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  1. GianyBoi

    how to format hard drive

    this software didn't recognise the hard drive im trying to get the key off. it only read the hard drive i use
  2. GianyBoi

    how to format hard drive

    will the product key still work if i dont have the original usb? i have a new one
  3. GianyBoi

    how to format hard drive

    i dont want to pay for a new windows key
  4. GianyBoi

    how to format hard drive

    i dont have the product key
  5. GianyBoi

    how to format hard drive

    i have recently added another hard drive to my computer, as i connect it i realise that it still has windows on it. the files on it are corrupt. Is there a way to format the hard drive without deleting windows, using disk management on another copy of windows? thanks
  6. GianyBoi

    which GPU?

    Hey, about to start a build with my friend's old pc, it has a i7-4790 and 8gb ddr3 memory. should i upgrade to 16gb ddr3 memory? is a 1050 ti a good gpu to pair with it? bottleneck calculator says its too weak for my cpu? thanks for the help