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  1. acebiscuits

    Only one of GPU fan spinning

    Yeah, after some more testing I can confirm that the other fan will spin after passing certain temp threshold. Still won't respond to my custom fan curve on afterburner though. Which GPU software are you using?
  2. acebiscuits

    Only one of GPU fan spinning

    That's too bad. Thank you though.
  3. acebiscuits

    Only one of GPU fan spinning

    Hello, I'm running EVGA GTX 1060 FTW2 6GB, and when I did my periodic cleaning I realised that one of the fan has more dust on it, so I thought the other fan is not spinning. When I did some research, I found that because this GPU has an asynchronous fans that can be controlled separately using EVGA's Precision XOC software. And I can confirm that I can control both of the fans using XOC. I mainly use MSI Afterburner to do my overclock, monitoring etc. However, it seems that afterburner can only control one of the fan, the GPU fan and not the power fan. So, is there any way that I can control both fans without using XOC? Thanks.
  4. acebiscuits

    Need help, my pc won't boot when CPU is installed.

    Finally it's running right now. I decided to switch the cpu to g5400 instead, and maybe upgrade it to i5-8400 someday. Now i can play squad on ultra (ultra budget gaming pc that is, lol), thanks again good sir, cheers..
  5. acebiscuits

    Need help, my pc won't boot when CPU is installed.

    OMG i just realized that, what a noob mistake, thank you for pointing that out.
  6. Hi, I'm building a new budget PC with following configs Asus Prime H310M-A Pentium G4560 with stock cooler 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 Mhz Gigabyte gtx 1050 2GB Cooler master mwe 450 Two 120 mm case fans When I've finished the built, the system only turned on for a second and shuts down again. I didn't hear any beeps from the installed case speaker. I've tried breadboarding with a same result. However when i remove the cpu only (with memory and gpu installed) the system holds the power, but not posting (i assume it requires a cpu to be able to post). And I don't think there's any bent cpu pin when i checked. So, is it a faulty cpu? Or a motherboard? Or anything else? Thank you in advance.