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    8GB of whatever cheap DDR3 there was
  • GPU
    970 3.4 gigs
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    stock intel cooler. Who do you think I am? Linus?
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    The grave mistake called MK750
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    The amazing choice of G502 PS

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  1. LukeLinusFanFic

    Surface GO

    I think pony up then. By the time you spend 500$, you might as well pay a little more to get something much better.. I'd rather skimp and get the 50$ old pen which is compatible with the go and grab the keyboard later on than get a worse, non upgradeable machine. or get something used\refurbished. I got my surface pro 4 4gb core i5 for 615$ on amazon +100$ s&h to israel a year and a half ago. Maybe there's a deal in that department...
  2. LukeLinusFanFic

    Surface GO

    I guess if you're settling, might as well settle all the way. How much in dollars does the 4 gb go cost?
  3. LukeLinusFanFic

    Surface GO

    It's my main laptop for University. I use it for note taking (which is invaluable, really), but the lack of ram is annoying when it comes to general usability. Opening more than a few tabs or programs really chokes the poor thing. It just gets slow and frustrating. My friend has the fully decked out surface go and it's not exactly a performance beast either, acting sluggishly at times. I'm sure the experience won't be bad, but I doubt you'll want to use the 4gb go for anything other than note taking and some very light web usage.
  4. LukeLinusFanFic

    Surface GO

    I have the surface pro 4 4gb. It's not a main PC replacement, but it's acceptable. I wish I'd get the 8 gig model though.
  5. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Buying a used CPU is a bitch sometimes
  6. LukeLinusFanFic

    Best build around a 2x8 DDR3 2400mhz

    If you have nothing but the ram, I'd sell it or trade it in for DDR4, it's not worth settling for fourth gen performance.
  7. LukeLinusFanFic

    how to make money

    Sign up for Bird or other scooter charging service (maybe under your dad's name?) You can make a very handsome reward rather easily if you live in the right place.
  8. Hi there community My sis needs a new TV screen for watching some shows and stuff, nothing majour. She sits roughly 2.5 meters (8.2 horseboiling units) from the TV. Do I really care about the manufacturer? Since I live in Israel prices are rather expensive, roughly 250$, for the Nakasumi branded one with a 50$ hike to the TCL and hisense and another 80$ for the Samsung branded one. All the TV's I've looked at are 43'' and all are 'LED" (whatever that means, I only know IPS, TN and VA). Should I care about who made what TV? I don't use the menus at all, just my chromecast.
  9. LukeLinusFanFic

    Something Exploded in My Graphic Card

    Don't forget to vote!
  10. LukeLinusFanFic

    laptop vs desktop

    I wouldn't get a gaming laptop. Expensive, less value for the money, and most people don't really have the time to game on the go. If you're strapped for cash, don't go for a laptop. That 2012 MacBook though... That I might upgrade if you're actually using it. Do note though that MacBooks are incredibly expensive, so I can't really recommend buying one... (Although disclaimer: I use PC)
  11. LukeLinusFanFic

    pc download speed.

    Is your computer connected via an Ethernet cable or a wireless dongle? Anyhow, the play store just has awesome servers. It probably has nothing to do with your computer. Try downloading the same file from the same place on both your PC and phone, and you'll see it's about the same.
  12. LukeLinusFanFic

    is my gpu dying?

    Is there a chance you are using the CPU graphics core instead of the GPU? (Bt dubs, a used good 970 goes for around 90$, so even if it's dead it's not the end of the world. Not saying it is though)
  13. LukeLinusFanFic

    Choosing between gaming laptops

    Are you sure you want a gaming laptop? I don't doubt you have the money, and I don't know what you do at work, but if I wanted to game on a laptop I'd buy something with thunderbolt 3 like the XPS 13 and an eGPU at home. Cheaper and upgradeable, with better battery life and is lighter.
  14. LukeLinusFanFic

    need Highend keyboard

    How about ducky? It's not a known brand but their quality cannot be denied.
  15. LukeLinusFanFic

    Turn off desktop sharing between users?

    What's "broke"? Odds are it can be relatively cheaply repaired.