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  1. Faroukh_Surat

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    Thanks OrbitalBuzzsaw
  2. Faroukh_Surat

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    Looking at purchasing this https://au.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=120-GP-0650-X4 Listed as an EVGA G1+ on the website I wish to purchase it from. Part number is GP (I think) Exactly what Tier is this model please ? (Yes I is confused) Thanks
  3. Faroukh_Surat

    Blew up my computer swapping PSU

    Thanks to the few people whom responded. It appears that some other forums have been aware of this issue since about 2012 or 2013. I have read more articles as recent as mine about people damaging their PC, and an articular about a fire!! With my new PSU, I have now found that I have enough cables to fill all the Peripheral slots, but not actually do as I wanted which is to power 12 HDD. I have molex cables (according to the manual) to power fans, but I haven't purchased a molex fan in years. I still strongly believe that unless we the consumers try and get some sort of standard cables and/or connectors, this problem will continue until someone dies, and even then nothing will happen. The only immediate and long term solutions is to put the following statement on products Caveat emptor
  4. Faroukh_Surat

    Blew up my computer swapping PSU

    Sorry, I wont answer those questions. It doesn't matter, as this PSU internal power cabling is a major SNAFU, and all I am getting is a sore head from banging it against a wall. I was hoping at least that the LinusTech team might pick up on this, and do a "shame" YouTube video, or even attempt to get the manufactures to standardize themselves someway.
  5. Faroukh_Surat

    Blew up my computer swapping PSU

    The added cost would be stuff all. I have already found 5 PSU models with IDENTICAL SATA power connectors. 3 of these PSU have plain black cables. I is what I purchased. the other 9 or so have different SATA power connectors to what I have, but some are still identical to each other. I have no idea if they have different wiring or not. Most of these now have plain black unlabeled SATA power cables. **New problem** There is nothing tagged onto the cables to indicate which make/model they are for. Now lets say you have more than 1 computer, and you purchased another HDD/SSD, or your changing the boot drive from a single to Raid 0. You go to the garage, scrounge around, find the little unlabeled plain looking cable bag that came with your PSU, grab the cable you need, and it is the wrong one. You just FRIED you boot drive. WHY did that happen?? !!!! Because the manufactures are LAZY and STUPID, and from what information I have been reading, don't want to do anything to change this. PS-Sorry for been angry.
  6. Faroukh_Surat

    Blew up my computer swapping PSU

    I agree 100%. My instructions were remove AC. disconnect power cables. Refer to chassis manual for removal and installation of PSU. Plug in cables and AC. Switch ON. I have found a different user manual that actually states to disconnect and remove internal power cables, and then I found out the PSU wasn't modular. Go Figure! We have International Standards IEC, ISO, and some other I cant find ATM. All these International Standards don't cover PSU, specifically, but do want consumer goods and services to be safe (inhaling burnt computer components is hazardous to your health), consistent (I think we'll agree thats bull dust), and reliable (yeah if used exactly 100% how the manufacture wants you to use it, as long as that IS explain that to you.)
  7. Faroukh_Surat

    Blew up my computer swapping PSU

    I have been trying to search this, and I think I read something posted in 2016. I get someone 'popped' a vacuum tube in 1942. Yeah that was my problem. I had a Thermal-take PSU cable, and an aftermarket/third party thermal-take. The "install instructions" in the manual said "plug in cables" not something like "Plug in cables supplied with PSU". I have look at photos (those that I can find that are not thumbnail size) and what I have seen so far are identical. This is the part that is just WTF for me. They can alter the configuration of the groves (Cut corners) so only certain (their) cables fit, but in my case they didn't. All I need is someone whom likes maths to give an answer on how many configurations there would be. ( 6-pins, 4 corners per pin = ?? possible different configurations) But I guess this would ONLY work if there was a standard registry the manufactures agreed upon to use, so back to square 0 Yes it did include cables, like every other PSU I have purchased. I didn't want to spend 1hr pulling out all the cables and replacing them, when the OLD cables just plugged straight into the NEW PSU without a problem. As I mentioned above, is that if they Manufacture HAD changed their socket groves/corners to be incompatible I would have realised straight away there is an issue, and immediately jumped onine to find out why, or contacted the supplier, or something. I would have found out B4 blowing up my HDD's and losing all my data. From what I have been reading online is this problem is kind-of like "bad luck" "Your problem" "Who cares", and like what you have said "Did you use the cables supplied". Meaning there is an underlying problem, that nobody is doing anything about to prevent "accidental" damage to components or data. Something I am prepared to do is (If I can get support) is get the PC component Manufactures to standardize their components/cables/etc INTERNATIONALLY rather than having a line writing in the back of the manual claiming "MAY cause damage" when they must know it will do damage. Get a petition going or something.
  8. Hi all, I have just run into what appears to be a little known problem that I have (Until it occurred to me) never heard of.... Ever! I needed to put a higher wattage PSU into my system, so I ordered one, read the manual (Yes I really did) and swapped out the old for the new. As soon as I switched it on, I lost all my HDD's. I spoke with the company that I purchased from, and they informed me that between different makes and models of PSU, the PSU SOCKET end of the cabling is different. Well WTAF ! I remember reading years ago when SATA was new on the scene, about how standardized cables and cabling, and I also remember reading about the new on the scene "Modular PSU" was that the cable were interchangeable. I am NOW aware of this issue, but I am very frustrated as to how little warnings or notifications there are about it. Thermal-take PSU have in the manual 1st point to use cable provided as third party MAY be incomparable. Other PSU Manufactures don't appear to have much in that way except maybe a warning able cables suggesting others MAY cause a problem, but no actual reasoning or forceful warning stating when have our own wiring/configuration. What I am asking from this community is.... Q- Are there any standards like IEEE (or whatever it is called) into PC designs? (I have come across sata-io.org in regards to sata communication cables standards) Q- Was the PSU 6-pin socket ever considered standard, or have manufacturers decided to do whatever so people a forced to buy "their" cables ? Q- If there is no PSU 6-pin standardization then why are all the cables and sockets so interchangeable? Q- IS the 24-pin Motherboard or 8-pin GPU cables affected by this re-wiring issue? Q- Does anyone know when the first "I blew up my PC" didn't swap power cables problem exist? I'll welcome any other questions others may wish to ask, and would appreciate open discussion on this specific PSU interchangeable power cables (same connectors, plugs, sockets, etc), but don't really want heaps of comments about "It happened to me" or "your fault". I am also really wanting to know if there are STANDARDS anywhere. Thanks to all for reading and replying.