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Colin Tech Tips

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  • Birthday 2003-07-28

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    8Bit VGA
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    Mr 8Bit VGA
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    Building pc's is what i like to do!
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    Still in School


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    Intel i7 3770
  • Motherboard
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    2x8GB DDR3 1333MHz
  • GPU
    Geforce GT 630
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    4.5TB Seagate
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    Intel stock Cooler
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    Some random Keyboard made in China
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    Speedlink Ducus
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. i have a Intel Core i7 3770 non k

    is it good for editing on Premiere Pro 2019?


    is it good for Gaming?


    1. minibois


      It's good for both, provided there is a videocard that will properly run with it. The GT 630 will be a limiting factor here.

      Be sure to make a thread in the appropriate sub-forum to get more information and suggestions.

    2. Colin Tech Tips

      Colin Tech Tips

      thanks so much 

  2. I have a question. Is a editors pc the same as a gamers pc???  

    1. minibois


      Sort of. It depends on the video editing program of your choice.


      In general for video editing important components are; CPU (think i5/i7/Ryzen 5/7), enough (fast) RAM (very minimum 8GB RAM, but in reality you need 16GB+ RAM) and a good video card can help too (depending on the program, it might even be required).


      For gaming, the CPUand RAM is less important  (an i5/R5+8GB is totally fine), but for video editing it's a bit more to have better of those specs and in gaming a video card is typically more important.


      So a gaming PC can usually video edit just fine, but some specs might need to be readjusted to fully suit it.

  3. Does anyone think a Nvidia Geforce GT 630 is good for gaming on a low end PC? Please let me know

    1. Technomancer__
    2. Technomancer__


      just save money to get something like a 1050ti


    3. Colin Tech Tips

      Colin Tech Tips

      It's to big for my case