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    AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Editon
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    Asus M4A785D-M PRO
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    8GBs DDR2 800Mhz In Duel Channel By SK Hynix (Hyundai Electronics)
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    Asus Nvidia GTX 760 DirectCU II OC Edition 2GBs Vram
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    Cooler Master Storm Scout 1
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    Crucial MX500 500GB SSD, Samsung SP2004C 200GB HDD, 1x Western Digital WD3200AAKS-00SBA0 300GB HDD, 1x Wester Digital WD5000AADS-00M2BO 500GB HDD, 1X Seagate Barracuda 400GB HDD
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    Corsair VS650
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    1x Aoc 2436 (Main), 1x HP w19
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    Cpu = Masterair MA410p, side panel fans = arctic f12, top+back+front = Idk
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    Razer DeathStalker
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    Another cheap thing that lights up.
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    Logitech speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Yeah I did consider going there, it's just I've never posted there before and have been on here loads. I might go ask on there then. I don't mind if it breaks root updating my device, But I don't want it to soft brick it... If I'll still get updates on the stock os I might consider rooting then... I'll ask on XDA. Thanks all!
  2. Well my S8 is still getting updates. And even the S7 is. So it's going to be awhile before all updates stop.
  3. haha, I would be rooted by now but theres one thing holding me back. updates. If I root my phone I wont get official updates right? so is that going to be a problem? should I wait until the phone is no longer getting updates?
  4. Never mind. he doesn't. always watch the video first lol. still would like to know if this is a good idea?
  5. Hey, So im thinking I might root my S8. but I just want it to be rooted, no custom rom. Im watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD-5twDm6XI does he install a custom rom? sorry if this is a stupid question, but I haven't rooted a phone before. I just want root access. Im guessing I wont get anymore updates from Samsung if I do this? I may install a custom rom in the future, but as of now I just want root access. thanks
  6. Well I cant do that really.... You see there are no phone sockets near my pc so I cant move the router. Im not really sure what to do... im pretty sure its the ethernet poweline thats causing this. Im currently playing a game using my phone as a wireless wifi connection and its running great. the only issue is it occasionally drops out for a minute...
  7. Yes its defo not my isp. Ive rebooted the router countless times, there doesnt seem to be anything on the routers webpage to update the firmware... as for the powerline Adapters thats my biggest suspect. but ive never had a issue before with them and it come on suddenly and hasnt gone since, like one day it just started doing this and hasnt stopped since... Edit: the hub I have is a BT Hub 5, It cannot be updated manually.
  8. Hey, So I run a wired connection and im on fiber. my internet speed is usually 50mbps+ and Ive never had a problem before, until recently while playing rocket league the lag was insane, it was unplayable, my ping was up and down like crazy and I was getting loads of packet loss, I just thought it was rocket leagues servers. but its been around a month and its still the same. I was playing minecraft the other day and I got the same issue, other players/mobs would freeze and then suddenly jump to where they should be... So I ran a Ping test on the CMD, I first started with pinging google.co.uk 30 times and the the results showed 3 out of 30 packets got lost and my latency varied from 13 to 450. I then ran a ping test to googles public DNS out of 100 pings 6 packets got lost and my latency was 13 to 850. I then tried out of 100 pings 14 packets got lost. so theres definitely a issue here, but I wanted to know if its me or my ISP, so I pinged my router 100 times and 8 packets got lost and latency was 3 to 70. I then pinged my PC 50 times just for fun and 0 packets got lost and latency was 0ms. So its between my PC and router, but whats causing this? like I said I never used to have a Issue. just a little information, Im running Ethernet over powerline, so my router is downstairs and my pc upstairs. never had a Issue with this before so I think its that... also my internet speed on my pc has gone from 50mbps to 10 now, but my phone is still around 50mbps over wifi
  9. Could be your PSU, I had a psu that had its fan unplugged (The guy I got it off must have done this), My pc started shutting down randomly but I didnt think much of it, untill one day. it shutdown, I clicked the power button *BANG* a blue flame and smoke... it had melted one of the capacitors, had to get a new PSU. Edit: nvm didnt read it properly, its when your cpu hits 70*c silly me
  10. I doubt that would work. or if it did the signal would probably be really degraded and poor.... something stupid for linus to try xD
  11. Bought it, no screen burn and its genuine, just one tiny tiny scratch on the screen but it's not noticable when in use and barely when off. Just feel really guilty of selling my s6 for the s8. Sorry s6 Better than it sitting in a box doing nothing I suppose, hopefully the new owner will take care of it.
  12. If he hasn't seen the screen burn (doesn't look like there is any) That still wouldn't explain why it's so cheap. Going to get it today, I'll run a IMEI check once I've got it too.
  13. Woah didn't know they went that cheap, I thought they were around £200, seems as if it's legit.. I don't think Facebook has reviews.
  14. Yeah screen burn is very common on the S7 etc, but he didn't say anything when I asked if it has any faults or anything.
  15. Hey all, I've been looking for a new phone (used) and I came across this S8 for £140 it's in great condition (no cracks or scratches) no pictures of the sides so I can see if there scuffed but thats not much of a problem if they are, messaged him and he says it's all working fine and it's always been in a case, he says Cex offered £139 for it so he put it for sale on (not on Cex btw) for £140, so my question is... Is this a scam? I cant quite see the IMEI, even though there is a pic of the back it's slightly too far away to make out the IMEI, so I can't check if it's stolen.