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  1. i have a windows host and a kali linux guest and i want to move a file from host to guest so i can use it safely there (it might contain viruses and i don't want to break my pc again lol) and i don't want to use sharing folders because virus still can access the host machine through it . i hope y'all can help me with this
  2. UPDATE : i fixed the problem by updating windows thank you everyone for your help and time
  3. right gotchu ... well i mostly game so probably windows is better for that . thanks for your help
  4. alot of people said that linux is alot better than windows tho
  5. okay thanks y'all im just gonna format my pc 1 MORE QUESTION should i get ubuntu linux instead of windows ?
  6. damn so i basically have to format my drive
  7. i can open files yes and i'll download malwarebyte now
  8. virus name is "neshta" i downloaded this tool "https://www.avg.com/en-ww/remove-win32-neshta" then i ran zemana antimalware and got rid of the virus
  9. i spoke with microsoft employ and he said that my widnows files are corrupted is there a way to fix em ?
  10. the thing is i tried that and the weird part is that it won't work unless i do it by myself (right click and run it as admin)
  11. the thing is this happens with every app on my pc litrelly ... i can't reinstall every app can i
  12. around 5 days ago i got a virus and cleaned it of after that any god damn app i try to open give me an error (look at pic) i can open it if i run it as admin but it still so annoying.* i tried to update origin and it gave me this error so i can't update it lol please y'all help me i tried every goddamn thing and i dont want to format my pc
  13. actually Temperature doesn't pass 66 at full load and fan 30-40% and no buffering in heaven benchmark ... gameplay smooth
  14. YO guys , so i overclocked my msi 1050 ti gaming x and got this out of it : power limit +125 / core clock +150 / memory clock +900 is this overclock good and will it damage my gpu or its life span 1 more question out of this topic lmao .. will cooler master fan (mf1200L) include screws ? thanks in advance ^^
  15. yo guys so i just built my new computer and i'm planning on adding an RGB FAN which is the coolermaster masterfan mf120L rgb (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/case-fan/masterfan-mf120l-rgb/) and i have this motherboard : msi h110m pro vd plus (https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/H110M-PRO-VD-PLUS-.html) but it doesn't have an rgb header ... is there a way to connect the rgb cable to my psu maybe and control the lights ? thanks in advance PS: is this fan good anyway ? cuz if there's no way to control the rgb i'll just buy the only red led