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  1. Oh I thought they fixed it already Thanks for the info
  2. Hi my monitor has HDR rated at 450 nitts peak brightness. Not the full spec HDR but it’s something and when I turn on windows HDR it looks awful with very washed out looking colors. Any tips on how to make it look normal?
  3. Just an update if anyone had the same problem. The issue was a virus and my windows defender uninstalled itself so it was able to crash my computer constantly. I had to manually update windows because the virus corrupted the auto update. After the manual update and the anti virus scan the issue has not stopped fingers crossed
  4. Interesting, by any chance do you know if a 2nd drive without the operating system could blue screen could give this error message?
  5. Hi so I have a fairly old system, i7 3700k OC @ 4.6Ghz, but recently i’ve been getting blue screened a lot, to a point where I can’t even turn my pc on for more than 5 mins without it happening, so I just can’t use the PC for that day. Normally by the next day it will go away or work about after 3-5 boots. Quick run down on what happens, my PC boots, I log into windows and be at the desktop and have to wait anywhere from 1-5 mins before the error shuts down the PC. I have messed about with it a fair bit and the issue seems to be much less constant if I take out 1 memory module. I bit the bullet yesterday and brought some new DDR3 ram (Was very expensive) and thought it fixed my problems. I turned my PC on again today and the issue happens again. Any ideas on what it could be? PS i’m looking to upgrade the system so I just need a temp fix.
  6. After the new GPU announcement it seems like the CPU has got less to do with the system memory being used less. So would the RTX 3080 be a better fit then?
  7. Hi guys so iv got about £800 to play with and my systems fairly old. i7 3770k OC@4.6ghz, 16gb 1600mhz DDr3 Ram, GTX 1070ti. I’m looking to buy either a new ryzen 4th/intel 11th CPU, mobo and Ram or a new GPU. I mainly game and my CPU doesn’t really bottle neck my GPU because I play at 4k 60hz. I’m looking to buy either a RTX 3080 or Ryzen 4700 but i’m not exactly sure what would be best for me. I’m leaning towards the 3080 as my CPU doesn’t bottleneck at the moment but i’m not sure if it will with that much GPU power. So what should I get? A new GPU or a New CPU to play at 4k?
  8. Hi guys so I just did a little extra digging with a custom fan curve and it’s my LL120s that are making a lot of noise at medium RPM. I have attached a photo, they are the RGB version just don’t have the rgb set up yet. They are connected to a 4 pin header and the commander pro is set up correctly. Just something with these 2 fans themselves.
  9. Hi so for my PC I have corsair x3 QL120 x2 LL120 and a corsair h115i with 2 fans and the sound is unbearable. My room at idle is 35db and with the PC is quite mode it’s 64db in quite mode. I’m running the fans off a corsair commander pro and honestly I don’t know if Iv mounted them wrong or something but the sound is ridiculous does anyone have an ideas?
  10. Thanks, sorry for asking another question but that’s where I thought the Power +|- went so do you know where they go?
  11. Hi guys so i’m transferring my Pc to a new case and stupidly I didn’t take a picture of how the front IO connectors go in. Power SA and Power LED +|- are labelled but not HDD status and on my previous case the connector was plugged in. Can someone help with how to connect them please, iv attached a picture of the mobo.
  12. Just an edit, I was pretty sure it did but on Amazon ask a question about the product they said it doesn’t. Just wanted verification.
  13. Hi guys does the O11 Dynamic standard support a 280mm corsair h115i pro at the top? If not does the XL version of this case support it? Thanks
  14. Hi guys so I have a corsair lightning node core which goes into my lighting node pro. From my lighting node pro I have my rgb LED strips and the connection to my lightning node core. In my lightning node core I have x2 LL120s. Im planning to buying a new case and need some more fans so i’m going to buy x3 QL120s to connection you the lighting node core. I watched a Youtube video yesterday which said due to the QL120s have so many LEDs you can’t use all the ports on the lightning node core because it overwhelms it and I already have x2 LL120s on my lighting node core. Will anyone be able to confirm if I can run all 5 fans off a single lightning node core or if I need to get another one? Can’t seem to find any information on the LED overload on corsair’s website.