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  1. PH.nischkar

    Motherboard question

    Thank you for clarification. Maybe an old gaming (old model not 2nd hand) motherboard will do
  2. PH.nischkar

    Motherboard question

    But you are aiming for a low-cost motherboard while also aiming for 4k playback. I'd say a good graphics card will set you a great number of bucks, but some low cost motherboard mostly are obsolete Have you seen this? or are you trying to replicate it
  3. PH.nischkar

    Motherboard question

    Did you considered raspberry pi?
  4. PH.nischkar

    Gsync help

    what is your gpu
  5. PH.nischkar

    SSD not bootable

    I know this is asked so many times, but I am lacking options. My ssd won't show as bootable in the bios menu. I can only see windows boot manager. I installed ubuntu on my newly bought SSD, but I does not show up in my boot menu (F-12 in my laptop). I tried reseating it but to no avail. My laptop can only see the installation media (USB) and windows boot manager (installed in HDD), furthermore I tried switching it to legacy but it can not boot that way. My installation is EFI, and uses the whole ssd for linux. I thought that the ssd might be faulty so I put it in my desktop and it worked like charm (it booted) without prior setup, it just worked I only need to choose it in the boot menu. TLDR: My desktop can see my SSD as bootable, but my laptop doesn't INFO: laptop: acer e14 e5-475G (contains windows 10) desktop: gigabyte motherboard (contains windows 8) ssd: KINGSTON SSDNOW UV400