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  1. imo, I never had any problems with CMs Jetflos and sickleflows. And bang for the buck too.
  2. bluetooth mouse adapter question

    Hi. Yes, you should be able to use any peripheral as long as they're connected via bluetooth rather than their own dongle. As @Crunchy Dragon mentioned, Logitech has their own Unifying dongles which you can also use to connect most modern logitech peripherals using the Logitech Unifying Software. Cheers.
  3. Random DC from Wifi

    On ya mate! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  4. Game recommendations (please read post!)

    Meh, it has a story line etc. But it's still a good game to get into in regards to controls etc. and:
  5. Best thermal paste for 2018?

    Agreed, I have used Arctic Silver in A LOT of PC builds and console repairs, works a treat if applied correctly! Of course, you can buy the best of the best thermal paste, but if not applied correctly it goes downhill from there.
  6. Can’t get past bios

    I found that sometimes depending on the installation drive and device, it won't directly boot from the USB, especially from older machines.
  7. Can’t get past bios

    So... You want to install Windows 10 I am assuming? Make sure your boot order is set to the installation media you're installing windows off.
  8. Lenovo workstation not booting

    Are you sure that there is enough wattage to run the GPU? Also, some manufacturers make their pre-builts so only their GPUs work. Cheers.
  9. Data transfer

    Look into robocopy. Has never failed me unless the file itself was corrupt.
  10. Are optical drives still relevant?

    It's very much a personal preference these days to have an optical drive. Most users don't need it - but some do. An idea/alternative is a USB optical drive. I have used plenty over the years and I prefer the Dell ones.
  11. My Mom has the same screwdriver as Linus....

    But... is it left handed?
  12. best backpack for college

    +1 for Rush 24.
  13. You should be able to stop it. I just disabled my Google Assistant. I know not everyone can do that. E.g home integration of Google Assistant, but I don't have any of that stuff so I disabled it.
  14. Google -> Account -> My activity -> Filter by Voice & audio. Scary world we live in mate.