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  1. I'm sorry, but are those drill holes? Trying to understand what has happened here. And yeah, see some great stuff posted to that sub
  2. I will agree with @Cora_Lie, Darker than Black is a great one, if a pain in the arse to view chronologically. Also would recommend shows like Angel Beats, Jormungandr and Madoka Magica.
  3. How did they turn them on before? Just the one? Is it your first week to have only found one?
  4. You aren't likely to get the attention of actual LMG staff by posting here. To give a very quick and oversimplified explanation, PGP works by using a pair of keys for each person that only work in one direction. This pair consists of a public and private key unique to each person. So you will have your public key that you share with other people. This provides the information required to encrypt a message specifically for you, but not how to decrypt it. The private key contains the information on how to decrypt it. So when you receive a message from someone that has used your public key to encrypt it, you will then use the private key to decrypt the message. Because of this it is very important to never share your private key. In a sort of reverse scenario, there is PGP signing where a different type of key pairing is used to prove that you are the one who wrote a message. In this instance the private key is used to create the identifying signature while the public key is used to verify it. Please note, this is a very oversimplified version of how PGP works, but it should be enough to give you a general idea of how it works.
  5. Have you made sure to have the right GPU drivers installed? With some of the laptops at work I find they have a particular issue with Firefox in general, but that they are especially bad when using the default Windows drivers.
  6. Been using qBittorrent for quite a while now, but before that I hung on to a 2. series build of uTorrent for ages because it was simply better than their later releases.
  7. Artix, Obarun, Gentoo, Calculate etc. here is a quick list that for rolling release Linux systems that don't use systemd just from using the distrowatch filters: https://distrowatch.com/search.php?ostype=Linux&category=All&origin=All&basedon=All&notbasedon=None&desktop=All&architecture=All&package=All&rolling=Rolling&isosize=All&netinstall=All&language=All&defaultinit=Not+systemd&status=Active#simple
  8. I was under the impression we were discussing desktop not server here.
  9. Have you tried moving/deleting the files from cmd? The commands would be move or del .
  10. If you want to get comfortable with it quickly using it on actual hardware will be much better. Yes VMs are great, but you will rarely want to do much in them and there is always the performance overhead to deal with.
  11. Water won't do anything to a petrol fire other than spread it around. They also mentioned in the article that the structure of the building and the amount of loose paper documents may have contributed to the fire.
  12. Either should be fine. Seriously, they are just drive holders, unless they have something really weird going on which one you pick you have no effect (besides speed) on your experience with Linux or any other OS.
  13. If you already have Windows installed then when you go to install Manjaro there should be an option to install alongside what you already have, you will set the drive amount assigned to Windows and to Linux at the time. Once you have done that it is a fairly simple procedure. I would just recommend that you keep your install media around in case you need it for troubleshooting later.
  14. Unless you are talking about a Zero then it won't fit. Would need to de-solder the GPIO, Ethernet and USB at the very least.
  15. Well my drive died this week and I had to rebuild, but I don't have the energy to recreate my previous setup right now, so here is what I have for the time being as a comparison.