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    8GB of whatever cheap DDR3 there was
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    970 3.4 gigs
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    stock intel cooler. Who do you think I am? Linus?
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    The grave mistake called MK750
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    The amazing choice of G502 PS

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  1. Not worth. You can get a GTX 970 or rx480 for that price on eBay, probably even less. (The guy wanted 70 pounds for it, lol)
  2. I mean, for a ballin out config it's pretty good. You probably don't need a 3900x for gaming though.
  3. I judge people who have optical discs. I'm just better than them, what can you do? Plebs. (If you actually use CDs, go for it. Otherwise, I'd use it for more front io or quick swap storage)
  4. Uh... If by ripping people off you mean giving many times the performance for less money than yeah, sure
  5. Sorry bro, you oughta read on the new AMD chips. Also, your storage configs make no sense for gaming (nvme offers no benefits), and I wouldn't put RGB as recommended RAM. It really is a choice, and an expensive one at that. Your heart is in the right place, but try to read some more before posting a "guide".
  6. Worse than you? Noob Better than you? Hacker/Equipment sucks/lag
  7. Odds are you'll need a driver just for the GPU, depends what you have. Are you building it yourself? Can you post specs?
  8. Just take it out and see if your temps are acceptable. I don't know who said that the side fan is the most important, that sounds like nonsense seeing as most cases don't have one.
  9. That's what the os' I mentioned are for. They are designed to be super light, far lighter than windows
  10. Don't install Windows XP. It's super virusy. May I recommend chrome os or Linux mint?