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    matthew <3#8208

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    in bed with your mum
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    i fell on my head
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    Intel Core i5 2400 3.1ghz
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    DDR3 8GB
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    GeForce GTX 1070
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    uhm i forgot
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    wd blue hdd 500gb
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    corsair something its 550w
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    viewsonic and acer monitors
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    the fans that came with but i am getting some rgb ones soon.
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    walmart mechanical
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    tesla bootleg from amazon
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    logitech headset
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    Windows 7 Pro / Windows 10 Pro / Ubuntu (sometimes)
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  1. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    I thought about it and this seems right. I think this is the issue because I stumbled upon a forum that said: " For windows 7, I keep getting messages saying that appdata local temp folder is corrupt. dskchk will not repair and system restore fails dskchk on reboot hangs. Everything else seems normal other than programs that depend on the temp folder. Can't restore prior version of temp folder. Thanks to anyone with suggestions. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Answer I found a solution. Go to All Programs from start menu and go to Maintenance. Select create a system repair disc (you will create a DVD). Boot off the DVD and you will have several recovery options. Select fix on start up and an attempt to repair disc will begin. It may take a while (an hour or two), but it will tell you when it is finished. The rest is obvious and the problem goes away. I suggest cleaning up the temp file once you can access it. I think you will want to create an OS image recovery disc after this. I wish I had done that to start with. Windows 7 is solid."
  2. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    also appdata\local\temp is corrupted and I cannot delete it so I can't reinstall hwmonitor. If the temp file is the problem with all my programs that won't launch, then that would make sense.
  3. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    cx550m 500 watts but it just started this ive had the psu for 2+ months i uninstalled hwmonitor but I checked the other day and it was all at normal temp except for a thing on the board called timpin8 i think. I will reinstall it to check agaiin.
  4. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    My build is a ASUS Z77 board, i7-3770, 500gb ssd, 500gb hard drive, 8gb ddr3, gtx 1070, corsair something psw but that probably doesnt matter. It happens anytime but it will 100% happen if I launch a game that runs on Easy Anti Cheat such as fortnite and apex legends which are my favs :c What temps?
  5. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    no im not clean installing unless its the only option EDIT: I know how to clean install btw. my windows rn is a clean install. I even moved it from a hard drive to an SSD. c;
  6. LuckyCla

    Freezes and Crashes

    My computer has been crashing, freezing, restarting automatically (just windows, not the whole pc), and the desktop icons arent arranged when i boot. So aboat a week ago, my pc started acting weird. I was watching youtube and playing roblox causally, when my pc suddenly blue screened, giving me the error: THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Throughout the week my pc continued to do this 2 or 3 times a day. After it bluescreened twice, I got my first freeze. The screen froze completely and I could not do anything. I restarted the pc and it was fine. Then another bluescreen happened a few days later. The error it gave me was KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. I googled all of my errors, and I was finally lead to go into safe mode and update my internet driver. I did, and it stopped restarting and bluescreening. Also at some point in this time I had set the "automatically restart" option to disabled, so it shouldn't restart anymore. I wanted to play fortnite or apex legends one day (i forgot which one), and I got up to get a drink white it was loading. When I came back, the screen was on the lock screen, which meant it had restarted yet again. I believe this is when I disabled the option to auto restart. After that I went to investigate and now we are here. I did a memory test to check for faulty memory, and there were no errors. I woke up the next morning to play apex legends, and when I went to launch it, the PC just froze. I have tried to launch fortnite and apex several times since then and still no luck. I also installed malwarebytes to check for viruses, which made my pc get EVEN slower smh. This is an almost $1000 build so I shouldn't be experiencing this. Also, whenever I restart my computer, (like a full restart where it SAVES everything), it always moves my icons on my desktop to a place where there is an empty square in the bottom left corner of my desktop.
  7. Can I put a uefi bootloader on a GPT windows 7 disk that was originally MBR? I would really like to boot again. I don't want to lose any data. I converted it from GPT to MBR.
  8. LuckyCla

    My hdd wont format or read

    i fixed it the drive was encrypted by a bios password taht i had set on the old mobo
  9. LuckyCla

    My hdd wont format or read

    I can't. It says it is not initialized and when I initialize it it reads "The operation cannot be completed due to an I/O error."
  10. LuckyCla

    My hdd wont format or read

    My WD Blue Caviar 500gb hdd came from a legacy bios pc and is now in a uefi pc. The new pc only supports uefi and has no option for legacy. I cannot access my data or format it. At this point I dont even care about my data, but I want to use the hdd again, so how can i format it. It says it is unallocated but I didn't do that.
  11. so i recently got a new asus z77 mobo and I used a bunch of parts from my old build. I installed a live copy of ubuntu on a flash drive and I couldnt view the hdd. my old board was legacy bios and my new board is uefi, but there is no option to change it to legacy or disable secure boot. I tried to install windows 10 on another partition but my hard drive showed up as "unallocated" even though i had two allocated drives.
  12. UPDATE: I have decided to buy a new mobo cause mine is just so old. My new board has usb 3 so i can finally use the usb ports in the front of my board. and im getting the i7-3770
  13. Is it worth it to buy a new mobo for the i7-3770? I feel like I need a new mobo anyway, since mine is a prebuilt with no online specs.
  14. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6395UP7178&amp;Description=micro atx z77&amp;cm_re=micro_atx_z77-_-1HD-0015-000S3-_-Product will this board support the i7-3770 and my gtx 1070?