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  1. Where would I go to upload images of like early 2000s software and drivers that came with PCs? I've got a bunch of disks I want to trash and it just feels wrong to trash them without making sure theyre archived somewhere

  2. Get Booda

    Windows ISOs

    all archive.org links are broken.
  3. Get Booda

    LG V20 says no update available when there is

    There is most certainly an update for the At&t V20 model H910. Even if it is not android oreo (which there certainly is one for this specific phone). This is a screencap from the link syn2112 sent. I am still on software version h91010t. It used to recognize h91010u as an OTA update, but every time i would go to install it it would fail. Now after being factory reset, with a valid at&t sim it will not OTA update, and the LG flash tool will also fail to initialize the update. This is not my main phone anymore so I'm not too upset that it just wont work, but I really cannot figure out why.
  4. Get Booda

    LG V20 says no update available when there is

    but there is an update avalible, and it was released only about a month ago, and it wont even check for it properly
  5. Get Booda

    LG V20 says no update available when there is

    It's been out for over a month and I'm also at least 3 security updates out of date
  6. Get Booda

    Weird behavior with iFunny App

    Not to mention ifunny is bad memes
  7. I have an AT&T H910 that is on android 7.0 security patch January 1. An android oreo update has been put out for it, and it is on an activated AT&T sim card. When you go to do an OTA update, it says it is on the latest version, but it isn't. When I try to use the LG software on PC it says it cannot update. Any idea why?
  8. Get Booda


    honestly your best bet then is multiple monitors. Premium 27-30 inch ultrawides are rare. Also, color accurate 144hz displays are too.
  9. Get Booda


    you'd be a lot more likely to find that if you are willing to give in refresh rate and get a 34 incher
  10. Get Booda

    ASUS GL703GM Battery discharging Nightmare

    honestly this is actually pretty common from my experience, especially with single brick powerful computers
  11. Get Booda

    Stand for Xm8500

    I have it and it holds my blue snowball just fine. i'd put something about the weight of a yeti on this and Id say it would probably hold. Good enough for his cheap mic.
  12. Get Booda

    LG V20 not updating

    i have an LG V20 that doesnt update through either OTA updates, or from LG bridge thorough PC. It fails every time. H910 AT&T. Any idea why?
  13. Get Booda

    Q9300+750ti how much watt psu

    350 watts should be fine, however that PSU is not. If you go for a lower end unit try for at least 400 if not 450, a better one 350 will do (do they even make 350w psus anymore?)
  14. I have friends with experience dealing in sketchy according to reddit the bios works https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/88dz4b/t440p_w_iris_pro_works/
  15. What's your budget?