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  1. Rainbow Dash


    Personally, 60Hz in 2018 is meh to me.
  2. Rainbow Dash

    New builder for editing pc

    Use Ryzen 7 2nd gen, it's the best for video editing. Or you could wait till the new 3rd gen Ryzen cpus.
  3. Rainbow Dash

    Seemingly random reboots

    Good luck, if you have any questions about what PSU to get. Go ask the people in the Cases and Power Supplies section, they have a lot of knowledge about PSUs.
  4. Rainbow Dash

    Seemingly random reboots

    Is there any chance you could find a spare PSU to test with, cause if it is the PSU that failing then you have a pretty risky chance of killing your whole PC. If not, you could find a cheap PSU tester: Also your temperatures are all fine, so that is out of the question.
  5. Rainbow Dash

    Seemingly random reboots

    If you look at the top of HWMonitor, there should be a +12V, +5V, and +3.3V readings. The voltage reading should be close about +/- 5%.
  6. Rainbow Dash

    Seemingly random reboots

    I'm suspecting it could be your PSU, since it is some brand I have never heard of. Check HWMonitor and see if your +3.3V, +12V, and +5V rails are within range. If they are way off, then try another PSU and see if it is just the sensors that are having issues.
  7. Rainbow Dash

    2nd gen ryzen on cheap B350 board

    The manufacturer website says it does support the 2700X and 2600X, so the vrms should be up to spec and be able to run those CPUs with no issues. Also hope you are ready for the brutal Canadian winters.
  8. Rainbow Dash

    Keyboard problem, not able to type at all.

    Try reinstalling the USB drivers for your motherboard.
  9. I would say that you could be thermally limited by the Nvidia GPU Boost since I think I remember something about when it gets close to 60C it starts dropping down ever so slightly. But with the custom bios it shouldn't have any TDP limits but I might be wrong. Also check GPU-Z and see what is causing that GPU clock to drop.
  10. Rainbow Dash


    Also you might want to check your maximum supported ram speed of your CPU. They are very picky on what speed you use.
  11. Rainbow Dash


    It should be able to apply that.
  12. Rainbow Dash


    The XMP will alter the timings, and speed for sure. But the voltage depends on what the XMP profile speed is and what the factory set it at. If you have high performance ram with a XMP profile of 2133MHz, it might set the voltage to 1.65v to run it.
  13. Rainbow Dash


    XMP profiles are separate from overclocking manually, they are the preset made from the factory that are known to work with the ram. You should be allowed to alter the voltages, because some XMP profiles will alter voltages to stabilize the ram. But you are using a Q77 chipset which I believe is a business grade chipset. So that might be locked.
  14. The B450 is overclockable, you just want to find one that has good cooling for the vrms. The one you chose is good too. But there are others like this one: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450M-MORTAR
  15. Rainbow Dash

    What in the world..

    My HP 250 G5 has an i3-6006u with 4GB of 1333MHz, cost like $450. While my college sells an Asus Vivobook N3700 with a 1.1GHz Pentium-N4200 with 4GB and a 128GB SSD for $600.