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  1. How do I make this program work for every row in the spreadsheet?
  2. Prariedog13


    Thanks for the help guys, I got it figured out!
  3. Prariedog13


    Sorry my replies are delayed trying to do this on mobile as my pc isn't working lol
  4. Prariedog13


    Thanks, googled it and found probably need wired router to go from modem --> wired router --> wireless/PC/switch
  5. Prariedog13


    Little bit of background too if that helps: had a model DWG875-X (mfg unknown) with 4 ethernet ports that worked just fine run directly to wifi routers and switch, basically our ISP forced us to get new modem and nothing works after we get it. We tried running from modem to both wifi routers and it works, but stops working every couple days, so we tried the setup with modem --> netgear switch and it worked on PC but not on wifi routers.
  6. Prariedog13


    Not quite sure what you mean by just a modem, it doesn't have wifi if that is what you're asking. The modem is an arris tm1602, provided by ISP if that helps
  7. Prariedog13


    Modem --> Netgear switch --> PC & netgear wifi routers, pc works fine on internet but routers don't.
  8. Prariedog13


    Does anybody know anything about a netgear gs105e? I have my modem going into it, and I get an internet connection on my PC when it's plugged into it just fine, but it doesn't work when I plug it into either of my netgear wifi routers. Is there something I'm missing here?
  9. Prariedog13


    what device would I use to run internet from a modem with one ethernet port. I think I need a managed one, currently I have it run to my wifi router, and then it goes to 2 8-port unmanaged splitters(seem to be having issues). So what should I use to split the networking from the modem? (will have up to 3 instances of streaming at a time, most of the time on the ethernet network)
  10. I want this to be legal for just long enough for Linus to review it maybe he will drop one... from space
  11. they can fly them all they want, but people are going to cancel their flights as soon as they find out they are on that plane... assuming they don't live under a rock.
  12. yeah, 1080 vs 4k will be pretty noticeable at 8 feet, I would recommend 4k, but 1080 won't be terrible, just not as good. it kind of depends on the content you are watching too, is the content mostly 4k, or is does the 4k support upscaling?
  13. can you still use 2010 phones in 2019? (test out multiple different phones)
  14. When Linus gets ahold of it, how long will it take him to drop it?