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    Building computers, gaming, military.
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    I'm a guy who enjoys a good laugh. Always up for a joke and always keen to talk. 

    Hop in a voice channel with me or just have a chat using text. It'll be fun - Guaranteed.

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    Server Administrator


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    i5 8500
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    ASrock H370M Pro 4
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    Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5
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    Hyper 212X
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Talon X
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    Windows 10

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  1. Netivity

    Completely first time driver tips

    Don't narrow your vision to directly in front of you, also look ahead of you, past other cars. Identify different signs, know when to merge before you have to so you can adjust accordingly, identify someone breaking ahead so you know you'll need to break soon too, identify items on the road and crashes. So many people are so "tunnel-visioned" and only look directly in front of them that they are the ones that become a danger on the road. Also a good tip, don't focus on the speedometer, look down occasionally, for a split second to identify what speed you're driving at and adjust accordingly if need be. Then eyes back on the road! And please listen to the suggested speed around corners. They were put there for a reason... Don't be like those people, be like bob.
  2. Netivity

    Music or no Music?1

    Agree with @zassou, have an option that mutes the music. I generally prefer to blast my own music, that's just me personally though, but every once in a while, you get that gem, that one game that has that brilliant soundtrack and you just can't stop listening.
  3. Netivity

    Placing a large to go order at a restaurant...

    They are there to provide a service, they are cooking food. You are exchanging money for those services. Not your problem, not your fault, you're not in the wrong.
  4. Netivity

    Do you listen to ASMR?

    There's only one I have ever liked, that is the torture room one. Only listened to it once though. I find the rest are garbage. Never listened again.
  5. Netivity

    Electric Pianos/Keyboard Recommendations????

    The Yamaha PSR range is up to spec. I currently use the PSR-S550, but I want to upgrade to a Tyros. The S550 is good for the price along with the features you get with it (I know you need the basics) but it's always good to have those if need be. They go for about 500.
  6. Netivity

    How bad is the Yamaha F310?

    Agreed! And in a range of instruments too - not only guitars. I ended up with a Tribute TRI-1CE because it had everything I needed (Ability to plug into amp, built-in tuner, adjustments for different sounds etc). Paid 178 for it at the time. But for any guitar - I recommend playing it in a store first before you buy it, see if you like the tone and how it sits and feels for you.
  7. Netivity

    video conferncing - cheap

    We use those adapters and they work fine for our infrastructure. Out of curiosity, why would you need to have an additional means of connected laptops to wireless when the intel compute stick is it's own contained system. If other laptops are connecting then I assume there is some sort of logon that each user has that they are able to use to access the compute stick. Just join it to their infrastructure.
  8. Netivity

    Hide $$$

    Dude... What on earth are you on about? You make a statement saying that it is easy to open a safe etc, I ask you to elaborate and all you say is: "I will say this..." Righto, on to the next one.
  9. Netivity

    Help diagnosing car steering shaking

    Sounds like a definite wheel alignment/balance. Had it on my 80 series landcruiser, after a wheel alignment she was all good to go again. I had shaking at around 70 km/h.
  10. Netivity

    Hide $$$

    Ok... Would you care to elaborate mate? I shall elaborate too: The safe that I have purchased has a digital numberpad that can only be reset by opening the safe with the safe key or the combination, press a button inside the safe itself and reset the combination. Otherwise, you'll need powertools or a lockpick set. For only $50. So how is it easier for a kid to open a safe?
  11. Netivity

    Hide $$$

    Right... but in this case it is a younger brother. Unless the younger brother has access to power tools or a lockpick set, there is no way a younger sibling knows how to open a safe.
  12. You good bro? keep postin' those sad pepe memes. :( 

  13. Netivity

    Do you guys prefer backdoor(s) on encryption feature?

    Backdoors are handy to have when you do need them. Let's take the hard drive example, if I want to store and archive sensitive information for a company I work for, of course I am going to enable encryption and so forth. I have to physically remove the drive from the machine/server it came from and store it securely. However, what if I, or someone else has to access the data on that drive again in a few years, who knows if I'd be working for the same company, or remember the encryption password. It might be imperative that this data is accessed. How am I able to access it without a backdoor? There are pros and cons to everything, and each individual has their own argument, I just think of this as an agree to disagree scenario and topic.
  14. Sounds very familiar if not identical to what I do at my work... I wonder if we work for the same company lol. Anyway, if you have a managed image of windows you might not be able to run autorun. Usually it's disabled by default for admins and generic users the same. Which renders this solution useless, but if you do have autorun you're able to make an autohotkey script that allows you to do everything you've just stated and more - have a look into it. Pretty handy!
  15. Netivity

    When is it coming??/?