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About ughiwanthackintosh

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  • Birthday 1999-06-09

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    Flashing phones, old computers, Linux, Operating systems
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    Em yes. nothing interesting has happend in my life yet.
    Also i have poor english skills.
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    IKT Adminstrator for school network.


  • RAM
    8GB DDR 4
  • GPU
  • Case
    Laptops dont have that type of case.
  • Storage
    1TB HDD
  • Display(s)
    senseye. secound display = asus display 3 display not in use, Old DELL monitor, (only VGA and DVI in)
  • Keyboard
    Casual dell mechanical keyboard
  • Mouse
    normal desktop mouse...
  • Operating System
    Windows 10, Windows 7 (secound laptop) windows xp (old desktop pc) ubuntu (old school computer)

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  1. ughiwanthackintosh

    Android alternative

    so.. there WERE a lot of built easy install os's but all download links have 440 HTTP errors, or ngnix
  2. ughiwanthackintosh

    Android alternative

    How would i run windows? And can it run ubuntu?
  3. ughiwanthackintosh

    Android alternative

    Thats really advanced if there is nothing else thats easier id happily go with it
  4. ughiwanthackintosh

    Android alternative

    Im so sick of android. Anything i can put on a asus transformer prime tf700t? Ive tried remix os found not flashable's for tf700t... It runs on ARM With a dock. It dosnt have a bios like x64 it uses recovery... and fastboot.
  5. USB Mouse works, but only usb mouse not usb keyboard or normal keyboard. KDE NEON PC <-------- link
  6. ughiwanthackintosh

    laptop cannot install windows before overheat, but linux can

    https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&amp;sl=auto&amp;tl=en&amp;u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.komplett.no%2Fproduct%2F767237%23technical-details Norwegian computer, only one site with the REAL specs, i find the same model with wrong specs here it is translated link
  7. Linux installs with no problems in the world keeps pc really cold and good, but when i try to install Windows (xp++) its completely flops, overheats during install. i dont get it, why can linux install no problem but windows not??!
  8. ughiwanthackintosh

    HTC ipaq thingy

    never mind
  9. ughiwanthackintosh

    HTC ipaq thingy

    windows mobile not to be confused with Windows phone
  10. ughiwanthackintosh

    HTC ipaq thingy

    it runs windows mobile.. with a 4 digit number lock.. i have no idea what model it is ... i found it in a box from 2009 ...
  11. When your posting in the wrong section of the forum


  12. ughiwanthackintosh

    Mods when your in the wrong section of the forum

    sorry for my poor editing
  13. ughiwanthackintosh

    Should i sell my laptop for a desktop?

    i just generaly like desktop's better than laptops and thinking that i already have a hard drive and other things ram.. so i could use that for a build
  14. ughiwanthackintosh

    Should i sell my laptop for a desktop?

    right out of the blue what is the best desktop i can get for 2415.84 usd?