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  1. My phone says that I should "hold my phone more upright" and I I have no idea why. Could someone explain please.
  2. Found this kid on YouTube. Think he's pretty good at making some music. If we could boost his confidence with some subs thatll be cool. -link removed-
  3. Hello, I was wandering if you could essentially build an aio with an Intel nuc. Could anyone tell if this would work or not. The nuc itself 260 pin sodimm 8gb 512 gb adata ssd BenQ monitor Win 10 usb Wireless keyboard and mouse Total 775$ Nuc info.
  4. Mabye he say he doesn’t have a lot of dreams and In art class he doesn’t really come up with anything he just does stills and stuff.
  5. It’s not as if I’m seeing them as objects. it’s as if I’m writing the problem down in my head.
  6. Hello, this probably isn’t the best forum site to ask this but I really like this community. So I was talking to my friend the other day and was talking about math. When we went over our grades he saw that I don’t do much work on paper. When he said this I said “I just imagine the problem in my head.” He said that he’s never heard of this before so I looked it up. I couldn’t find anything about it online.ps I’ve heard of people thinking of numbers as pictures before.
  7. Gavins23

    How to fix akg

    Hello, a while back I accidentally dropped one of my earphones earbud in some koolaid. I’ve let them dry out for a month and the one ear bud sounds really tinny. Like I’m listening through a can. Is there anyway to fix them or are they toast.
  8. Actually I think your right by me getting a 20 series card. Like the 2080. Because I currently don’t have a job or have any money saved up(as In I’m still in grade school and can’t currently get a job yet) and the RTX cards would be out for a while I could probably get a cheaper card by then. Also I’m planning on building this next summer.
  9. I’m planning on ocing the 1070ti which in some cases can be a little better than a stock 1080 gpu. And I’m going to start rendering and modeling in blender and the 2700 helps with its 8 cores and 16 threads.
  10. I want it for ultra wide monitor gaming. I’m planing on using some benq gw2480s I would rather have 3 monitors than have 1 ultra wide. Because the 3 monitors together cost 450$ and a decent ultra wide cost ~350.
  11. No that’s why I’m asking.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if a 2700, a 1070ti, and 16gb of ram would be enough for some triple monitor gaming. On highest setting on games like fortnight. And on at least med settings on pubg and stuff. And if I’m being really stupid I haven’t even had a gaming capable computer ever so take it a little easy.
  13. I can usually stream YouTube in 360p
  14. It’s every time I get on the site. And yes I am on iPhone.
  15. Hello, I’ve been trying to do some research on things but when I get on toms hardwares website it redirects me to a fake amazon website saying I’ve won a galaxy s 8 and 100$. I’ve heard of site getting infected and having this problem. Would it be an iPhone problem of a toms hardware proble. Ps I had no idea where to put this topic.