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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B41WS48?tag=pcpapi-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1 That cpu is decently priced for a nice 6 core.
  2. The second gen Ryzen cpus are on sale currently so you can pick one of those up along with a board and everything for under $500.
  3. Source: PC Gamer Source #2: Engadget Source #3: EuroGamer Source #4:The Verge It is a pretty disappointing thing to hear that there would be no more Steam controllers produced, meaning that the price of these controllers would go up in the coming years as a collectors item. I personally don't really find these controllers to have the best layout since I'm more used to the Playstation controller layout. But if you are looking to get a Christmas gift for someone this year, then this would be a great deal if you exclude the shipping costs.
  4. If you are connected via SATA it should run at full speed at all times, the sound could be air bubbles, but if your CPU temperatures start going up then it might be failing.
  5. Google: Quantum Computing Left: Artist's rendition of the Sycamore processor mounted in the cryostat. (Full Res Version; Forest Stearns, Google AI Quantum Artist in Residence) Right: Photograph of the Sycamore processor. (Full Res Version; Erik Lucero, Research Scientist and Lead Production Quantum Hardware) Image from Google AI Blog. Process of Quantum Computing. Image from Google AI Blog. Source: Techradar.com IBM: Response To Google's Claim Image from Regmedia.co.uk Source: Forbes.com If this is true, we will see quantum pc sooner than we thought and this means the end of Moore's Law is coming to an end faster than predicted. IBM claims Google is making things up, but we will never know until this is completed and shown to public. It's good to speculate how fast quantum computing can be compared to classical computing.
  6. Yeah that could be the case too. I also remember that Outlook disables email accounts that haven't been used within several years after being created, so if someone made an account with that email way before op creates an email with that same name, Netflix would still be linked to that email account.
  7. Yeah, they don't care who or what language the receiver is. As long as they can get the person's info is enough for them.
  8. That is a phishing email, DO NOT enter your stuff on the site it redirects you to or you will end up getting your personal info stolen.
  9. You need to fill that part out, as that is the part where you explain stuff about your poll.
  10. Your universal adapter can only display either HDMI or VGA, not at the same time. https://www.asus.com/Laptops-Accessories/Universal-Dock/specifications/ Under notes at the bottom.
  11. Noctua's grey fans are great for budget and noise but has no RGB. I have two of them in pull and they work well depending on your fan setup, you can choose for more airflow or static pressure fans. Another fan you could look at are EK's that are built specifically for radiators, and there is Corsair SP fans that comes with their AiO coolers. I heard that Cooler Master has some decent fans with RGB, but I never really looked into them.
  12. Seller mentioned that they were pulled from experimental servers for the NSA. That sounds sketchy.
  13. The case is currently out of stock everywhere I looked at, so you might have to wait a bit. NewEgg.ca Enthoo Luxe 2
  14. Make sure your radiator pump is running, and try re-pasting the thermal paste.
  15. Is it pulling too much power that it's causing some kind of power surge?
  16. Oh sorry, my mistake. I thought you are talking about just overall things to improve the status update and notification stuff.
  17. You need to have the wildcard g* for beginning file names. Edit: Nvm, I though you meant you only wanted the ones that start with g and not like a word that has a g in it. Edit 2: Nvm again, I have no clue what I'm even thinking about.
  18. Here's my suggestion for a small ui overhaul: Move the least used buttons to more and move notifications to a nice centred top display box, with a nice expand button to show you everything:
  19. There's a lot of pico computers you can find, like a LattePanda or a Zotac ZBox Pico.
  20. Userbenchmark is not a really accurate way to test your system performance, due to different setups and hardware. Try running a GPU benchmark like 3DMark.
  21. Ughhh I have trypophobia, but it has to be a lot of holes for me. It's like looking at someone's decaying flesh that has maggots drilling holes inside it.
  22. From what I learned when an overclock fails, I just switch the psu off and then hold the power button for a couple seconds. Then switch the psu back on and go to bios.
  23. There's a game development pack on Humble right now: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/become-game-developer-books?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_4. I get what you mean about going over things again, like I'm going over stuff about variables in my math and logic class.