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  1. uhm... uhm... Oh! Let me see if I have any humble bundle games I purchased but did not redeem on steam. OK, check your messages! Yeah, I totally agree very underrated and the trailer does not do it justice.
  2. With much appreciation for all of the suggestions, I'm declaring you the winner because I freakin' love Sunshine, And I really want anyone interested in this topic who has not seen it to see this post because it's a fantastic sci-fi movie and I'm always surprised by how few people have seen it.
  3. I tried watching this one and Could not get into it, but I think you just Kind of have to be in the right mood, I will give it another chance thanks.
  4. I haven't seen any of those except for the perfection which I really liked especially because I didn't know anything about it going in (which is how I recommend anyone else see it). So I will check out some of those other ones, thanks.
  5. Thank you very much for the responses, I really appreciate it! I love the mist, I have not seen it in forever so I think I will re-watch it! I also love the jacket, that is a great suggestion for a re-watch as well or if anyone else has not seen it. I will also check out "life" and the Cloverfield sequels which I have not seen. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  6. I love sci-fi and I tend to watch just about any decent one on Netflix, or wherever, but for some reason most of the ones I've seen recently Have just been really bad. Has anyone seen a sci-fi movie, horror/thriller or otherwise, recently that they really liked? Also, it sucks that they canceled the OA.
  7. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1369700-REG/evga_08g_p4_5670_kr_geforce_gtx_1070_ti.html
  8. Thank you @CableMod and everyone else who responded with thoughts and info! @WereCat and @Spotty, thank you for info on suitability and fan differences between 750w vs 1000w, I will keep that in mind.
  9. Can you elaborate? It seems like the cables have the same number of pins for the corresponding connection spots on the back of the power supply, or at least it seems so From the pictures, is that what you mean?Thank you.
  10. Let's assume for the sake of the question that I need it. :) I have the opportunity to get one for pretty cheap, and I'm considering an SLI configuration just for fun. Same question whether I go for the 1000 watt unit or the 750 W unit, I just might be able to get the 1000 W one for the same price as the lower ones.
  11. Quick question – I have been considering upgrading from the 550 W EVGA G3 power supply to the 1000 watt model, Still from the G3 series. I was wondering, can I just swap out the power supply unit and use the same modular cables that the 550W one came with, plugging them into the back of the new 1000 watt model, so that I don't have to redo the power cabling for my build? Thanks. Here is what the back of each unit looks like:
  12. Arrived in the mail today, 2 days earlier than the most recent update they gave me and a whole week earlier than the original estimate. Definitely real. Congrats to everyone that got one, they are on their way.
  13. Brexit? lol dunno! It seems like it is going to happen though, you might just need to be a little patient. ?