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    Building computers, gaming, military.
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    I'm a guy who enjoys a good laugh. Always up for a joke and always keen to talk. 

    Hop in a voice channel with me or just have a chat using text. It'll be fun - Guaranteed.

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    Server Administrator/Sys admin


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    i5 8500
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    ASrock H370M Pro 4
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    Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5
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    Hyper 212X
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Talon X
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    Windows 10

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  1. Netivity

    galvanized steel for dehydrator

    Galvanized steel is a bastard to weld... that is if you're welding. Health wise? I don't know, I couldn't tell ya. Stainless steel would be the way to go imo. I once saw someone make a dehydrator out of an old filing cabinet... Might be cheaper too?
  2. Netivity

    Dutch Talk

    Typisch... hahaha
  3. Depends on your definition of "degrade". Please note: I am a Windows "fanboy" as you'd call it, in the sense that I personally don't like using Macs. Now, I have noticed in my line of field that if I pick up a 7 year old Mac and sit it next to a 7 year old Windows machine, the Mac is still very snappy and very usable, whereas the Win machine is a bit more sluggish. However as @Drak3 has mentioned, the OS support is unparalleled compared to OSX. If I were to choose one however, I'd choose windows because if the 7 year machine gets sluggish, I can pop an SSD in and it would work fine too.
  4. Netivity

    Wake on LAN Not Working

    Did you initially set up WOL on teamviewer on the target machine before you enabled it in BIOS? You need to set the WOL feature on the public address. "either a fixed, static IP through your Internet provider or if your router has a public domain address with the help of a dynamic DNS provider."
  5. Netivity

    DreamHack Question

    A driving licence is state issued. So yes, it should suffice. Never been, can't tell ya.
  6. Netivity

    Anyone got an idea for a haircut?

    Generally can't go wrong with no.4 on the side and classic over comb on the top.
  7. I'd use robocopy. It's a lot more fail-proof. Lot more options and do it from command line. Here is a link to some features and how to use robocopy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robocopy (pls dont ban, mods).
  8. Netivity

    Over current has been detected on usb device.

    You can't RMA it? Have you tried a different mobo? it could be either the case or the mobo giving you this problem.
  9. Netivity

    Which Song Do you like the most....?????

    Wagon Wheel - both Darius Rucker and OCMS. Pretty much anything by Alan Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Jerry Reed, Johnny Cash.
  10. Netivity

    So... how's Canada? ^^

    I mean, it's spring here currently and it's 30 degrees (Celsius). Winter it is around the 10 in the morning (early morning 4,5,6 am), and as it gets to around 10-11 am it gets up to about 22. So Winter is definitely a good time to come. However, Tasmania gets the antarctic winds, so it's usually always cold there. Sydney can get pretty hot, but is generally mild. (20-25). I have been to Germany more times than I can count, I find that Melbourne is more of a climate that is similar to Germany, but I have no knowledge re rent etc in Melbourne.
  11. Netivity

    Best daily driver under $5000 USD (Car)

    The Lexus LS430 is a nice car, it uses the Toyota UZ engine. I personally have found Toyota's engines to be the most reliable. as @Real_PhillBert mentioned, a camry isn't a bad car at all.
  12. Netivity

    So... how's Canada? ^^

    I live here in Australia, and as you mentioned it in your thread, I thought i'd give you a bit of insight. I assume you are in the medical sector, which I honestly have no knowledge of, and I do not want to provide you with information that may be false in that sense. However with Australia's living cost I can help. Transportation Public GoCards are transportation cards like a lot of cities use. An adult ticket on a GoCard is around $3.60 per trip. You get a 3 hour free return ticket. Without a GoCard, one ticket is around $4.60. And you also get a 3 hr return ticket. Private Car "rego" (registration) depends on the amount of cylinders in your car. If you have a 4 cylinder car, you would be paying $727.60 per year on rego, which includes Compulsory Third Party insurance. Cost of living Rent Rent here can range from area, You should expect to pay in between $200 - $450 per week for a house. You can always go into a shared home with house mates and make it cheaper. Utilities You'll also need to pay for water, gas (if applicable) and electricity. So depending on how much you use each day is how much you'll pay when the bill comes in. Groceries Depending on how much you eat, how picky you are etc. The average australian pays about $150 per week (for a single person).
  13. Netivity

    Searching for a new hobby

    I agree with most people here. Personally, I do woodworking, blacksmithing and metal work. I also fish, four wheel drive (overlanding), and camp. Doing something with your hands, fixing things, creating things gives you this small sense of pride, and besides it being fun is why I do it. Not to get too political here, but I think skills like these are fading nowadays with snowflakes that take up the majority of society. And it is very handy to know and learn these skills, so you can pass them on.
  14. Netivity

    Random sound keeps playing every now and then

    Meep meep! All seriousness though, Is it at random intervals or a set time? Might be worth monitoring your sound levels on different applications using volume mixer.
  15. Netivity

    Joke Thread

    Why are teachers always too hot? They have too many degrees... That's all folks lol.