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  1. I love EVGA due to the quality of their items. But if you really don't need 150%, 200%. 250% power, no point paying for an inferior brand (despite that specific card being more powerful). Then again, only the OP knows what he needs it for. I do video editing/photo, as well as gaming, and my AMD RX 580 Armor OC is more than enough for all that. Since the cards he's looking for are technically higher tiered (I would assume) he'd be fine.
  2. Personally, I would choose EVGA every single time because imo it's always been an amazing brand. I bought an MSI one this time around (since I could not afford an EVGA one) and part of it broke. Usable, but you know. Realistically, the only question you need to answer for yourself is: do you really need the extra power? As for AMD, I bought everything team red this time around, and I have no issues with the drivers. You might wanna consider that. Don't forget, Nvidia drivers are a pain to deal with at times, and you have to use a third party software to uninstall them, it never fails XD
  3. I am looking for standard keyboard, minus the keys on the right side. I cannot seem to find anything thus far. I was wondering if you had any ideas using the following: - Silent Red (Red is a viable alternative) - Must be wireless (ideally with charging cable) - 87 keys - RGB (keyboard only has one RGB colour for whatever reason, red is the only acceptable option) - Assuming it is a normal RGB keyboard, must have ability to choose static single colour - Must be accessible in Canada (unless international site) - No Chinese knockoffs (like the ones Linus was testing)
  4. True, except that you can buy an actual physical copy of some Linux distros. You technically can pay for Linux if you want. Or just download it.
  5. Linus for everyone! I mean, Linux for everyone!
  6. Only one I know with such a name would be Redhat.
  7. I was wondering about that, since I know some people created the hackingtosh version... which you would assume they needed the code for that lol.
  8. I am aware, but isn't BSD based on Unix, like Linux? Ahah, as Slottr was typing at the same time as me about the Unix part. I feel that MacOS is very similar to Linux imo. I find it fishy that Apple has a product that, imo, is very similar to a GNU licensed product.
  9. Sure, but wasn't Linus saying that you would need to release it under the GNU licence? If so, isn't Apple obligated to have done the same?
  10. According to this below video from Linus, I could modify Linux. So, couldn't I theoretically modify Mac OS and claim I was modifying it under the Linux GNU? I heard that Ubuntu is similar to Mac OS and vice versa (hence my question). I have never used Mac, and only used Ubuntu once, so I wouldn't know how different they truly are from each other. But still, seems to me that I should be able to modify Mac OS if I wanted to (not that I want to, since I hate Mac anyhow).
  11. Naw, because that only affects the actual internal calendar that no one ever uses. At least, I don't, as like most people, I would use my phone for that.
  12. Don't worry, copying the boot sector did not work at all I ended up re-installing the OS for all the good that did. Now I have to re-do the plex library That'll take forever. But, I will get an external hdd or dvd drive and image my D drive, in the hopes I won't ever have to have to re-create my Plex library. But at least I have 4TB now...
  13. Well... I would maybe need to re-install the OS? This System Reserved drive (with files NOT hidden) has nothing inside after I labeled it as drive H. Like, what the hell (I was following the instructions on the website below)... https://www.diskpart.com/articles/move-system-reserved-partition-4348.html This site says there should be XD That's not good...
  14. Yup. That's plan, converting first and then modifying it to uefi through the mobo bios. Won't do it right now, so hungry right now lol. But, I will most likely look later after supper.