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  1. what is your opinion for dxracer chairs?? arent very good?>?> i mean noble chairs are better from dxracer chairs??
  2. new gaming headphones for buy??

    do you believe that https://noblechairs.com/product/epic-pu-leather-black/ are very good aND COMFORTABLE??BETTER FROMM DXRAcer chaIRS?? BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME THAT IN GENERAL GAMING CHAIRS AFTER 2 HOURS ARE VERY PAINFUL IS IT TRUE/? ESAT> ? WHICH BRAnd gAMING CHAir you sugested me to buy>?
  3. https://noblechairs.com/product-category/epic/ this gaming chairs are very good??the epic chairs?
  4. so to buy noble chair?? is very good and comfortable?? from dxracer chairs??
  5. because my english are not good manikyath you mean that gaming" chairs arent good?? with all these things that you said we have noble chairs at work, more specificly the leather EPIC series, in white. and.. sitting on an AKracing at home, and having had one of those ergonomic office chairs.. i'd toss both those out the window in trade for a noble chair. for all the irony in having bucket-style car seats at your office.. noble managed to put the quality you'd expect from a nice car seat into a desk chair, at a price thats still more palettable than something like herman miller. but yes, the majority of "gaming" chairs.. is mediocrity for a profit.?? so gaming chairs are not worth? this you mean>>?
  6. because my english are not good manikyath you mean that gaming" chairs arent good??
  7. i said gaming chairs like DXracer arent good ??
  8. hi i want to buy one new gaming chair which you sugested me to buy?? which are the best brand gaming chairs??
  9. i want to buy new tower

    i told you CoolerMaster Cosmos C700P is it worth>>?? TO BUY FROM COSMOS II??