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  1. That depends if you care more about visual quality or refresh rate. What are you looking for?
  2. Currently it doesn't have a GPU, I'm assembling this as a spare parts build. The GPU situation depends on if I can find 2 well priced GPUs as I am doing another build with similar specs at the same time. If i can, it will receive one, if I can't it will receive the 1050ti that is in the other system right now. Basically, my plan is to put a vega 56/1070/1060/580 in it and sell it as a gaming bundle as I have spare monitors and gaming peripherals as well.
  3. Yes, I agree. If this PC really mattered to me, I would be going for a nicer offering from seasonic or something else A tier. I also agree 550 watts is more than enough. The thing is this PC will be sold on pretty much instantly to some random person, so long term reliability is not the hugest concern, but I will consider the options you listed.
  4. There is no quad channel support on consumer platforms, only dual channel with 2 dimms per channel
  5. This seems to be cheaper than any other half-reputable unit at only $40. No overclock, I'm pretty much going for max price to performance and then selling this on to get rid of a few parts and make some money
  6. I have several spare parts and I am aiming to build a computer out of them to sell at some profit. It needs a power supply, and I would like it to be fairly cheap as I have got all the other parts cheaply. The highest end config this system would see is a GTX 1070 / VEGA 56, likely only a 1050ti. The best deal I've seen is $40 for a gray label CX750m refurbished from corsair with warranty sold on amazon. Would this be adequate to power this build, and if not what is the cheapest power supply you think is? EDIT: CPU is an i5 6600 non K
  7. I have a pair of funcl ai headphones that unpair from my LG v20 after 5 minutes or so, but work fine on Windows and ios. What do you think is causing this?
  8. Banned for having so many bank cards
  9. Could it be a UEFI issue? That's whats held me back before, maybe try legacy boot?
  10. It is DDR memory, so the real speed is actually double what it says, so roughly 1333mhz. Probably a BIOS setting, but that ram shouldn't really be a bottleneck at 1333 anyway...
  11. can it be repaired? Yes. Do you or I have the skill (or tools) to pull it off safely, economically, and without breaking the rest of the card? Not likely.
  12. I have a laptop with an i5 8250u that I would like to have a go at undervolting. I tried the newst version of intel XTU but it seems to have dropped support for locked processors. Is there a version of XTU that supports this cpu, and if so where can I download it? Is there another program that can help me?
  13. Ended up buying an Inspiron 7572 with an i5 8250h 8 gigs of ram a 1080p 15.6 inch IPS panel and a 275 gig ssd for a little over $400, I totally fell in love with it and it arrives tuesday so lets hope I like it as much as I like the concept and design.