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  1. Ok thanks for your opinion bro now i think i should make my mind to buy 2070 is the MSI duke 2070 ok with my built Both type bro minimum 1080 to 2k but iff my budget increased i should go fo 4k obviousl
  2. Brother are they both equal? Because i am in pakistan and here both are available in the price range (i attached a file) what do you suggest forbbest buy for every purpose from them(rtx 2070) or 5700rt in
  3. Both type bro minimum 1080 to 2k but iff my budget increased i should go fo 4k obviousl
  4. Hello every one i have a built with following specs I9 9900k Gigabyte gamingx z390 Corsair vangance 2400hz 970evo m. 2 nvme 512 m.2 nvme samsung 750w psu tangan But due to this built currently i am low in budget Using it with r9 270x oc 4gb Some one suggest me best gpu in budget gaming for 144hz
  5. I am also goona buy it how was your experience with this cooler please let me know
  6. Hi every one i just want to ask some questions to all of my dear friends i ordered i9 9900k with gigabyte z390 gaming x is there any chance of bottel neck with gpu like r9 270 oc 4g gigabyte

  7. Hello. Every one i just need some help. For. My built is i9 9900k is working well with gigabyte z390 gaming x or not.

    more is i ordered alyese st90 cpu cooler for this built are they handled the heat of i9

    I just need to know 2 things

    1: Z390 gaming x is good or Not just for gamimg purpose.!!

    2: Is my cooler handled the heat of i9 9900k!!!

    Please help :)

    1. Jurrunio


      1. Gaming or not isnt important, whether you're overclocking is.


      2. When overclocked, no cooler really is enough for the 9900k. You always get more speed by improving the cooling. At stock, it's good enough

    2. Hassan shamas

      Hassan shamas

      I dont think so that i need to overclock my cpu ever and in that condition this cooler is enough or not because i read lots of people say that i9 9900k produce lots of heat that why i m confuse little bit. 

      And after that i have another option of mobo please sugest me the good mobo from gigabyte z390 gaming x or msi z370 gaming plus with this processor

    3. Jurrunio


      Z390 Gaming X is better than Z370 Gaming Plus, partly because when z370 boards came out there's no plans on something as power hungry as the 9900k. Low end Z boards are only meant for maxing out the i5 even.

  8. why my graphic card perform slow after changing cpu from i5 3330 to i7 2600 With i5 i hv 60 persntile in 2d and 84 persntile in 3d using pasmark test Ant after upgrade to i7 2600 performanc of cpu increases but the performance of gpu decreases its 47 persntile in 2d And 60 persntile in 3d Even in games my graphics are start jerking litl bit What should i do any one help Mobo is gigabyte h61m d2s Using 800w psu R9 270x oc 4gb gigabyte Hp 4gigabytes*2 1066 Ssd sandisk 128gb I just upgrad my cpu and nothing else like window reinstalling the only thing i try to update my drivers to 2nd gen
  9. Thanks to all brothers it means cpu dx dosnt matter when i have gpu with best dx
  10. Sir i have i5 3330 running on gigabyte mobo h61m d2s and graphics is r9 270x 4gb and i want to buy i7 2600 is there any difference in performance of i5 3rd vs i7 2nd I m confused with direct x because i5 support dx11 where i7 is dx 10.1 or my graphic card support 11.1 means 11 and 12 if i upgrage i5 with i7 the latest games works with it or not means is there any difference or is it still able to run any thing