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  1. i tested for the last time with these 2 and tell me what you seehttps://snag.gy/JdZoQ1.jpghttps://snag.gy/bv1hEC.jpgwhat you see in these 2>?? for my disk?? how is the performace and how is the health?? also why sentilnel shows me thesehttps://snag.gy/9eUO6M.jpg ??also i telephoned in the shop and they told that they dont know how sentinel as third program counts the performace..also they told me to usewestern digital lifeguardso tell me what you see in these 2 fotos??and why sentinel shows that the performance is in 75?i mean what performance shows the crystal info. and crystal disk>?? same like sentinel?? 75?? or more..what you see in all these fotos ?? tell me please??- - - Auto-Merged Double Post - - -also in my computer i have one very old baraguda which health and performaNCE IN SENTINEL SHOWS 100 IN BOTHALSO I I WILL ANSWERE IN THE QUESTION WHICH HankB TOLD ME Your first screen capture (https://snag.gy/89uHfs.jpg) listed 508 communication problems between host and drive. It suggested checking cabling, power supply etc. Have you looked into any of that?I HAD CONECTED WITH THE SAME CAMBLES THE 0LD BARAGUDA and doesnt have problem i mean the performance is 100 in all..and when i connected the my new disk in the paraguda position i had 75 performance and 100 health i mean i dont believe that m,y psu has problems??do you believe that my psu has problems??
  2. i did see the fotos https://snag.gy/bv1hEC.jpg
  3. Ι mean with crystal disk you can see the things better ;
  4. What you mean got it wrong this time; What you mean;
  5. Tell me something why you trust more the crystal disk from sentinel can you tell me please;
  6. Is not ssd I have western black 6tb with 256 cach I bought him before 8 days
  7. I have black western 6tb hardisk is not old I bought before 8 days
  8. i did what you see in this picture with crystaldisk? https://snag.gy/ITvEjF.jpg
  9. i will run it and i will show the pictures to see because i will be crazy with this sentinel
  10. what you mean i am looking a number that doesn't matter?? do you see the pictures?? https://snag.gy/dDljG9.jpg