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  1. If you wanted to get a second number you could maybe try using Google Voice. That way someone would be able to send a text to your Google Voice number whilst your phone is turned off. You could also reply from your Google Voice number. If you want to use your current number the device with the SIM card is has to be turned on.
  2. I just switched to Manjaro and have been liking it a lot. It's super easy to use for the most part
  3. ljlangley13

    Random Chocolate Factory Golden ticket

    If you want help developing this send me a DM or just let me know here. I'd be happy to develop it for you. It would not take long at all.
  4. Hi Everybody, I recently installed Manjaro on my PC and I love it. I am trying to use RazerGenie on top of OpenRazer to control my Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad. When I open RazerGenie it says "The daemon didn't detect a device that is connected. Linux detected connected devices but the daemon didn't. This could be either due to a permission problem or a kernel module problem." I'm sure this is pretty simple to fix however I am new to Manjaro and would love some help. Thanks in advance!
  5. ljlangley13

    Floatplane features

    Overall I think Floatplane is an outstanding service with tons of potential. Luke and the team are doing an amazing job. I also came up with some suggestions after watching the WAN Show this week. If I remember right Linus and Luke were discussing how payment processors etc take large sums of money making small transaction amounts. To combat this would it be possible to setup some kind of Floatplane Wallet? Users could top up their wallet balance and then spend this on subscriptions. Their could be a minimum amount required to top up your Floatplane Wallet. To encourage people to use the Floatplane Wallet users could get a small discount on their subscriptions? Another suggestion I have is to expand the Channel Info bar where the download button is. Perhaps we could add the following buttons: Find Us - This could open an overlay screen with social media icons taking you to all the creators social media so that you can follow them or whatever. The advantage of this would be, once Floatplane opens up to more creators, it would stop the video descriptions being filled up with different social media links and also make it more convenient to viewers who want to find their favourite creators social media because there would be a standardised way to find it. Does this make sense? For the creator, the links to the social media could be collected automatically from the 'Connected Accounts' section in the settings. This way, if the creator ever changed their social media profile account name/ link, it would automatically update for all their videos. Share - Would work similar to the way the YouTube Share button works. More people sharing Floatplane links would obviously lead to more people learning about the site and using it. Sponsor - This could open up an overlay screen with information about the sponsor in the video. This button should only show up if the video has a sponsor. The overlay screen should show who the sponsor is, a description about their product or service and what the discount code is. This would save viewers from having to scroll back through the video, once they have finished watching, searching for sponsor link and discount code. This would be more convenient for the viewer. The creator should have the option to provide this information when they upload the video. Timestamps - This could open up a drop-down menu, similar to the 480p, 720p, 1080p the download button has but with timestamps. When you click a timestamp the video should jump to this point. This would be useful for longer videos. I guess the creator would have to issue the timestamps when they upload the video. If you have any questions about my suggestions or want me to explain them in more detail please let me know. Also please let me know if you disagree or agree with them!