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    Dokkum, Netherlands


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    ASRock H97 Anniversary
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    4x4 GB
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    Gigabyte GTX 960
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    Custom PC Desk
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    Samsung 860 EVO
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    Seasonic Gold Focus 750
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    TT Floe 360
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    Windows 10

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  1. Pyrogfx

    Aura Sync Crashing

    A bit late to the party - is it crashing right when you click the icon and not opening at all? I had the same issue and finally found a solution - uninstall, and on your program files (x86) Folder, there should be a "Lighting services" Folder. Delete that before reinstalling. I'm guessing it saves your presets, and if it somehow gets corrupted, crashes the program. If not deleted manually, the next installation just loads it back up and crashes you again. I made a short video with that and other possible fixes that I saw reported while researching how to fix it (linked below), but that's the one that worked for me.
  2. Pyrogfx

    Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction

    Would like to thank Linus for making it look so easy, I actually dared to try building my own PC Desk. First go at woodworking and PC modding, and think it turned out quite alright. I'll try to give back to the community by helping people trying to do the same Here's a short video of it - sorry for the shameless self promotion, I also use the same video to advertise my channel sometimes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H56qhC1AVS8
  3. Hey there guys! Looking for some advice in picking a motherboard. My doubts are mostly centered around the various RGB headers found specifically in Asus boards and Aura Sync. I'm currently using a self built desk PC mod, running a total of 8 Riing fans + 1 Pump LED, on 2 of the included Thermaltake controllers. I have already a 9 slot controler ready and waiting for the new motherboard, that supports Aura (among other syncs). So, 1 Aura header is already going to be taken by that controller. I also wanted to add some more Aura addressable LED strips to compliment the fan lighting, and have the lighting on these sync with the rest via Aura. These would need another synced header since the controller is already full (would also like to avoid chaining a 2nd controller) Now as for the motherboard choices - I'm aiming for a z390 series, or possibly a maximus X. I was looking mostly at a ROG Strix z390-E, which lists "2x Aura Headers" and 1x "Aura Addressable Header". If I'm understanding correctly, all of these 3 headers would sync with each other? So I could plug the controller to one of the Aura Headers, then the strips to the Aura Addressable Header, and they would all be controllable / in sync with each other? Might be a stupid question I know, I can normally pick my hardware alright, but its my first time syncing RGB and gee, are all the different headers and standards a pain... wish they'd just agree on an universal norm >.>
  4. A bit of a necro - I found this tab lost in the chaos of my browser session, and figured I'd post an update Got around to building it! It's not 100% perfect, but for a first time go at case modding, I'm quite satisfied ^^ Still have some finishing touches to go, and need to upgrade some components soon to be able to proceed with LED strips and such (no rgb headers atm), but it'll get there ^^ I Have a few videos of the building process if anyone's interested. Everything's working fine (barring a temporary panic when the power button contacts were touching each other and it wouldnt boot ), temperatures are fine even with the fans running at 500 rpm basically all the time, dust build up is basically nonexistant so far after roughly 2 months... So all good on the technical side ^^ In the next few months I'll be building a small work space in my backyard & some tools, hopefully I can use it to work on such projects instead of in my attic, so if all goes well I might have some more projects to show off in the future Part 1- Planning the project Part 2-Inventory of supplies and basic frame building Part 3-Final assembly and first boot! Part 4-Cable management improvements with a fake bottom
  5. It just hit me - what if I had the AIO in a Pull configuration as intake instead? Although then I'd have to put a filter on it which probably isnt optimal either...
  6. I will most likely have filters on the intakes, yes - which from what you say will aggravate the issue with me wanting positive pressure in this setup. That said, I'll be using 14cm fans as intake, and 12cm as exhaust, which might help; and they wouldnt be running at 100% all the time either, so like you said, i could set the intake ones a bit faster than exhaust. I was just thinking tho, the radiator fans - the radiator itself is in the way, so they'd contribute less to the issue as well, or am I thinking wrong? (sorry if it's a dumb question, it's my first go at watercooling/aio/radiator stuff). Could also just add a second side intake, if necessary. Also, the side fan positioning, any thoughts on that? It makes sense in my head, my worry is hot air being pushed to the bottom left instead of exhausts, and then coming back along the bottom to the right side. Thanks for the input!
  7. Good evening guys, first time poster here I've been entertaining the idea for a while, but since I'm now moving houses and will have extra space, I'm finally going ahead and building my station into a desk. Did some research, watched some videos (including the LTT ones, was an interesting one). I'm currently at the early "planning" stage of deciding the shape of the desk / placement of components, specifically ventillation. I can always juggle components around, but I'll have to have the round fan holes cut out from the start since I lack the tools to do it myself. I should note I'll be using a CPU AIO, but the GPU will will be aircooled for starters- I might watercool later on, but not in the near future. My current doubt with airflow is, how/how many fans do I use to have enough airflow? (and if possible positive pressure) I was going to go mostly with Riing fans - 2x 14cm at front for intake, possible one extra at the side. 3 at the front would be nice, but that'd make the desk too large. As for exhaust, I was going for 2 fans on the opposite side of the desk from the intake ones; plus the CPU AIO (size undecided yet) I made a little sad drawing as an example; planning to do something fancier on sketchup, but I wanted to hear some opinions first. Intakes are green, exhausts are red, general idea of component placement (subject to change). My questions are: 1)What do you guys think of the balance between intake/exhaust as far as positive/negative pressure goes? It seems exhaust-heavy to me, but I could use 12cm fans as exhaust to balance it out with 14cm intakes perhaps? Just trying to avoid dust as much as possible (plus I have dogs so.... hair.....) 2)The 3rd intake fan at the side. Any opinions on the location? My thought was, it'll blow cold air into the CPU radiator, while also directing hot air from the current going over the gpu, towards the exhausts on the left. Does that make sense, or am I gonna be creating some weird air currents in there? Oh, and the shape of the desk - I really wanted intake fans up front for looks - but at the same time i wanted a platform for mouse/keyboard, as opposed to having them on top of the glass (it'll have glass top naturally). And again, it's not completely proportionate, just a quick draw to ask for an opinion Any advice is very much appreciated, such as suggestions on shape, airflow, or part placement. I need it badly Thanks a lot guys!