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About ughiwanthackintosh

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  • Birthday 1999-06-09

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    LT Anderson _max_

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    Computers, Old Computers smartphone flashing.. games...
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    IKT Adminstrator


  • CPU
    Core i5
  • RAM
    8GB DDR4
  • GPU
  • Case
    generic msi laptop case..
  • Storage
    1TB HDD
  • Display(s)
    ASUS Senseye.
  • Cooling
    generic fan
  • Keyboard
    CEPTER X-13 Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Cepter x-13 Mouse
  • Sound
    Generic Creative desktop speakers.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10, Windows 7 (secound laptop) windows xp (old desktop pc) ubuntu (old school computer)

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  1. ughiwanthackintosh

    dell dimension l933r drivers

    Nostalgia...? but someone must ha stored the drivers somewhere..
  2. ughiwanthackintosh

    dell dimension l933r drivers

    dell dimension l933r drivers for this computer are like frkin washed off the internet, i have reinstalled windows 98 and now i need drivers.
  3. ughiwanthackintosh

    What motherboard is this?

    Bar code 2820050430 i cannot find it what motherboard this is when i google the code it get a fucking hair saloon
  4. so.. i have this Hp Compaq dc7700 small form factor "business PC" that ive installed windows 7 enterprise on. I figured that "pci simple communications controller" is Intel management engine interface but when i downloaded it from Lenovo's site HP does not host it.. it says that it dont meet the system requirements from install this software.... ive tried for windows to auto-update the device but with no luck. I cannot find another installer unless on Sony's site who literally just said that they didn't support this system HOW CAN I FIX SIMPLE PCI SIMPLE COMMUNICATIONS CONTROLLER WHEN THE DRIVERS REFUSE TO WORK?!
  5. ughiwanthackintosh

    Pepsi P1S Custom rom???

    Needrom Needrom link to Koobee p1s rom but it has viruses its pre rooted so i uninstalled them all. but if you uninstall them the rom refuses to boot. Miui there was a request for miui at once nothing got done thought... Mediafire blocked this rom. Im not sure what rom it is but ive emailed them about it and they have not replied yet. sighhhtt xda thread about it but they only reply had a link to the front page.. i cant find much more... can someone possibly make / port a clean 7.1 android ? to the p1s
  6. ughiwanthackintosh

    hp dc7700 Motherboard?

    Mines out of thermal paste right now so i cannot check what motherboard it has i want to upgrade it to a Intel Core i3 But im not sure if it supports it! Product name Hp dc7700 small form factor. I cannot find any where telling me what motherboard it has even thought i founf a usefull site but it didnt say anything about motherboard Usefull site
  7. ughiwanthackintosh

    All INTEL PC.

    Is it possible to build a pc from all INTEL Parts? Like an all in cpu gpu and intel heatsink INTEL EVERYTHING cannot be anything else
  8. ughiwanthackintosh

    Color issue.

    What are the best settings to tune it to? Benq G2420HD (HDMI)?
  9. ughiwanthackintosh

    Color issue.

    So its really bothering me that they are not the same color scheme the tiny one hss the best fresh look and i want the big to have too. Can u see what i mean ik the picture.
  10. ughiwanthackintosh

    Msi Notebook gl62 6qd Windows 7 Install crash

    ill give it a try ill report back soon
  11. ughiwanthackintosh

    MSI Gl72 6qd

    im done with 10 Im going back to 7 and eventually going back sometime later
  12. Im trying to install WIndows 7 on my gl62 6qd I AM SERIUSLY DONE WITH WINDOWS 10. NEVER AGAIN. But After disabling secure boot, booting from my cd, i tried using a flashdrive but it didnt see it as bootable (i used rufus and a legit iso) This CD tried using to install ive used for elder systems Inspiron 531s worked 100% fine Samsung r540 Notebook 100% fine. But on My Gl62 6QD it just crashes on the windows 7 Boot logo ive tried 3 DIFFERENT Cd's ISO's! IT WILL NOT INSTALL! Any help would be apprichiated.
  13. ughiwanthackintosh

    how can i install SP3 On Windows 7

    I WILL NOT STEP INTO THE DARK SIDE Oh Okey then it said SP1 In My computer so i thought there was more service packs...
  14. ughiwanthackintosh

    how can i install SP3 On Windows 7

    Im sitting here with sp1 Windows 7 home premium Genuie. How can i upgrade to windows 7 sp3 home premium? thanks for any help
  15. ughiwanthackintosh

    MSI Gl72 6qd

    i have an outdated bios i think :/ also its running terrible ive cleaned it with ccleaner removed unnecessary programs re-installed most drivers. and it still has s!#¤ peformance any ideas?