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    Intel i7 8700k
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    GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7
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    RTX 2080
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  1. Couple recommendations. I think your video card is fine temp wise. A little warm, but I'll try and remember to check my spare PC that has a 580 and see what temp it's running at and see if it is similar. If you'd like to crank that thermal limit, download MSI Afterburner and the option should be on the first page as you open it. Additionally, the issue could be your power-supply. I know the one you have is 450W so you're hitting the bare minimum for that card. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken here, but if you try pulling too much power your power supply may shut off. You may consider returning the 450W one you just got and seeing if you can pickup a Corsair or EVGA one (There's other options, but those are two good quality ones I frequently used) and try and get a few more Watts for your bucks.
  2. I wouldn't. I mean you theoretically could. But you'd of course have to turn your PC off first, I don't think SSDs are hot-swappable by default. Is this your own business? I know most companies would never allow that. I'd worry with the SSD that maybe while walking around with it you trip and fall on it, misplace it, or something out of your control happens to it and now you're liable for damaging company hardware. It seems like a bad idea to me.
  3. After a quick skim my initial reaction was no way, but after diving into the specs, you'll actually be coming out ahead I think with this. Not only will you be on more modern architecture, you'll be a step above what you've got. The GPU appears better. CPU clock speed is better, RAM is better. You'll be in a great position dude
  4. Ah gotcha. I'd hang tight then! August is coming up quick!
  5. I'd recommend going the direction of a small upgrade. I'm assuming that you don't want to spend big bucks and upgrading your whole system. I would instead look into upgrading to a i7-4790K or even just an i7-4790. You could keep all your same parts and just change CPUs. I'm seeing listings for that CPU (i7-4790K) for $115.
  6. It cost me a few extra bucks but to reduce noise, I replaced all my fans with Noctuas and boy was that a game changer in both the cooling and noise department.
  7. It is most definitely a driver having an issue. You can go in while using Safe mode and uninstall drivers, but I don't quite remember how off the top of my head. If you'd rather not bother with going that route, you can always do a clean wipe and reinstalling the drivers. That would be the easiest way I'd think
  8. That's totally fine. An increase like that would be normal. From what you've described about your PSU, it sounds like normal behavior. If it is a bit warm to the touch, the added temps to your overall system would be explained like that. Anything that heats up the air inside your case will have that effect. What I'd recommend would be a second fan on the front of your case to pull that fresh air in and another fan on the top slot of your case pushing out. That would probably be a rather big impact on your temps. Additionally, I'd 100% recommend an aftermarket cooler for your CPU. That'll help too! Noctua makes some great stuff that fits in just about everything.
  9. How's your airflow through the PC? And what kind of temps are we talking? Is there anyway you could upload a pic of the inside of your machine?
  10. Power Supplies (Or most parts with a fan) have a thermal limit. Once that part hits a certain temp, the fans engage (Or spin faster) and start to get it below that limit.
  11. I've got a number of servers as it is. One of the things I like about this motherboard is it can fit in a normal looking case.
  12. Linus's recent video SIXTEEN Cores for the Price of Eight inspired me to try and build a pc in the same style. Any recommendations on improvements to the build from the video? Link to Motherboard of Aliexpress CPUs were E5-1680 v2 8-Core 3.0 GHz (I could be mistaken, at work and can't verify by rewatching the video) My goal with this build is to keep it close to the same price point (I assume I'll have to spend a bit more) in the video but out perform the video build. I'd love to hear recommendations on different ways to go with this to improve their build.
  13. I'd first recommend a new wifi card. Their pretty cheap and could easily be the culprit here.
  14. It sounds like the parts in your laptop are unable to pull enough juice to consistently run at full throttle and that's causing your issue