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  1. Hello all so I've recently started to play around with unraid for a home server and have a 3900x x570 phantom gaming mobo 64gb of gskill ram. I've been wondering if it would be worth trying to get an oc. I'm currently running a Plex server sonnar, radar, nbzget, jackett, handbrake, a 7d2d server and thinking of a minecraft. Both the servers are just for me and a couple friends. I have seen that the 3900x doesn't have much oc room but is it worth either way trying to oc an unraid server plus what should I do for testing the oc throw in a win10 drive to boot off of?
  2. Like the tittle says I'm looking for a way to set unraid to automatically sync a folder or a drive from my PC to my unraid. I don't want to use something that needs a program running in the background on my PC. I used a plugging to mount network drives to unraid so I could have handbrake watch a folder on it. So I would like something that works the same way and watches for a new file then copy's that to unraid for a backup but I don't want it to delete the file if I do on the drive on my pc. I'm sure this is simple but I'm new and have no idea how to do so and other places I have asked just say stop being lazy and just manually copy the files. Thank for any advice in advance!
  3. QSame as title should I go power line or mesh network and for more I'm between the Netgear plp 2000 or an Asus ai mesh system with the gt-ac 5300 router I have https://www.microcenter.com/product/608004/AX6100_Tri-Band_Wireless_Mesh_Routers_2_Pack)_-_w-_AiMesh_Support https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Powerline-Adapter-Ethernet-Passthrough/dp/B0778Y6K6N/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=plp2000&qid=1577555128&sr=8-1
  4. There is no other connections i.e. coax or anything. I'm using the Asus 5300 router and have the Asus wifi antenna on my mobo using 5ghz wifi. So it looks as though power line would be my only option. The house is older so I'm thinking that won't be a great alternative either...
  5. Hello over Christmas I got the parts for an itx build. I want to use to as a steam streaming and some other things in my bed room, as such I need a decent connection with low latency unfortunately I can't run an Ethernet cable to it. I'm looking for a good way to get better connection to the room as I get sub 20MB and I get a bunch of lag in the steam any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Bios is up to date and the thing is the problem didn't start until after a couple boots after installing the update I think at least I'm not sure. I guess tomorrow I'll have to try rolling back and see if that helps.
  7. I can't boot with even a keyboard or mouse plugged in
  8. I have done this I have everything disabled besides the SSD with windows and have made sure there are no other storage USBs plugged in
  9. So after getting a Windows update not sure if that's what caused it .My PC stopped booting everytime it goes through gets to the spinning wheel of the user log in screen. The screen flashes and then freezes but if I unplugged all the USB keyboard mouse everything it will boot. I can't figure out anything to get this working I tried updating bios, looked to see if any device driver needed updating or had an error. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any ideas??
  10. Hello, I have been playing with my GPU overclock on msi, I have a gtx 1080 fe but am using the nzxt kraken g12 if I'm not mistaken to attach a aio in my case the corsair h80i v2. Lately I have found in monster hunter world i am hitting the power limit causing down clocking. I have been trying to get the shunt mod working using a circuit writer pen instead of liquid metal so they don't get messed up. So I have seen a very little if any improvement and am wondering if anyone else has tried this instead of the liquid metal. I don't know if maybe I just need more of it or I missed one of the shunts I used this picture as a guild any ideas on what mite be going on?
  11. Thanks for the reply and, yea I was hoping not to hear that but expecting that it mite have damaged other components guess I'll go grab a new psu and keep my fingers crossed here is to hoping
  12. Ok so yesterday I was stressing my pc on aida 64 using all the test but hard drives, and all of a sudden my pc shuts down and the mobo light turned off as well. So I tried switching the psu off and back on unplugging it from both ends wall and on the psu. It is an offbrand I got from somewhere I don't know anything about it but I think it's a 1000watt not 100% on that though. I am also colorblind so I'm unable to tell the colors on the psu to jump it. If I go and buy a new psu what watt and brand would be recommended? Specs 8700k overcooked 1.38 volt cooled with the h115i pro aio Asus 370 e gaming Gtx 1080 FE using the g12 to liquid cool with a h80i v2 aio Gtx 1060 Asus overclock edition Samsung 970 500gb m.2 Two Seagate hybrid drives one is a 1tb the other is a 2tb
  13. I have a baby monitor, what I would like is something i can have on my computer. so that the sound can then be played through my computer and my headset while I am gaming to make sure I don't not hear the monitor. I would be a plus if I could access it on my phone because I have a detached garage that the signal for the monitor doesn't reach. If I'm not mistaken there are web cams that use Wi-Fi that I could do this with and I'm hoping someone on here has used one for a similar reason or to have access to the feed in a similar way and could suggest one.
  14. So I'm looking to get a webcam set up to use as a baby monitor. I pc game after she goes to bed and while she rarely wakes up and i already have a monitor but while gaming with my headset on its hard to hear. i'd also like to be able to also access it from my phone so I can check on her if I'm in my garage doing stuff while she is asleep. Has anyone set something up like this maybe for a different reason but similar access ability?
  15. @AskTJ I have heard they run hot but I was thinking that my temps are high for them even I mean I saw 60c or higher with 25-30% load on the cpu and i had changrd the voltage that was the lowest i could even run cinebench on the voltage but im not sure i didnt just get lucky that time and it was temps that where causing the crashes also I'd really like to hear from some one with the h115 I'm concerned that even though the thumb screws are tight since the back plate is loose and wiggled before I put the cooler on that it's not making full contact and the screws are tight because they are just all the way down on the risers I'm wondering if I should put washers on the back plate to make sure it is getting full contact and should the cooler liquid temps rise with the cpu I know they should stay cooler then the cpu but I get a 3-5c change in it and a 50-60c change in the cpu sometimes the cooler temp doesn't even really rise at all with the cpu i just got this set up and I don't want it to get because I think it's just the coffee lake running a little higher