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  1. System: Ryzen R 3 1200/GT 1030/8Gb DDR4 /300W PSU/HDD+SSD/Samsung LCD TV (connected over HDMI -->VGA, 1080p primary) LG L1730S (connected over DVI-I -->VGA, 1024p secondary) Issue: Individually both run fine, no system issue. But as I connect together, they start flickering, random black screens or no signal pops. Tried: Updating monitor driver from Device manager(says already best installed). Manual monitor driver install to distinguish both from 'generic pnp monitor' to specific ones. Clean Graphics driver install. Adding 'FriendlyName' string value in Registry. Nvidia settings for matching refresh rates, color gamut etc Noticed: while in nvidia panel, post flickering it would output on both but detect only one 'digital display' for a second.
  2. GPU is about 6400INR(90USD) with delivery+customs, leaving me with 1100INR(15USD) CX Series 430 Watt (CP-9020046-US) = 4826 INR (68USD) CP-9020120-NA CX450 450W = 3849INR (54USD) Corsair VS450 = 2500INR (35USD) Even if I sell that GT1030, I'm still going to be overbudget.
  3. Built this 2 years ago for 21500INR or about 300USD Current Spec: AMD Ryzen R3 1200 Gigabyte A320-M HD2 ADATA 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Gigabyte Nvidia GT 1030 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD i-Ball Maestro 300watt PSU + Case Upgrade Budget 7500INR or about 105USD Looking forward to swapping for: Corsair VS450 XFX RX 570 4GB (from Aliexpress) Upgrading for better gaming performance, I know CPU will bottleneck especially off that mobo w/o OC, but that's all I got. My Queries: If not RX570, then what? Recommend buying used from Aliexpress? (seller has 4.7/5 and has over 2500sold, (92% +ve rating) [considered so as off-the-shelf GPU prices are vv high in India compared to other, used PC part market in India does not feature high end components]
  4. Prelude: I have GT-1030 with AMD R3 1200 on 8gig mem. Till now had only one display connected (Samsung la22d404e4r, 1080pTV) via HDMI to VGA, worked like a charm. Now, I've connected secondary display (cuz I use AE a lot) which is old LG L1730S Flatron (connect via DVI-I to VGA). (Both monitor show as Generic PnP monitor in Device Manager) Problem: 1. Screen flash black, make hardware connected-disconnected sounds, while I try to open new tabs or switch in full-screen windows. Sometimes simply opening Start menu makes this issue. 2. All windows from my secondary, resize and shift to my Primary display. Solutions Tried but haven't solved so far: GPU Driver update Tweaking via control panel Tweaking via Nvidia panel checking cables checking converters to VGA (on other systems too) checking for loose connections within the case Updating Monitor drivers (still both show as Generic PnP monitors)
  5. Right now I have 300m USB wifi adapter, gives me link speed of about 144mbps with bearable network drops while gaming online, will getting a pcie wifi adapter benefit me? If yes then what will be the difference between 150M and 300M card, considering both of same express configuration (x4)
  6. Linus MAKE A RADIATOR WALL, that way there will be no noise whatsoever and no fans
  7. I'm not gonna get a better card untill I pass out from school. So this card is here for 2 years fo sho.
  8. Any ideas for replacing that wimpy cooler?
  9. 71°C max. Over extended loads.
  10. Having a GT 1030 Low Profile with 45mm fan-heatsink OC >> Boost Clock=1653 MHz ; Memory Clock= 6008MHz on a custom fan curve (not the best overclock, but that's about the silicon lottery I have) So, the card performs good, does not throttle or bottleneck. But there's always head-room for pushing so... However, I read on some forum that the GT 1030 LP memory chips do not have thermal pads and/or there is a gap between memory chips and heatsink AND the thermal compound used is not the best out there So, A) Are the above two accusations true? B) Will thermal padding and re-pasting be of any help? C) Will I void my warranty by doing so? D) Also if I'd to do that anyway, Guide me.
  11. Rig: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 A320m-HD2 2×8gb Adata ddr4 GT1030 (thermal repasted, OC) As you see I'm tight there (cuz of budget, couldn't spend for a GTX 1050ti and on Overclockable motherboard). I have clean console like performance(demanding titles on 30fps and others 60+fps), no shutters and lags. But since I have some to spare now, SHOULD I DROP A GT730 IN AS A DEDICATED PHYSX CARD? Will it work ?Will it be worth? Or will it bottleneck?