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  1. I have a laptop with an i5 8250u that I would like to have a go at undervolting. I tried the newst version of intel XTU but it seems to have dropped support for locked processors. Is there a version of XTU that supports this cpu, and if so where can I download it? Is there another program that can help me?
  2. Ended up buying an Inspiron 7572 with an i5 8250h 8 gigs of ram a 1080p 15.6 inch IPS panel and a 275 gig ssd for a little over $400, I totally fell in love with it and it arrives tuesday so lets hope I like it as much as I like the concept and design.
  3. define "not super expensive"
  4. Get Booda

    How many Monitors?

    There is no real disadvantage to plugging them all into your GPU
  5. Are all drivers installed properly?
  6. Get Booda

    Suggestions for Editing/Gaming laptop

    Well first off, what's your budget?
  7. Hello everyone, I recently sold my thinkpad t440p because I got an offer that I could not refuse. I'm just about fed up with the 17 inch Toshiba with a Pentium b950, broken keyboard, and no battery that I've been using in the mean time, so I decided it was time to buy a new one. My Ideal laptop is as follows: CPU that is at least as good as the i5 4300m my thinkpad had, either 16 gigs of ram or socketed and 8, either 256 gig SSD or socketed, a 13-14 inch 1080p or higher IPS screen, decent enough battery, and as small of a form factor as possible, preferably a 2 in 1 but not required. I'm wanting to go used and potentially a few generations back. Since my budget is $350-400, I realize this is an extreme challenge, but maybe doable. Realistically, I'm flexible just about everywhere but the screen, as the 768p TN panel on my thinkpad was one of the reasons I jumped ship (the others being thickness and the trackpad). 15 inch would also be fine however. The other things are necessary are the CPU that is at least that good, and at least 8 gigs of ram with potential to upgrade, or 16 if its soldered, everything else is somewhat flexible. Can anyone think of something that I can probably get used for around the right price that meets some of that, and secondly what do you think it would cost to get all on my wish list? I've been looking at the XPS 13 and 15 on skylake, as well as that era precision, but they are a little spendy. Unless I can get what I want i'll probably just get an x220 or something for less than $100 that can more or less do it's job.
  8. Get Booda

    Steam Christmas Giveaway (Axe not included)

    I got not a lot for Christmas, but might be getting a good deal on a mobo and ram so that makes up for it almost. Might actually make money buying+selling PC parts for once.
  9. $65 for a H170 mobo and 8 gigs of ddr4? They have some light issues working together but ive been able to get them to work every time

  10. Get Booda

    LGA 1155 and 1150 compatibility??

    are you looking at the e3 1230, or the e3 1230 v3?
  11. Get Booda

    Service Host: Device Setup Manager high CPU usage

    I reinstalled windows.
  12. Get Booda

    Have you ever owned an Apple device?

    I'd carry an iphone and android if I could. I'd also carry a Macbook and windows laptop if I could. Sadly, Neither is possible.
  13. This problem persists through multiple restarts, but not into safe mode. I've tried the first few things on google, and nothing has made any changes to the issue. The service is set to manual in the services.msc tab, and attempting to close it or restart it from there causes an error 1053. Anyone have any inclination as to why this is occuring, or how to repair it? If not, at least I finally setup that backup drive, so I can reinstall windows...