could be reasonable, depends on the company's baggage fares. It might be possible to upgrade to a new case for the price.
  6. I guess that makes more sense. Whoops. Don't even know why I went there.
  7. What do you mean by "using an Intel chipset"? Do you already have a motherboard? What's your overall budget? Frankly, for gaming and the occasional render, you need nothing more than the ryzen 3600.
  8. I'd be less inclined towards buying a 9 year old card, especially when the rx480 and gtx 970 are very reasonably priced. Why are you so sure the 580 is more powerful?
  9. Currency conversion and how expensive things are in different places is difficult. You're probably gonna want to go used, so my suggestion is that you go on a used UAE site and show us what are the options at the top of your budget. From there we can go on.
  10. I saw last year's HP Spectre X360 (Linus' the best so far in 2018) is available refurbished on Amazon, top specs for 1150$. If Radeon M graphics are enough for you, it's a good deal imo.
  11. I very much am confused about the upcoming Intel 10th gen chips. Whiskey lake. Cascade lake. Tiger lake. Ice lake. Could anyone help me understand what the differences are?
  12. I have both, and while it is acceptable as a gaming mouse, it's not that great. I think the line for me is "any multiplayer fps game".