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  1. Cra1gst1

    Asus 10gb nic issues

    i did wipe and reinstall before the new cpu and ram , the other windows is in a vm on unraid (linux) ping in cmd seems fine but if i play a game on server i keep disconnecting , same as team speak i did sum speed network tests and ted 350mb write and 8,300mb read to a ssd share just connecting to online services fail or are up and down ,
  2. Cra1gst1

    Asus 10gb nic issues

    im having issues with my 10gb setup have strange ping issues and connection lose ping -t to LoL na servers get 110ms but in can its 110 - 9000 and drops out lots speed test aint to bad and local transfer is 350mb my teamspeak won't connect but if it does drop straight away i have replaced and tested everything, on linux seems fine no issues so im guessing packet size maybe in windows ? im starting to feel unraid and windows vm going to be my only way out any ideas i not messed with any settings i disable the 1gb connection to test the 10gb witch goes to a asus unmanaged 10gb switch and to another asus 10gb nic on my unraid server and my windows vm's on unraid have non of the same issues i have tried 7 different cables as well im used to 1gb that just works so diagnosing a fault just duno where to start
  3. Cra1gst1

    Very very Strange connection

    sorry didnt see the network sub , and i disable the 1gb nic but i notice my 1gb nic spikes at the moment up and now i have ordered new ram new motherboard and new cpu see if it fixes is , may even have unraid with the i9
  4. Cra1gst1

    Fault finding

    bump please
  5. only way i know to remove the password is to change out the bios chip but will require taking it apart / unsolder the chip
  6. Cra1gst1

    Very very Strange connection

    i disabled the on board wifi and lan , think its a hardwear issue now 12 hours after the pc is on it starts frezzing and ping spikes in the 1 gb even with fresh windows 10 install
  7. Cra1gst1

    Fault finding

    ok i started upgrading to 10gb but my pc was having issues with it couldnt connect to ts (teamspeak) and in game pin was from 7 - 9999 i thought was my cables but to rule out windows i used usb live ubuntu and well i could connect to ts and also ping was stable over 48 hours it was fine so i guessed the window was faulty as after 14 hours my pc starts to get laggy ping on my 1gb gets worse mouse jolts everywhere and games get laggy cpu and ram % look fine so where to do start removing the 10gb nic ? changing ram ? i have reinstalled windows 10 but issues still there thanks added system information hardw.txt
  8. Cra1gst1

    Very very Strange connection

    OK i made a ubuntu iso and used live os and well teamspeak lost connection twice over 24 hours and ping stayed 7-9ms and download was 90mb witch is great and 250mb transfer speed , so has to be windows right ? im about to back it all up and reinstall windows
  9. Cra1gst1

    Very very Strange connection

    it was 1500 , i changed it to 9000 as a attempt to fix it , far as i can tell same card on my unraid server and other 10gb switch port is not having same issue , that unraid for you i boutght all asus stuff for easy upgrade plug and play i could bring it to the main pc and use 0.5 meter cable see if it makes a diffrent to rules out cables but 12 cables now cat 7 and cat 6a no change may run linux iso to do test to rule out windows issue
  10. i have a 10gb card and my onboard 1gb if i use my onboard 1gb card to connect to my team speak server connects perfect but soon as i use my 10gb connection i lose connection and maybe ever 2min i will get connection for 1 - 2 seconds both cables connected to same switch but different ports 10gb / 1gb i notice odd pic issues on cmd ping text all results are perfect to local and web addresses 80-90ms to usa and 7-8 in england but speed test its goes to 60 for England and LoL i get 70 - 7000ms ping while playing i dont know where to start diagnostics all my pci-e asus 10gb cars and the asus 10gb switch tried 10 different cat 7 cables from 15 - 50m cables on the verge of formatting the pc to rule that out i have changed mtu to 9000 on my unraid server and my local pc my teamspeak server is hosted in usa amazon server anyone had experience with 10gb or this issue i would like to get it working after spending £480 on a upgrade
  11. Cra1gst1

    Random Internet Dropage

    i see this issue alot to do with isp set up im in uk i had same issue , soon as u hit the peek connection it just drops out i had to use a bandwidth limit to use 90% of my connection it kept my ping lower to
  12. Cra1gst1

    Share HDD over internet?

    next cloud is what i use for what your after a local hosted google drive
  13. I have 2 Asus XG-C100C and a ASUS XG-U2008 10-Port Unmanaged Switch Main pc windows 10 just 1 gpu and the asus xg-c100c going to the witch and at the other end is my unraid server the unraid server was a pain till i use short cat6a and set the 10gb card as eth0 where was eth1 then seems to all work online i tryed cat7 batch cables with kept failing but it works to best of my testing my issue is the windows pc , on first cat7 (30meters) where all seem to work except had major ping issue 73 is typical to usa from uk but was 700 - 3000 so thought i can use shorter cable 20m or 15m but now i dont get a ip and looking at it i only send packets even using the old cable has same issue i got cat7a cable coming tomorrow switch is blue saying 10gb and setting ip manually does nothing but if i plug in a cat 5e cable it connects with 1gb connecting and works perfectly and if i use cat 7 or cat 6a in my onboard 1gb it works fine , so am i just unlucky with all the cables im getting im not using flat cables as heard bad things about them and getting 600mhz cables cat 7 of amazon thanks for any help
  14. I have Pfsense router and unraid server and 5 raspberry pi servers and few windows PCs Issues : On my main pc nothink shows up on network other than my own pc , no unraid or other windows pc's just other devices and media devices on my laptop tho it all shows up What i wana do : i love that Octopi uses http://octopi.local/ to show the site regardless of the ip how can i set Website on local host to use this like http://Blueiris.Local goes to my windows pc webpage for cctv what should i read into Domain , Workgroups ? can i set in pfsense name.local ? also can i set port for local.home to go to ? anyhelp would be great , i wana tidy my network up and not have to worry if ip changes (i do use static ip) just wana use names so easy to remember thanks