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  1. Monitors?

    honestly your best bet then is multiple monitors. Premium 27-30 inch ultrawides are rare. Also, color accurate 144hz displays are too.
  2. Monitors?

    you'd be a lot more likely to find that if you are willing to give in refresh rate and get a 34 incher
  3. ASUS GL703GM Battery discharging Nightmare

    honestly this is actually pretty common from my experience, especially with single brick powerful computers
  4. Stand for Xm8500

    I have it and it holds my blue snowball just fine. i'd put something about the weight of a yeti on this and Id say it would probably hold. Good enough for his cheap mic.
  5. LG V20 not updating

    i have an LG V20 that doesnt update through either OTA updates, or from LG bridge thorough PC. It fails every time. H910 AT&T. Any idea why?
  6. Q9300+750ti how much watt psu

    350 watts should be fine, however that PSU is not. If you go for a lower end unit try for at least 400 if not 450, a better one 350 will do (do they even make 350w psus anymore?)
  7. I have friends with experience dealing in sketchy according to reddit the bios works https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/88dz4b/t440p_w_iris_pro_works/
  8. So somebody conviced me that I should upgrade my T440p with a CPU that has Iris Pro graphics. I want to. Now, all the iris pro CPUs that would support it are BGA. But leave it to china to be smart and sell modeed ones that are PGA adapted! What even is china anymore. Anyway, I have the choice between a 4980HQ that is 2.8 base 4 Ghz turbo with iris pro graphics for $130. OR a 4870hq thats the same but 2.5-3.7 for $109. Or a 4770hq that is the same but 2.2-3.4 for $90. These are all quad cores with identical iris pro graphics chips. What would you chose?
  9. Gpus act differently because the fan is not controlled by the motherboard
  10. Orange flashing lights.

    98% sure there's a setting in the bios that turns those off.
  11. I have been considering hackentoshing it (pls no ban) but have decided against it for the simple reason that I have a 2015 macbook air like right over there so I don;t need more macos in my life ;p
  12. Hm, that's interesting. Who knows, there were a few drivers that it said were wrong, but they shouldn't matter. I knew the trackpad would be bad but I expected it to function.
  13. Yeah, they totally would. At 100% speed usually.
  14. Damn, hp's website is saying that config is north of $1000. Yep, i5 4300m, although its not got much to do with the cpu.